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And Here’s Some Pads You’ll Really Like….



I’m not in favour of advertising on equipment, but y’know… there’s something about this I don’t really mind.  Quick guess why: the two gigantic beer cans. 

If you own these pads, aren’t you obligated to get your lid painted to look like a beer helmet?

Hopefully your save percentage higher than the alcohol content

I’m headed to the A game at the Xcel this morning, I think, so fire me a tweet and let’s get together for a hello!




10 Responses to “And Here’s Some Pads You’ll Really Like….”
  1. James says:

    You should google the Homer Simpson Duff Beer goalie gear that one guy got.

    That is waaay better than Heineken!

  2. Adam says:

    Those bring an all new meaning to “Beer League”.

  3. yuhas says:

    talk about a distraction for the shooter

  4. mikeb says:

    all the more reason not to send a shot into the goalies pads?

  5. watty says:

    Make them Alexander Keiths and you would have a deal……would have to put those on my wall. Couldn’t bring myself to use them.

  6. MattyJ says:

    My guess is that any goalie using those pads would get a lot more use out of his helmet.

  7. nightfly says:

    We have a goalie in our home league that has been known to chug a beer between periods… my brain has already named these pads after him.

  8. AJ says:

    I always thought the one thing Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love was eat less than 6000 calories a day

  9. Scotty Too Hotty says:

    JB – am I detecting a flying squirrel reference?

  10. Richie says:

    +1 AJ

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