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Pictures of the Day



Howdy friends!

I’ve captured at least a dozen videos from today at the Minnesota high school guys tourney – Most range from 10 seconds to 50, so before I post it I’m hoping I can lump (I believe they call that editing?) them all into one fancy video.  In the meantime, my cellphone takes fairly acceptable photos, so here’s another half dozen or so that allows you to share in the fun and passion of this tourney a little bit.  It really is bad. ass.

Here we go….

A small portion of the wall of MN state high school hockey uniforms

That’d be pretty cool to see your team’s jersey up there right?

The crowd, simply incredible

I can’t overstate the incredible crowds here in Minnesota.  I’ll better show you in video form ASAP.

Just a small piece of the gear expo...

Yeah, it’s huge – stretches to the right for roughly six billion more miles.

Massive, massive intruments. Apparently decent hockey fans.

It’s the Who’s in Whoville….right?

If you didn't know, downtown St. Paul is a gorgeous.

Love it here.

Synthetic ice. "It's pretty terrific on skates." Sure it is.

Nice to handle the puck on and shoot, but I’m skeptical about skating.

Tsk tsk Bauer. Forgetting St. Cloud, are we?

Bauer’s booth had WCHA stalls from Minnesota set-up….and forgot the Huskies.

And last,

Be jealous goalies....

You could’ve got custom gear, your helmet painted and new….everything else before you left the floor here today.

Hope you enjoyed eight of the, oh, 50 pics I took.  More to come.  Have a great Friday night!


8 Responses to “Pictures of the Day”
  1. Jeff says:

    I just got real excited with the goalie gear post. It is true that most goalies are gear whores.

  2. Bret says:

    Could it be that they left out SCSU because they sport easton equipment and 3 they do have rock bauer?

  3. Yoke says:

    They don’t have Bemidji in there, either.

  4. Seawolves win game one over the Gophers by 4-3. One more and it’s a trip to the Final Five.

  5. Sioux in the Cities says:

    Might have to come back up next weekend for the Final Five if things work out tonight/tomorrow. I’d grab a brew with ya.

  6. Jon Jordan says:

    St. Paul’s great and downtown Minneapolis is too.

    I’ll be back for the draft this summer (and stoked!)


  7. minnesotagirl71 says:

    Good to see MN getting a little love.

    JB – you didn’t get to stay for the AA championship game? Triple over time!

  8. Richie says:

    You gotta warn us before putting up goalie porn like that last pic…I’m in an open plan office dammit!

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