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One-Touch Passes – More Random Thoughts



New Puck Daddy: The Top Five Distractions Players Face From the Bench.


So, every price ends in .99, I get it – we see the small first number, it looks more affordable, and are thus more likely to buy it.

But are we?  Am I the only one who finds round numbers more appealing?  I gotta believe if a shirt is 16 bucks and the price tag says “$16″, that’s more appealing than seeing four digits in “$15.99,” isn’t it?  It just stresses me out less, I think.


Misss-ter JOnes annd me...

If you were a band, like say…. the Counting Crows.  People know who you are, and you’ve had hit singles before.  You have a unique sound and could still make lots of money doing it, but…. you just haven’t been able to write anything decent in years.

Wouldn’t you hire a songwriter eventually?  I mean, these custom-built stars come from American Idol, and someone writes them a hit like the first six months after the show.  There are obviously people who can write something relatively close to a hit with regularity out there.  Don’t you just swallow your pride and say “hey um, here’s a bunch of cash… can you write me something Mr. Jones-ey?”

Or am I way off here?  I’m not implying song-writing is remotely easy, I’m just saying: clearly there are gifted people out there who can help.  Make me a new Counting Crows cd that’s tolerable.


Doesn’t eveyone have a “Damn, that guy made it?” guy?

"No, no he's not really, is he? George? The PRESIDENT?"

Like some guy you played high school basketball with that was tall but kinda slow and not that smart and rode the bench…. just up and made the NBA when you weren’t looking? (Okay, bad example for the Canadians, but still.)

It’s super-common in hockey – whether it’s luck, natural development, or just plain hard work, I gotta believe most of you have a “wow, I can’t believe he made it that far” guy (in the business world too). 

I mean, crap, GEORGE BUSH BECAME PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, I think you’d have to agree a few of his high school/college buddies went *puppy dog head tilt* “who’s president now, sorry?”


Our softball team summed up the steroids era of baseball beautifully on Tuesday.  We were getting a new bat, and someone brought up how “all” our opponents used juiced bats (there’s some way to do it in softball, iunno).

My league is in 8 MLB replica parks, very cool.

Well, I don’t want to cheat or do anything illegal though, y’know.

Yeah, but we’re just putting ourselves at a disadvantage if we don’t do it too.

Yeah, you’re right, lets get a juiced bat.

I have no idea if we are or not (and frankly don’t really care), but still, it was funny to see how easy it would be to get caught up in that culture.  Well, I’m not willingly falling behind, that’d be dumb.  JUICE ME.


Just so you all know: If you’re a remotely competent hockey player, you can be taught to pick up the puck with your blade flat and throw it behind your back.  Can we stop obsessing when a player does that, it’s barely any more difficult to do than it is to throw a lacross ball like that (and comparitively, I’m not even good at it).  It was cool when that nine year old kid did it, because he was NINE.  Not so much everyone else.  #ParadeRain

As an add-on, the kid does do the move in like, a millisecond, which is worth badass bonus points.  But still, that’s something you could do.


And with that nugget, I’m out!  Listen to me on XM radio this Saturday, the Hockey Primetime Show.  12:15 EST I think, I’ll find out the exact station.  Have a great Friday!


20 Responses to “One-Touch Passes – More Random Thoughts”
  1. Sherry says:

    Been crazy busy, so no time to comment, or even think a lot about, the discussion re concussions – but I did read a lot and have seen a lot of good commentary (some of it on this very site). Like the angle on the Whitlock piece.

    Heading out to the Burgh on Wed this week – sooooooooo excited! The boys looked pretty darn good against the Preds last night. If they win next Fri against the Flyers it will be the first time I’ve seen them win live – c’mon boys!!

    Have a great weekend and week everyone!

  2. Jarick says:

    I thought the last Counting Crows album was pretty decent. Didn’t really like anything as much as their first though.

    Most bands tend to have one or two great “statement” albums and then fall off. I’d imagine it’s hard to get inspiration like you had when you were sleeping on your friend’s couch and jamming all day (probably high a lot of the time) without a care in the world…and then you have a schedule of driving across country and playing the same 10 songs over and over again to a bunch of people you don’t know while a record company is breathing down your neck.

  3. Derek says:

    I have one guy who surprised me that he made it as far as he did. He was the goalie on all my minor hockey teams growing up. He wasn’t particularly good or bad, but seemed pretty average for small town goalie. Well they guy’s played a number of years in the AHL now, been a backup in the NHL on numerous occasions (yet to appear in a game though), and played very well in the Spengler Cup a couple of years ago. Pretty surprising that from a town that put had a number of very talented players, the non-descript goalie has had the best career.

    As for the picking up the puck trick? I somehow have never been able to do it. I cannot explain it. The only thing I can think of is that I use a stick that is almost straight. That’s gotta be it. After Mike Legg did it, it blew up in my town(Legg played junior in my town before going to Michigan). Every kid learned how to do it. I could not for the life of me ever do it, despite being one of the better players on my team. It was embarassing when the plugs were pulling that in practice and the leading scorer couldn’t do it. Lots of chirping.

