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Playoff Matchups



New Hockey News: The mystery of the disappearing goal-scorer in playoffs.  A few reasons why it happens.


The one the only

Well, it’s that time of the year again – meaningless playoff prediction time.  “Meaningless,” of course, because pretty much every year a monkey out-picks most of the pundits (that would be TSN’s esteembed member of the panel “Maggie”).

It’s not that they’re (we’re?) idiots, but a seven game series is a lot to forecast – injuries play a huge factor in determining the winner, and who knows – if one goalie is having marital issues, or the wrong guy can’t sleep one night, anything….it can go in a different direction than we all expect.

My picks post on Wednesday on Puck Daddy, but hint hint: the kid didn’t pick a whole lotta underdogs.  (I believe I wrote the line in my blurb for PD “they’re called upsets for a reason.”)


Still plenty of dislike in this series

Speaking of the playoff matchups, I absolutely love them, don’t you?

Canucks and Blackhawks is beautiful, especially if you’re a Canucks fan.  They’re going to beat the Hawks, of that I’m fairly sure.  And that’s a hump this team has been looking to get over after the past couple years.  It will be that momentous event that allows them to believe in themselves in the post season.  I just hope it’s not a long series, for their sake – as Dave Lozo wrote today, the last 32 teams to win round one in seven games have NOT won the cup.  Win early, or don’t bother.

Boston at Montreal?  Yes please.  This was the only series I predicted a sweep in.  Boston is the most intimidating team in the NHL, and in playoffs, a group of small skill guys aren’t going to want to tangle with these bullies.  I picked the B’s to go deep.

Phoenix/Detroit rematch?  Penguins/Lightning?  Capitals/Rangers?  It came down to the final day, and worked out exactly as I would’ve hand picked ‘em.


Speaking of Lozo, loved his tweet “pretty sure this video is the reason the internet was invented.”

It just may have been.  If you enjoyed that, check out the one of him shuffling across a crosswalk.  I’ve got the exact same shoes, but dude moves ‘em a little better than I do.


I’ll be covering all the Phoenix Coyotes home games, and trying to find a neat story from the night.  Whether that be the great fans, a thrown snake or whatever, my Puck Daddy columns will be Coyotes-Red Wings based after they play in Phoenix (so fans, get out there in full force and make my job easier, please).


BBHL finals: we tied 4-4-4. 

Tiebreaker: our previous game

Bad news: I lost

Good news:



It’s a wonderful time of the year.   NHL PLAYOFFS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


5 Responses to “Playoff Matchups”
  1. Kitten Fisters says:

    Toughy on the tie breaker, I won on a tb after thinking I lost the tie breaker, Head to head vs. season record. There has to be a better tie breaker, (throw the goalie catigories out). Better luck next year duster! I went 8-8 two years ago in first round picks (not so good last year). Van, Nash, Det, SJ – Wash, Pit, Buf, Bos.

  2. Nick says:

    Good news for you then! I’m pretty sure they retired Maggie last year (or the year before?). The only monkey who might beat your predictions is Don Cherry.

  3. Pep says:

    The only thing Cherry beats these days is a dead horse.

    Last year the Mutts (read: coyotes) were unlucky to draw the Wings in the first round. This year I think it is a bit better match up for them. Zetterberg is day to day. Lidstrom HAS to slow some down some playoff year… I think..maybe.. possibly. playoff experience last year for Phoenix..

    As most playoff series it will come down to:

    goaltending: Coyotes get the nod
    special teams: Wings get a stronge edge here and this might decide the series…
    role players/depth: I think this one is close to a draw unlike last year where the Wings had it

    The year of playoffs experience the Mutts received last year will help them a ton this year.

    Prediction: Coyotes in six.. or seven :)

  4. Matt says:

    Are you sure the hockey news article is posted yet? Can’t find it….

  5. jtbourne says:

    They got backed up yesterday, it’s going to run today.

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