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Playing With A Snapshow – No Way To Stop The Inevitable



New Puck Daddy: hey, your boy’s on the main Yahoo! sports page today apparently, wwwwwhut’s up. On coaches willingness to adapt, and why Tampa needs to throw a new look at Boston for a few periods in game three. (Puck Daddy – post up a little later than usual today)


Yesterday, notoriously wise offensive threat Ben Eager played like a moron. (/Reads over post from two days ago, starts fresh).

In last night’s game, Ben Eager took some really un-wise penalties that cost his team, and didn’t represent himself very well in the process (especially the part where he talked smack to Luongo after he pulled his team within four, which is widely considered to be the worst lead in absolutely nothing).

Playing with a meathead teammate is tough, because you know them so well off the ice.  But often, they keep doing things that make you go “y’know, I just never associate Off-Ice You with whoever that guy is.”

Solid beard.

The tough part is, you can often feel it coming, like they just get a look in their eye or something, but you’re still not allowed to Minority Report them and give them shit.  Comments like “take it easy out there, don’t do anything stupid” don’t imply that you respect their level of intelligence or commitment to the team very much, so they get snappy.  As a guy who, 90% of the time was one of the more cool heads on the bench, I’ve been told to shut the truck up more than a few times.

And regardless of if something gets said in advance or not - and again, you can see it coming (hell, we can often see it coming from our homes watching TV) – your Dan Carcillo or Ben Eager or Micheal Haley or Whoever is going to act anyway.  It’s an incredible phenomenon that these guys are almost oblivious to their own very obvious anger.  They just get lost in the moment.

I don’t give those guys a lot of credit, as others do, for “pre-meditating” their madness – I don’t think Eager saw Bieksa fight Marleau and thus vowed to run a Sedin.  I think watching Marleau fight a guy who probably shouldn’t fight him made him angry, and he would’ve thrown that hit on whomever happened to be in his way, because he was upset.  Anger makes logic go bye-bye, and since physical play is part of his role, we end up with stuff like this:


 As many of the Canucks said (I think they probably talked about this after the game), they didn’t think the hit was suspension-worthy.  I doubt they say that in the regular season, but given that it’s playoffs?  They WANT that dude in the lineup. 

Sure, he’s scary to play – a man of that size that skates like that is an absolute force, but anytime you have a guy who’s willing to let the Sedins run a powerplay on his short-handed teammates repeatedly, you want him to stay in the lineup.

But anyway, enough about the guy - anyone think the Sharks are going to make this series interesting?


13 Responses to “Playing With A Snapshow – No Way To Stop The Inevitable”
  1. Ron Nelson says:

    So, how much (if any) credence do you give Eager’s argument after the hit that Danial turned as he was coming into him? I wonder if he just expected Daniel to keep turning as he was coming in…

    Still, pulling up or angling a bit would probably give the big bang/reminder that hitters are on the ice without giving up the penalty

  2. @skennedy39 says:

    Eager’s tail end of the game reminded me of watching a cat or dog go nuts for ten minutes. I’m not sure if all cats do this but the ones I’ve been associated with temporarily have out of body experiences where they go insane for about 10 minutes every three days. Eager just had his moment.

  3. Joe G. says:

    Vancouver just needs to bring Gary Roberts out of retirement to address any end of the game shenanigans Eager might contemplate. What Roberts did to Eager when Eager was in Philly and Roberts was in Pittsburgh was the best example of how you handle an idiot like Eager (look it up on YouTube).

  4. vx says:

    If the refs will start calling Vancouver’s diving, then yes, I think the Sharks can make a go fo this series. I was pulling for Vancouver until I got sick of all the embellishments/diving that they do in close games.

    (and yah, game2 didnt have the Canuck Diving Exibitions like game1 and the nashville series did)

  5. Kairos says:

    I think they’ve gotta make it interesting, through some close games and mode disciplined play. Even if they tank in five, the rest of the series will be closer than last night.
    @JB – What do you think Eager said to Luongo?

  6. Kairos says:


  7. Thomas says:

    With all due respect Bourne, you are oblivious to Ben Eager’s history.

    It won’t be a suspension, because Sedin is not the same name as Crosby and Sedin didn’t stay down until the trainer came over. But it should have been a Match Penalty for boarding with a 2 game suspension for the all-time first and current leading ‘repeat offender’ in a game full of supporting context.

    If you want a game that is fast, and one that has hard boards to bank the puck off of — then you need basic respect and trust among the players to limit the geometry or speed of their hits so you have players healthy enough to play again.