  4. SDC says:

    haha, the Counting Crows are atrocious. My wife loves them though. Sometimes if we’re both in the car and they come on the radio, if I change the station quick enough, she won’t realize what she’s missing. Otherwise, the next 3-5 minutes are head-wall-banging worthy.

    On ghostwriters, there’s an absurd amount of rappers who are doing just that now, getting better rappers to write their rhymes. So it’s not just limited to pop stars, and it does include, much to my and all gangster rap’s chagrin, Dr Dre getting a little “help”.

  5. paul says:

    I know its roller hockey blah blah blah, but theres actually some pretty decent guys who play, so speaking of picking up the puck on the blade of your stick while novel, heres some guys who kinda take it to another level…

  6. Frank says:

    you forgot to mention gasoline prices which are priced in tenths of one cent which also drives me crazy and should be illegal….I agree it would be better to round up.

    Bush got where he did because of his dad’s name much like Hillary won a senate seat in a state she did not call home because of her husband’s name….I know a last name helps in sports, but unlike politics, you need talent as well to make it…..right? I mean, if you sucked at hockey Justin you wouldn’t have made it as far as you did even with that last name on your back.

  7. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    How about a decent BLACK CROWES album? Counting Crows? Really? College is over, man. While not as anti-Counting Crows as SDC, there are a couple of bands that make me want to put my head through the driver’s side window when they come on (again, as SDC said, due to the wife loving them).
    Jack Johnson: Horrible. Absolutely, without a doubt in my mind, the worst 2-4 minutes that could come through my speakers.
    Weezer: Speaking of great impressions swan diving into the asphalt. I’ll take the Blue Album or Pinkerton any day. Anything after that can cozy up next to Atari’s E.T. game.
    Rock-ish country: Best example would be Big & Rich (or Pickles and Honey, as I call ‘em). There are others, but they epitomize what happens when you take something great (a fiddle, a steel guitar) and add something (rapping/speaking, thunderous bass) that just doesn’t fit.

  8. Blake says:

    In the “I can’t believe he made it that far” department, Derek Boogaard had a hell of a fight yesterday…

    Please don’t hit me Mr. Boogaard!!

  9. Sherry says:

    The PD piece today – pure gold JB (some of the comments are fairly clever too)! Thanks for kicking off my weekend with a chuckle (or two).

  10. marc says:

    Move to Oregon. We dont have sales tax on anything. That tshirt that says $9.99? You give them a 10, they give you back a penny. It’s also good for buying cars.

  11. Matt the Aussie says:

    RE: the pricetag dilemma, you guys should all do what we do back in Australia. Include the taxes right in the ticket price. You ALWAYS know what your bill will come to that way.

    It confuses the hell out of me why you guys here in North America have decided it’s best to trick people.


  12. Jwise514 says:

    Cmon Bourne, don’t chirp Canadian basketball. I used to toss the rock with Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat in HS. Came to my bar mitzvah, didn’t give me Boggle, thankfully.

  13. jtbourne says:

    Haha, love that comment. Boggle.

  14. Pat says:

    Don’t you think that you’re a little kind of “that guy that made it”?

  15. Steve C. says:


  16. Tailboard Jockey says:

    Count me in with the anti-Counting Crows crowd. Hearing them makes me want to suck-start a Glock.

    A guy I went to high school with played pro soccer in Europe, and later came back home to play in the MLS for the San Jose Earthquakes. Another guy from high school became a stand-up comedian and a comedy writer for movies and television. He wasn’t very funny as a kid.
    My wife went to school with John Doyle, who played soccer for the U.S. Olympic team.

    Good article in PD. I wish the Sharks had ice girls.

  17. crushasaurus says:

    Hiring songwriters ruins any credibility a band has. I can understand you wanting to hear good music, but I feel it’s a little fraudulent when a rock band (that term used in its most technical form) plays music they didn’t write. For me, it rather defeats the point.

  18. Mike says:

    Did anyone hit this yet? That Counting Crows is that band (guy) you can’t believe made it that far? Regarding the pickup/twirlaround- I hate anyone besides a 9 year old who has spent time perfecting this. Okay fine, I hate that kid too.

  19. Ballgame says:

    Old Navy is all round numbers. I bought a shirt because the sign was simply $8. Nice

  20. Chris says:

    Re: softball bat juicing
    Don’t use the juiced bat…typically the inner walls of the bat are shaved out with a lathe, making the barrel compress more and the ball trampolines off of the bat. The composite bats are already ridiculous right out of the wrapper, so work on the swing and stick to using a legit bat. Plus…the exit speed of a batted ball can be well over 100mph with a shaved bat…hit a pitcher standing 45ft away from you with a ball batted from an altered bat, and you will have legal problems.
    I work with all women, and Men’s Softball (I know oxymoron) drama is way worse!

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