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Playoff Thoughts



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I’ve been a bad blogger this week.  Sorry about that.

But alas, today is Friday, and I am back behind the lappy just in time to post before the weekend.  Wanna talk playoffs?  Let’s talk playoffs.

Since I haven’t really had the chance to weigh in yet, here’s some bold labels I’m going to assign to certain teams/series/players.

Most Exciting

The most exciting series award (after a whopping four games) goes to the Washington Capitals/New York Rangers series.

The games have been close, fast and physical, a nice recipe for producing thrilling finishes.  It was a shame the way the last game ended (Chimera from Gaborik), but still, can’t really complain when a game brings you five great periods.

Most Interesting


As everybody knows, I picked Boston to win this series in a walk, then the Habs went into Boston and won both games there.  No team has won on home ice yet.  It’s knotted up at 2-2.  The teams have a tremendous history, there was the Pacioretty play during the season, along with a 7-0 rout…. it’s my favourite series to watch in round one by quite a margin.

(Honorable mention to Hawks/Canucks after the confusing past couple games.  Wait are the Canucks not that great?  Are the Hawks waking up?  TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR AN ALL NEW EPISODE OF NHL: WTF!)

Best Played

 This is like trying to pick which $20 bill out of the $160 you’ve just been given you like best. 

I’m going to go with Rangers/Capitals again, as much as I want to include everyone in the conversation.  No whopping blowouts means both sides are effectively executing their systems, and nobody has been particularly disappointing.  A very tight series.

Biggest Meltdown

Well here’s a no-brainer – I’m taking Sharks/Kings, if for no other reason than I watched the second period of game three, in which LA went up 4-0 then proceeded to head into the third tied 5-5.  That’s dreadful.  How their coach doesn’t call a timeout during that nightmare kills me, I was screaming at him through the TV, can’t believe he didn’t hear.  And their d-zone was right out of a Saw film.  Terrifying.

Best Goaltender

For Buffalo to beat Philadelphia, Ryan Miller has to be phenomenal.  Buffalo simply doesn’t have Philly’s roster, but they OWN them in goal (yes, I realize Boucher has great numbers in his couple starts).  And sure enough, he has – Boom: .937 save %, 2.02 GAA, 2 shutouts.  Great stats considering he’s been in net for two losses.

Worst Goaltender

Bryz Bryz Bryz Bryz a thousand times over Bryz.  I don’t care if there’s someone I’m overlooking (Bobrovsky?), the Phoenix Coyote entire gameplan according to their GM was basically to play rope-a-dope, lean on Bryz, and pop in a couple lucky ones (as it was last year).  Well, when the guy you’re leaning on snaps like a dry twig, you’re bound to get swept.  Thanks for playing, there’s the exit.


While Corey Perry has once again been on fire – leading playoffs in point, by the way – I can’t get over the good work of an elderly man on his team, Teemu Selanne.  Five big goals in four games certainly have him in the conversation.  Still, neither of them are my winner.

Who is?  Pavel muthatrucking Datsyuk. 

It’s been INSANITY.  In four games: FIRST in plus/minus, FOURTH in points (2+4=6), ZERO PIMS, defensive stud, dangly genius.  What he does cannot be described.  My favourite player in the NHL. <3

Game I’m watching tonight

Philly/Buff, baby!  If Buffalo wins, I can’t wait to see what Flyer fans have to say before the next game….


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend time!


3 Responses to “Playoff Thoughts”
  1. Mark says:

    I guess the rumour is that the Canucks are sick. Like, throwing up and shitting their guts out in the intermissions sick. Not sure if this is the case or not, but if it is, I really like that nobody on the team has said anything about it so far.

    No comment on the finger heard round the world?

  2. Fish says:

    I’m a Sabres fan, I had this series over in 6. With the Flyers moving on, and the Sabres going on a holiday. I’m flabbergasted.

    But still I can’t bring myself to believe they’ll taken the Flyers out, even without Pronger on the ice. I mean, we all know he’s analyzing the games and taking notes and giving the guys advice.

  3. Frank says:

    Watching both teams that made the finals last year dig in and win Game 6 in OT and Nashville win a close one over Anaheim….how could you not feel spoiled as a hockey fan yesterday?

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