    Look at the teams that have ditched Eager because he was too reckless?
    2002 Coyotes ditched him when they realized he was so undisciplined that they’d need to bring on a fighter as well since Eager does not willingly fight anyone near his weight or height
    The Philadelphia Flyers gave up on him after his suspensions and decided Steve Downie at his worst was more promising
    The Chicago Blackhawks dumped him because they guessed they had better odds of taming Kyle Beach

    Everyone on the Sharks but Todd McLellan was trying to restrain Eager on the ice. Thornton chewed Eager out so loudly that people passing by the locker room heard it, while McLellan was doing his post-game presser.

    Thornton’s media comments: “That’s Ben Eager.”
    Couture’s feelings? “An embarrassment”

    That was not a hockey play, so why give Eager another chance? Eager is a cancer in the league, anyone that gives enough respect to defend Eager at this point in his career is complicit in enabling and encouraging the cancer

  8. PotvinRocks says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen San Jose play in the Conference Finals yet. Vancouver seems like the only team out there. And San Jose has won one of the last 6 games. So based on how they did last season against Chicago, I ask, Has San Jose played in the Conference Finals yet?

  9. Derek says:

    Thomas: I think you may have misread Bourne there. He said the CANUCKS want Eager in the lineup, not the Sharks. The reason why is right there in everything you said. The dude is a loose cannon and the Canucks would gladly take the powerplays he provides and would love to see him continue to disrupt the Sharks.

    Justin: Not sure I 100% agree with your sentiments regarding TB. Yes, they play a style and if they continue to play that style the Bruins could be able to take advantage of it. However, I am opposed to teams switching up their styles too much (beyond a shift or two). Even if a series or a game is starting to slip away, it makes no sense for a team to switch up their style of play to match what the other team is doing. That plays into their hands. If a team plays a trapping style and is getting out-run and gunned, the temptation is to start trying to play that style. BUT this means they are playing a style they are not used to playing, while the other team is playing exactly as they do. This works for coaches like Babcock (and Bowman, the master of this), because they practice and use the other styles extensively throughout the season. Boucher has basically stuck to this style exclusively. To switch it up now would play into the Bruins hands and put the Lightning players in the uncomfortable position of having to think too much on the ice. We all know that hockey players thinking out there leads to mistakes.

  10. Skeeter says:


    So, in your opinion, the Sharks will win if the Canucks stop embellishing. Then you say that they didn’t embellish in game 2 against the Sharks. A reminder: the Canucks won that game. They stopped embellishing and they won. I’m really not sure what your point is.

  11. peanutflower says:

    “It won’t be a suspension, because Sedin is not the same name as Crosby ” and I have to ask why not? Daniel Sedin is the highest scorer in the NHL this year, nominated for MVP and some other thing I’ve forgotten at the moment. Why isn’t he as good as Crosby? That’s what you mean, right? The twins get absolutely no respect from any one — other teams, refs, you name it. Maybe it’s because they stay away from confrontation. Maybe it’s because they aren’t bangers and crashers. They certainly take their fair share of hits though, so they aren’t fragile. It’s really too bad that Sedin can’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Crosby. It’s okay, though, because they are just about the most elegant, classy players there are, and they are fine citizens too. The Twins donated $1.5 million to the BC CHildren’s HOspital in Vancouver and asked that it remain as an anonymous donation. That’s pretty classy. I’ll take them over Crosby any day. And @VX, I too am really confused by your point, if there is one. That aside, the Canucks aren’t any more divers or embellishers than any other team in the playoffs. Someone compiled a stat saying Vancouver had the most diving penalties, but of the 3 (!) that were called, two of them were called against Lapierre while he was still with the Habs. So, yeah, that diver/embellisher thing is really getting old.

  12. Patrick says:

    As a hockey fan and player I will say.
    If the Sharks ditch Eager, dress Jamal Mayers, Marleau gets his stick going, heatley buries just one of his chances a game, Couture keeps being Couture, Setoguchi finds his rhythm, Ian White steps up, Boyle wakes up, Murray stops SKATING it in deep, Niemi stops getting beat up by his own team in the crease, and everyone else skates like the fourth line(with Mayers in Eager out) they will win the cup! If only half of this happens it will make for a great series even at this point. So essentially if half the team wakes up yes it will get interesting, let alone epic.

    Will it happen?

    I am not sure, they may have blown their load somewhere in the blown leads of the Detroit series.

    But as a Sharks fan, I still believe.

  13. vx inTN says:

    Skeeter, No, I dont think the Sharks will win, tho I think they have a chance without the theatrics. (diminishing, for sure)
    fwiw, the Canucks were my 2nd fav team going into the playoffs (Preds first of course- hope springs eternal)

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