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(2) Capitals vs. (7) Rangers

Some notes:

a) First things first, a game with no Sean Avery.  Bold.  Delicious.  Refreshing.

Not that I think the guy is capable of learning or anything, but there’s nothing like a national shaming to knock a guy down a peg.  I think the Ranger train may have hit a penny on the tracks…

b) Matt Bradley, my God.  What I was expecting (a semi-awkward deke followed by him catching an edge) did not happen, and man was it awesome.  A tremendous personal effort to put the Caps up one and get rolling.

c)  Kozlov is awful.

d)  Um… Ludqvy?  What the mo happened on that goal?  The worst part?  I didn’t have time to make a bet on tonights game, and he’s clearly hungover.  Curses.

e)  I love how they cut to a shot of Tortarella after every Ranger penalty like he might turn green, rip his shirt, and physically strangle an equipment manager.


f)  I just got home from my brothers where I watched the remainder of the game (aka it was on in the background while we drank and grilled cheeseburgers).  Ovechkin proved his mettle for the ten millionth time (was he serious with that goal?  My God.  For all my readers, I want you to know Ovechkin is better than me at hockey, just for a little perspective), and the better team won by playing up to their potential.

Wasn’t tonight exactly how the series was supposed to go?  The Caps would thump-up the outmatched Rangers and we’d wait to see who they’d play next?  When I see a team so clearly better than their opponent and play like it, and then realize they’re down 3-2 in the series, I have to ask questions about their coach.  Bruce Boudreau should not be free of examination in all this – those guys needed to be ready for playoffs.  Forget who you’re playing… it’s playoffs.

I have not yet – and won’t – waver from my Capitals prediction until they’re eliminated.  I think they’ll win in OT in MSG on Sunday, followed by another beatdown from Russiatown in game seven.  The Caps will advance.

g) After my early game mention of Tortarella, the guy basically did the exact thing I mentioned he might, except he turned green and had to be restrained before he killed a fan with a stick.  No wonder they cut to the guy 1500 times a game.


6 Responses to “OV/DC”
  1. rm says:

    Re:D, Well, If your life savings are like mine, you didn’t lose (or fail to make) much. After all, even if you go double or nothing on nothing, it is still….. :) .

    No VS for me tonight, thus dependent on the audio feed. I heard that OV’s goal was something else (and that is from the Ranger’s PBP team).

    NBC must be happy this is going to a 6th game on Sunday.

  2. Just Jeff says:

    Root for the Rangers eh?

    for shame…

  3. jtbourne says:

    Please read the rest of the blog. Will do? Thanks, bud!

  4. jtbourne says:

    Ha, I was fairly confident about the Caps (the better team) and that they’d win at home when they played to their potential. Like I said in an earlier reply, I need to think on game six. If it goes to seven, the Caps win with all the confidence I can muster. I need to think on game six.

  5. P. Deezy F. Baby says:

    Some D-Bag behind the bench dumped a beer on Torts after Torts talked to a security guard to have the guy kicked out or moved. I was laughing so hard when they showed him screaming at the guy and holding that stick. His assistant and equipment guy were pulling him back down, f’n great stuff! Reminds me of everytime we go to North Dakota and I almost get into it with the fat-drunk-pony tail-dbag- guy who sits behind the visitor bench. PS- I’m growing a beard…..

  6. Just Jeff says:

    The word here in DC is that it was a group of rangers fans behind the bench…

    Stay classy New York!

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