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Observations From Yesterday



I put in around 90 minutes a day, give or take a half hour, getting each days blog entry up.  The rest of the day, I work towards earning money as best I can – columns, real estate copy, working on the Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp, or soliciting new sponsors.

Yesterday, I recieved an extremely generous donation from an Aggie in Alaska, Frank Reddick.  Frank was living up in AK when I was playing, and in looking for ways to support the University hockey program, he bought my jersey at an auction and gave it to my family the second I was no longer NCAA eligible.  He is buddies with a couple of my roommates as well, and has done more for us than he’s ever needed to.  So, to Frank, THANK YOU.  It’s feels wonderful to have the time I put in to this justified.


Crap, same costume, AGAIN!

Crap, same costume, AGAIN!

I’ve written a couple columns in the last few days that I really liked.  When that happens, the response is usually great.  The problem though, is that I received the NHL media stuff in my inbox the other day, took it at it’s word, and went on to write about the amazing growth of attendance and television ratings.

And though the NHL has seen major gains, my point is this: did anybody catch Capitals/Thrashers on TV yesterday?  It was in Atlanta, and I was embarassed watching it.  After naming ATL as one of the four teams to see huge growth in attendance, it looked like 7/8ths of the fans came dressed as blue seats for halloween.  How am I supposed to write about how awesome their ticket sales are, when all it takes is someone with two eyes to see they aren’t doing that well at all?

(The other article is an elaboration of the gay rights for hockey players blurb that started some conversation yesterday.  We’re ridiculously behind the times in sports.)


Knuck it up.

Knuck it up.

Is doing the “pound” (knuckle-bump) officially the new “old-white-guy-high-five” yet?  Isn’t it time for Afro-Americans to continue to lead the way in cultural trends and start something new?  This may be the only time in our culture where you still see young black men and old white men using a similar form of expression. 

Except old white guys “blow it up” sometimes now, which kills me (case in point: Clark Gillies Charity golf event, where my Dad and his group, in a scramble event, honored each good shot with a double-fist simul-pound, with TNT like results… PZCHOOOOOO!  They were hilarious).  Oh, and apparently the fear of “pandemics” promotes the pound too.  Whateves.  (says the kid who lives 2.5 hours from the Mexican border)


Alexander Frolov got me thinking: there’s nothing worse than playing well after being benched.  Its such a stupid situation to be put in.

Basically, post-benching, if you play well the coach takes credit for “motivating you”, even if all he did was earn himself a dose of seething resentment.  Then, given the chance to play again, you get a couple bounces and he takes credit.  Long term, it’s not effective, I promise.  Pulling that card out in game seven?  Fine, Frolov is hot (because Frolov is good).  Looking forward to that relationship deteriorating as soon as he cools off again.


14 Responses to “Observations From Yesterday”
  1. P. D. says:

    Loweser Beam and I did the fist bump blow up before he hit the ice every game, but we added in the gravity pulling them back together bit. Very cool stuff. And yes Frank the Tank (as I call him) is a great guy and an amazing supporter of our team. He is a member of the Blueliners now and is always helping out in some way. Can’t say enough good things about that guy.

  2. Neil says:

    Especially with Ted Murray’s comments about long term behaviour. He didn’t say “Yeah Frolov is outstanding but we need him to be at that elite level every night”, he said something that basically boiled down to “I have been trying to motivate this diva for YEARS and every time I tell him he needs to try harder he stares at me blankly and doesn’t seem to get it or even say anything in return”.

    I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on homosexuality and hockey (well, being gay, to be more specific, since apparently lesbians are not just accepted in women’s hockey but also dominant in many organizations). I think in a few decades (hopefully less) we are going to look at our social attitudes towards homosexuality with the same embarrassment people look at the organized racism of the early 20th century. Kind of the “yikes, that was us?” feeling.

    It’s funny, some guys get so up-in-arms about having to sit in a dressing room where someone may be quietly “checking them out” (as some commenters have observed in the women’s dressing rooms), but the same guys seem to think they are every girl’s dream if they show up to the gym with a new haircut and make lots of noise while they work their pecks and eye-@$#*! everything that walks in the room (and not discretely, because how can a girl know you are interested if you don’t stare at her boobs while she jogs?). The idea of young, adult males complaining about feeling uncomfortable due to unwanted sexual attention is, to put it nicely, hilarious.

  3. Neil says:

    On a sidenote, my new favourite part of this blog is the Cactus Jack’s banner, if it makes me feel like flying to Phoenix to catch the hockey and assault onion rings it will likely pull a few Phoenixians (?) out tomorrow.

  4. Blake says:


    I think the gravity pulling them back in part is the key part to blowing up the pound. Otherwise you’re simply left with an incomplete pound.

  5. minnesotagirl71 says:

    ” I think in a few decades (hopefully less) we are going to look at our social attitudes towards homosexuality with the same embarrassment people look at the organized racism of the early 20th century. Kind of the “yikes, that was us?” feeling.”

    Neil – Great perspective! I hope you’re right and sooner rather than later….

    I totally cracked up about the “adult males being uncomfortable with the unwanted sexual attention!” Do you think any of them will ever equate it to the way they treat women? Probably not.

  6. Lowser Beam says:

    Ya basically me and P.D. started the whole blow it up thing… It was hot. Can’t say enough good things about frank the tank, I know I’ve thanked him a thousand times for all he did for me, but one more couldn’t hurt. Thank you Frank, if it weren’t for your generosity I probably wouldn’t have finished school as fast as I did. Bournie, thanks for bringing this up, he needed to be recognized

  7. jtbourne says:

    I love this “started the blow up thing” you guys have been claiming for upwards of four years. That’s a joke, right? On a related note, can Jazz and Will take credit for pioneering the whole thing with the “pshhhh” and thumb over the shoulder?

  8. Lowser Beam says:

    Ya… they definitely pioneered that. Gotta give them credit for that. No seriously, we started it. Seriously.

  9. P. D. says:

    Yes we started it. We had a “wouldn’t it be cool if we did this…” brainstorming session one evening and it came down to the fist bump blow up or the Kid N’ Play foot kick thing. Fist bump won, but just barely. Let the record show that Nick Lowe and myself started it and did not, I repeat, DID NOT steal it from a movie.

  10. jtbourne says:

    Absolutely not. Sick creation, boys.

  11. Frank says:

    Alright, that’s enough on the “thank yous”. You guys are all great, and Justin, let me just state publicly that you are one hell of a writer. You deserve to be paid for keeping this entertaining blog going and all the articles you write. And if novice players are welcome at the Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp, please sign me up for next summer.

    Justin, reading the comments by Neil made me think…..can you write an article or comment about the unwelcome attention from women who hang around the rink trying to hook up with players? I remember being at a Houston Aeros game (hometown) with my family and overhearing one female stalker coaching an up-and-comer on where the players park their cars and about how much time she had to wait before they got there… was pretty creepy. At an Aces game in Anchorage, a female held up a poster behind the Las Vegas Wranglers bench that said “Save a horse, ride a Wrangler”. We were laughing because we could see that every player on that bench was avoiding eye contact with her. In both of these cases, the women were, let’s say, not the usual physical type that you would expect a player to hook up with (I’m trying to be polite).

    I’m sure unwelcome attention from fans is part of the fun world of professional hockey, and I’m sure you and others have some funny tales to tell (clean ones, of course).

  12. jtbourne says:

    It’ll be a long time before I can take any pleasure from anyone breaking their jaw. But yikes, in a cage no less.


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