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A Little Pick-Me-Up


My heart, she breaks for Tom Watson.  What an incredible tournament he played.  I need a pick me up, and you might too.  The following pics are the Gillies mammoth Newfs, and some ever-awesome cats.  Siiiiigggghhhh…

 Before the pics, I’d just like to point out how great it was to see someone play classic, respectful, gentleman’s golf for a weekend.  Having someone like Watson be a stroke away from winning the British Open speaks to all the things that are great about the game.  Truly, the ball doesn’t know how old you are.


Happy dog? Yes. Smart? Not so much.

Happy puppy? Yes. Smart puppy? Not so much.

The Bruce. A legend in his own time.

The Bruce. A legend in his own time.

Smart dog? Yes. Active dog? Not so much.

Smart dog? Yes. Active dog? Not so much.



And, two hilarious cats.  I want to marry the first one.


cat pvccat











8 Responses to “A Little Pick-Me-Up”
  1. hockeygirl3 says:

    just the pick me up i needed after a long day at work and the inhalation of the smoke from the westbank fire during my lunch break haha

  2. Murderwing says:

    That last one is awesome. Cats are like insane problem-solving killing machines to small animals. That stare is the things nightmares are made of.

  3. Maria says:

    Its good to know your hearts a women! hahaa

    annd those dogs are scary!! i wouldnt want to walk by one on the street….sooo biiiggggg!! haaa

  4. Neil says:

    “Cats are like insane problem-solving killing machines to small animals.”

    This gets my vote for best comment ever! still laughing

  5. rm says:

    @ Maria, Neufys are big loveable fur balls. The only worry you have with meeting one is drowning in their slobber.

    Justin, thanks for the animal photos, they can make one smile. Is “Mr. Fluffy” actually a “relative or soon-to-be-relative” of yours? If so, who was the idiot that named him “Mr. Fluffy”? And I can top that… a male PUG named “Fluffy”. At least the cat is indeed fluffy, unlike my brother’s pug. When you and Bri start creating super-Islanders, you might not want to let them name the family pet. Otherwise your 5 year old might name the Bourne family bulldog “fluffy” or some other inappropriate name.

    Too bad Watson didn’t have enough in him to get through the playoff. After 18, it seemed like all Watson had time to do was sign the score card and use the men’s room. Cink had time to get something to eat and drink. Do professional golfers carry snack packs (cheezits, peanut butter crackers etc.) in their golf bag like my mom does?

  6. jtbourne says:

    Ha, Mr. Fluffy is of no relation to me, I just want a miserable looking cat that hunts dogs. Don’t, worry, if I do get a cat, the name will be ten times as lame as Mr. Fluffy – most likely Meowser.

    And golfers definitely do keep some snacks in the bag, but I’m sure the content varies a lot. You always see Tiger with an apple or something similar… I gotta believe Boo Weekley has like, a pouch of Redman, deer jerky, and some Funyuns, man…

  7. Pete says:

    umm, if the day comes when pictures of cats “pick me up”, could you drive out to Erie PA (tweeting the beauty of rural Ohio along the way) and punch me in the face?


  8. jtbourne says:

    Haha, open your soul, Sir Hardheart. There’s no chance they actually did “pick you up” did they? Cause having an excuse to drivie to PA and punch someone would make a SICK blog.
    PS. Dale Hunter rules.

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