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Phlog Part Deux: Capitals @ Coyotes, February 14th



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Unfortunately, the Washington Capitals/Phoenix Coyotes game didn’t weild a picture of a coach’s card, but it did get me plenty of the Great 8.  Whhhoooo I promptly wrote about being out of shape.

To clarify: his bursts are as fast and exciting as ever, it’s just that after he makes one, you rarely see another in a shift.  That full column is here (just had to go to the article to get the link, 105 comments, jeez).  Just make sure you don’t misunderstand me: dude is as incredible as ever, but given his age, teammates etc, most people expected more this year.

The second phlog (photoblog) of the week!

At the end of every warm-up (apparently), Semin fires a few lazy wristers for Ovy to tip.

Always cool to see the best of the best in person. Just wish he didn't insist on yellow laces.

Said laces, far too visible.

For Ms. Conduct. Bryz isn't used to pucks being behind him.

And we're off!

After a mind-numbing first, something happens!

Brian Engblom's notes.... really nothing comparably interesting to yesterday cheat sheet score, obviously.

Fiddler and Yandle post-win clowning...

And what did you think of that, Jovo?

 Obviously we were less interested in capturing every single thing that happened during the second game with those seats, given that at some point, you gotta watch the action, but still, some of those are pretty cool I think.

Check out my multiple columns if you have time!


Update, from a comment below – I snapped a BizNasty pic from my phone:



9 Responses to “Phlog Part Deux: Capitals @ Coyotes, February 14th”
  1. sk84fun_dc says:

    FYI, Irbe is the Capitals’ goaltending coach.

  2. Dignified77 says:

    Nice Pics. Was BizNasty scratched for this game?

  3. jtbourne says:

    sk84fun_dc, I fixed the caption there, thanks.

    Dignified, it’s added above!

  4. VagabondJim says:

    Irbe is the Caps’ goaltending coach, I believe.

  5. potvinrocks says:

    Laces out, Ovi. Laces out.

  6. ms.conduct says:

    Mmm-mmm-mmmmm…. Thanks, Bourney!

  7. Jeff says:

    Photo blogs are good, pics are easier to comprehend than words haha.

    JB when you played how did you rock your tongues? Recently I’ve heard of a lot of people getting in shit for wearing sniper tongues.

  8. Sherry says:

    Had the game on hoping to get a close-up on you and damned if you weren’t in your seat the one time (that I saw at least) that they had the camera on Engblom talking between the benches (beginning of 3rd I think it was). You of course were there seconds later after they had panned out. Phooey!

    Bet those two games were a lot of fun!

  9. RewskiUVA says:


    There’s an interesting article on the NYTimes today about wearing helmets in sports (particularly in women’s lacrosse). It may be something to throw in your TBAF.

    An interesting fact from the article I didn’t know:
    (In women’s lacrosse) “Contact with the head is so off limits that accidental intrusion with stick or body within seven inches of the head — an area known as the halo — is a major foul. Even shooting with a defender in line with the goal is illegal.”

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