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Pink Ice – No Thanks.



I played in two “pink in the rink” games, and I gotta say: pink ice sucks.

Apparently, the answers lie somewhere in this mag. ...Kinasewich!

It’s a cute gimmick, and the cause is awesome.  But if the NFL can get by with a splash of pink on their shoes/hats/gloves, I think ECHL teams can do the same.  Hell, even the pink jerseys are great.  But the ice?  I’ll pass.

(Don’t worry, I’m not missing the larger point – just discussing what it was like to play on.)

For whatever reason, the application of pink in Utah was a semi-catastrophe.  And I mean that in a way beyond just trying to see the puck at a glance, which was next to impossible in itself.  Pink stuff (did they use spray paint, or some powder?) was a quarter of the way up the boards in some places, and it never dried (so I have no idea what it was).

For weeks, you’d get hit into the boards and have some pink streak on your pants.  Please note that it was so annoying that I’ve basically disregarded the not-being-able-to-see-the-puck-as-well part.

Some guys spray-painted their sticks pink, which was enjoyable (and I enjoyed that my one teammate had a good game that night and used the pink RBK for weeks), so there were some perks to the game.  Y’know, aside from the raising money for cancer thing, which is wonderful in a million different ways.

It’s just silly to do the ice.  I think I found it so much harder to see the puck that it put me in some tiny bit of danger - I need my head up as much as possible, thanks.

Is it harder to watch for fans, too?


17 Responses to “Pink Ice – No Thanks.”
  1. Derek says:

    Looks like it would make it tough on officials as well. Would be tough to tell offsides, as well as following the puck. If the players are having trouble seeing it, I’m sure the lines are as well.

    Seems like overkill to me. Pink jerseys, sticks, etc and then raffle them off. Makes some cash, raises some awareness, supports the cause, does not detract from the game. Pink ice seems more like the ECHL teams trying to get some attention themselves more than attention for the cause.

  2. Will77 says:

    Man, I can’t imagine playing on that.

    Since you mentioned the spray painting of sticks, I have a Pass/Fail for you. I was at the Isles game on saturday, and I noticed that Wizniewski (mispelled, probably. too lazy to look it up, definitely) spray painted the bottom third of his stick white and used white tape. Now I know (especially in juniors) a lot of guys who paint that part of their stick solid black, but I’ve never seen all white. I gotta say, it really made the stick blend in to the ice and hard to see the blade or shaft, which I can see the benefit of, especially as a point man on a power play when the goalie is being screened. But is it against the cardinal rule of being “that guy” that does something no one else does?

    What are your thoughts JT?

  3. Jace says:

    I have never been a player so I can’t comment from that perspective but for the first time last year the Reading Royals ice wasn’t pink for pink in the rink and it didn’t seem the same. Just a fans perspective but the pink ice looks cool.

  4. ms.conduct says:

    Never have had to sit through a pink ice game, but I feel like my eyes are bleeding just looking at the pictures. So… no thanks on that.

    I played on green ice last St. Patrick’s Day, which I imagine caused less retinal distress with it being a “cooler” color than pink. However, this rink’s lines were already so faint that the green made them disappear completely.

    It was sort of a mind blower for me as a goalie, because I couldn’t see my crease at all. Not even a hint of it. So it was terrifying at first and then I just relaxed and played where I thought I should be. Probably one of my better games in terms of being aggressive with my depth and playing based on instincts. Totally freeing. Not that I’d always want to play like that, but I wish I could a few times a year.

  5. Minnesotagirl71 says:

    The pink rink doesn’t raise any money…. Create a pink ribbon logo on the ice and call it a done deal. I like the suggestion to add some pink accents to pieces of gear and then auction or raffle them off to raise money.

  6. Aces Arbitrage says:

    Random comment: Why did Versus go with Deb whoever as a commentator? I think they should have given Charissa Thompson the job.

  7. crushasaurus says:

    I think they just did it to fuck with you.

  8. sherm says:

    Couldn’t they go with a lighter shade of pink? I’d think that would be much, much less distracting. The color it is makes me wonder if they used ground up watermelon.

    Will77, I wonder if the white end of the stick is more for defensive play than offensive, harder for the incoming forward to see exactly where his stick is – ‘specially if they’ve got their head up.

  9. KarenfromRochester says:

    That pink ice is awful-it looks like the aftermath of an autopsy. I couldn’t stand looking at it!

  10. Rosie says:

    I think the pink ice is a little extreme. My roommate just asked about hockey the other day after watching Sunday football and seeing the pink gloves, so I’ve been thinking about this. Islanders goalie with pink pads? so much better!

  11. Willc77 says:

    Sherm: maybe. But most guys I’ve known that did the black spray paint said it was for offensive reasons (which I never really got). It could make sense for D, but more so I think the rational would be that through traffic, the goalie would have a harder time seeing the blade hit the puck, thereby giving the shooter a half second advantage in the goalie reacting to the puck (in theory)

  12. jtbourne says:

    The stick spray-painting this is mostly for aesthetics. Guys can write it off however they want, and maybe there is some shred of a small percentage of an advantage gained by going white or black, but from what I saw, it was just guys who liked spray-painting stuff doing that. :)

  13. Cory says:

    I think that pink ice takes it too far, generally teams use paint. My home team actually used pink Kool-Aid and it didn’t look too bad but I just think that it makes the team look gimmicky. I support celebrating the cause but limit it to the players (skate laces,sticks, jerseys, gloves, even a special goalie mask that would be auctioned or raffled off later) and maybe have the coaches wear pink shirts and ties.

  14. Giant Death Patrick 77 says:

    Looks like jell-o. Did it taste as good as it looks? I wouldn’t want to play on it, how could you see the lines or puck? Perhaps a pink hue is the way to go. I know a guy that can change it with visual effects.

  15. DALLAS STARS says:

    Looks like Dethklok or Alice Cooper should be onstage at center ice to me.

  16. JIllian says:

    They have done the pink ice for a few years in Cincy and the first year they did it, it was beyond pepto pink! It was very hard to watch the game and I couldnt imagine what it was like for the players. The jerseys they wore that year however were awesome! They finally went a few shades lighter and it wasnt as bad the next year… a much easier way to watch the game. I have to agree that if the NFL can get away with it… then dont dye the ice pink, just go with the jerseys and socks!

  17. Gmann says:

    I attended the game pictured above (I live in the Norfolk area) and I believe that was the first year the Admirals decided to ‘pink the rink’. It was hard to watch to say the least (or was it the 5 beers I drank before finding my seat?). Last year, the team did it again and it was a much better dye job. I’ll agree that a splash of pink on a piece of equipment is better for everyone, though the team always gets a buzz when they do it.

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