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A Player Appearance Gone Wrong – Video Style



Hey team – Happy St. Patricks Day! 

My family name, a handful of generations ago, actually used to be O’Burne, til my however-many-great Grandpa moved across and chucked the “O” in the middle to avoid persecution.  Or so the story goes.  Either way, I claim to be fully Irish today (as does everyone else), partly because there isn’t a Ukranian celebration day where I can shamelessly drink beer.

So, something different for ya!  A video blog.  It’s been a long time.  (I shouldn’t-a left you.  Without a dope beat to step to.)

I was going to write about player appearances, so instead, I just told the story.  Hope you likes!

{By the way, if you’re looking for reading to do, my column for USA Today is up.  I weigh in on the GM’s freshly pressed blindside rule.  Recommend and comment ’til your heart’s content!}


18 Responses to “A Player Appearance Gone Wrong – Video Style”
  1. Courtney says:

    What kind of Irish descendent are you cheersing with a Miller Lite?!?! Someone get a Guinness or a Smithwick’s in that man’s hand!

  2. jtbourne says:

    Haha, I literally wrote “O” in front of the “Miller” in Sharpie, but forgot to show the label. Shit.

    Don’t worry, I love the Guiness.

  3. Sherry says:

    Laughing out loud. Thanks for starting my day off right.

    Now, if the Pens can just beat the elf-attired Devils tonight my day will be complete. Raising a Guiness in your honor “O’Borney”.

  4. Sherry says:

    Yea, get with the Guinness man! And I guess that would be “O’Burney”…

  5. Madeleine says:

    Oh dear, hahaha, I wonder what that girl’s doing now.
    Everybody’s Irish on St. Patty’s Day. And hey, no knockin your Ukrainian heritage. We make some mean perogies.

  6. mikey says:

    hey o’bournie …. toly made me laugh n spit out the water i was drinkin. yea way to take out the lil girl. lol

    k this made my day dude

    have a smithwicks or killikenny for me …. im all irish n get to drink irish beer at home today.


  7. Megan says:

    lulz at the tags

  8. Liviu says:

    I had a similar incident not too long ago in a player appearance with my semi-pro soccer team at a clinic for little kids. We were playing a soccer version of sharks and minnows. So I’m dribbling the ball, and I take a heavy touch, and this little kid goes to kid my ball away and instead, me with my outstreched leg, trying to regain control of the ball, I trip over the little guy’s leg. I was down and out. He’s probably 8 or 9 years old, and he just took out a college sophomore. I hope it boosted his ego, because I didn’t hear the end of that one for a while. Naturally, I called the foul and gave him an imaginary yellow card.

    Nice blog, Justin. I’m from Fairbanks, and I’m a lifelong Nanooks fan, but after college, anybody who played in Alaska is alright by me. So no hard feelings!

  9. ms.conduct says:

    Geez, shoulda sent her a stick or something, Bourney. Ya goon.

    By the way… I think you might have a lizard infestation….

  10. penaltykiller9 says:

    Justin as you age you’ll learn that if all there is to drink is Miller or Bud Lite switch to diet coke

  11. jtbourne says:

    As I’ve ran this blog, I’ve been constantly surprised by how quick people are to be beer snobs – and that’s not a bad thing penaltykiller, I like the good beer too. (I’ve frequently mentioned running a weekly or monthly all beer edition.)

    But I definitely get the impression that the people recommending good beer don’t binge drink much. Not trying to be “that guy”, but come on: I’ve got no kids, a writing job (I make my hours), and warm weather here in AZ, so we’ll occasionally drink too many by the pool. For me, running on the treadmill the next day and watching my burnt calorie ticker (I’m at my playing weight without the muscle), I’d much rather have less time to run the next day. I’m like the Mich Ultra commercials, with half the douche. (I hope.)

  12. Alan says:

    great video jt and tale of the indomitable spirit of youth in the presence of her hero…which obviously proved memorable…lol

  13. Karen From Rochester says:

    Ha! about the beer snob thing…Would I be considered a beer snob if my go-to fave is still Labatt Blue? I’m sorry, but there is nothing that sounds better to me after being out in the hot sun on a construction site than a nice, cold Blue in a frosty mug! Can’t do the Miller thing…too much like p-water! I guess I wasn’t enuf of a “volume consumer” to have to switch to something cheaper. : O )

  14. Meg Jarrell says:

    I think that little girl is now a hockey player…she sounds tough enough, plus she forgave you and still wanted your autograph after that drive-by you gave her. She rules.

    You, I’m a little worried about. Apparently you’re under the impression that tin lizards are “art” by Phoenix standards. I know you need cash, but are you shilling for GEICO now?

  15. Pete L says:

    Awesome story. I hope you signed your buddy’s name on the backpack!

  16. GBCK says:

    I was there that awful day. The worst part was that little girl with the ice on her face as we were leaving… (shrill voice through tears) “Thanks for coming” … hahaha

  17. Brianna says:



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