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Pardon The Posting Interruption



Pardon the minor slip in posting frequency.

I’m rotating between seven hour shifts shopping for homes, and three hour pool-sitting ones with my bikini-clad, corona-sipping girlfriend.

I’m still following playoffs though.  Rematch hey?  I bet Guerin is pissed the Isles traded him to be Crosby’s linemate on a cup contender.  Tough break.

Full lengther to come tomorrow.  And, to my old college chum Richoras Rowe, I leave you with this:


nick lowe


3 Responses to “Pardon The Posting Interruption”
  1. Jake says:

    I was hoping one of those would make an appearance. Go Yankees!

  2. Richolas Rowe says:

    I get it. Asian’s can’t pronounce there N’s???? Wait its L’s isn’t it? Right L’s. See you in a week, you’re going to pay for this

  3. Andrew Belanger says:

    “I was hoping one of those would make an appearance. Go Yankees!”

    You mean go Red Sox!

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