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A Photoblog. Phlog. Blackhawks @ Coyotes, February 12th



Okay friends, it’s time to run some of the pics I took from sitting on the glass at the Chicago/Phoenix game (tomorrow I’ll run the Washington/Phoenix ones if I get the pics downloaded in time), sorry I’m a little late on this.  Complete with my own snide comments, as you’ve all come to expect.

Chicago Blackhawks @ Phoenix Coyotes

I have never, ever seen someone as OCD about their sticks in warmups as Duncan Keith. He'd use each stick for mere minutes before switching, testing each one, staring at them, evaluating them, trying to decide which one to use. It was bizarre, and frankly, dumb. He used like three of them in the game anyway.


Turco made Bri go "whoa, that guy's old."

I got a lotta heat about the green hoody on twitter, but $20 at Target? Can't beat that. BTW, seats were so good we walked through player entrace high-fiving fans to get back to them. Whatta blast.

I look startled.

These two have an interesting dynamic.... Toews seemed really down, and as I tweeted, he came to the bench saying "eff me" more times than a porn star throughout the game.

And because we sat here.....

We got this picture!

Interesting things of note, at least in my opinion:

*The assistant coach was taking notes on Phoenix, not his own team (it was whichever assistant that runs the forwards – Mike Kitchen?).  I wonder if they have one guy watch their opponent and the other tends to the Blackhawks?

*Phoenix was apparently playing a 1-2-2 in the neutral zone, and was utilizing the reverse after winning d-zone face-offs (DZFO).

* The Vrbata note is from right after he scored - He seems to note that it was 8′s fault (Nick Leddy), who apparently effed up a hinge/pinch decision.

* He’d like to see more body contact, which I presume is out of obligation to the Laws of Coaching, which means you have to request more body contact from your team.

* Ummm apparently he wasn’t impressed with Pyatt’s goal off the wing, double underlining the word (WEAK).  I’m pretty sure after seeing the replay Corey Crawford was screened and it was tipped.

The rest is pretty generic.

Hawks tie it up at two with three minutes left...

Had to walk by this, Turco's helmet every time we walked to the bar/washroom between periods.

Crawford looked wiped before the shootout. He also looked like Marty Turco's son.

When you know you're not shooting, shootouts are a blast. Game is over, entertainment time.

Someone's nervous watching.....


Bryz owned Kane on two straight breakaways, one in OT, one in shootout. And just like that, the Hawks were....

LICKED. /kitty-rolled


18 Responses to “A Photoblog. Phlog. Blackhawks @ Coyotes, February 12th”
  1. ms.conduct says:

    I’m annoyed by all that tape on DK’s stick.

    Nice pics! I’m not sure I could have resisted the urge to touch Turco’s mask. I look at him and think, “Oh! Age appropriate!!” That doesn’t happen often…

  2. Dignified77 says:

    These pics were awesome. I only get to sit close to the bench like that for AHL and OHL games. It’s always a blast to see what’s going on. I had a stare down with the medical trainer once because I figured I figured we were both nerds but his job is way cooler than mine.

  3. Julie says:

    Great set of pictures and narration. Particularly LOVED the coach’s card picture. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before.

  4. Jeff says:

    What are you 13 years old with the crooked bucket and a green hoody (pic 4)?

    Sweet seats and pics, you have any from the other game you went to?

  5. Dooz says:

    The sweatshirt is very Bieber-esque. I think the cast of Glee was sporting those badboys on last nights episode…or so my daughter tells me. Nice pics.

  6. Dooz says:

    LMAO! Crooked bucket and green hoodie.

  7. NesterenkosGhost says:

    - If the Asst Coach in the previous picture, is the same guy holding the Card, it would be Mike Haviland. (Haviland is usually in charge of Forwards as well)

    - I think the Vrbata goal notes actually read: Vrbata R (right wing) semi BA (semi Break Away) Z-hinge(#2-Duncan Kieth, Leddy’s partner) 8-pinch (Nick Leddy). On that play it was actually Keiths & Sharp’s fault; Leddy already pinched, when Keith tried to hold it in; Keith failed with Vrbata having momentum going North (towards CHI net); Sharp hesitated for a split second, thus, the Semi Break Away.

    -12-9 were shots near end of 1st; 12-10 were actual SOG for 1st so not sure

  8. jtbourne says:

    NesterenkosGhost – You’re totally right. I couldn’t figure out the BA – 2 and didn’t re-watch the goal since being there. Great job.

  9. Cory says:

    Excellent post! Would love to see some more of this if you get more tickets like that again!

    (Linked from Puck Headlines)

  10. Nice post. I like the insider’s look at Keith’s sticks. Could you do more posts like this one?

  11. ASharon says:

    New reader. Great website, love your stuff!!

  12. Blake says:

    Damn dude. Those are some great pictures! Love it!

  13. Adam says:

    I wonder what the coaches notes look like against the wings?

    Watch out for #13 and #40 and good luck against #5…..anyone?

    I’m funny.

  14. Deirdre says:

    First a question on “When you know you’re not shooting, shootouts are a blast. Game is over, entertainment time.”
    Just the other night we had a shootout go 10 rounds, and a while back I actually saw one wrap the bench…so at what point do the players realize “oh CR*P I gotta get my head back into the game” or are the saves in those later rounds just easier on the goalies cuz the players can’t get their heads back into the game?
    I’m kinda wondering if it’s the latter – which would explain why if a shootout goes beyond 3-5 they *generally* go a large number before one of the goalies makes a mistake.

    2nd – dude the tape job on Keith’s two “white” sticks is significantly different from the other ones…what could change so much in your game that you’re holding your stick a good 4″ further down (not like you get to plan when you’re gonna go for the slapper from the blue line). I’m also wondering if he’d put less tape on his stick if he’d just get a non-ultralight stick. Adding weight is pretty much all that wrap tape is doing.

    Last – I *love* Turco – the angry little Italian man, though in your pic he looks more like a mother hen :-D …and I’m right there with you Ms.C, it’s nice that not *everybody* currently playing is 22 :-P

  15. Char says:

    “These two have an interesting dynamic.” Oh dearie me. LOL.

  16. Seth says:

    Deirdre, I’m not seeing what is ‘significantly different’ about Keith’s sticks, but the thought occurs that if a player plays point on the power play, they would know going out there for a power play that they are more than likely going to be taking a slap shot or two. Certainly they’d have more opportunities to do so than during regular 5 on 5 game play. In that case, I could see a player having a regular all around use stick and a separate stick for use on the power play.

  17. Madeleine says:

    Very cool to have an insider’s opinion on thes awesome shots! I’m curious what the numbers on Keith’s sticks mean.
    Also pretty sure I would never be able to decipher that coache’s card.


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