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Noah's Shorts


I’ve come back to add something to the blog I’ve already posted, below: I watched some of the NHL awards, and loved, LOVED, how nervous Evgeni Malkin was before his speech, it was so endearing.  Could you imagine barely speaking English, being 20, and having to public speak in front of tens of thousands in Las Vegas?

Everybody was humble and fairly nervous.  What other sport is that possible?  God that made me proud.


Shocker, it rained allll day on Long Island today.  At least the forecast looks great: 60%, 40%, 40%, 40%  chance of skin-pruning, unrelenting wetness.

That’s what it was like the day I caddied there.  Identical weather.  Somehow, I lacked the veto power to stop the round since I was the caddy.  Another shocker.

I just can’t fathom trying to play a course that’s over 7,400 yards after its rained 30 of the last 45 days.  “Next on the tee, from The Ark, New York… Noah!”


You know what else I can’t fathom?

Running shorts.

Is having the extra two inches of fabric to look socially acceptable weighing your thighs down that much?  And to top it off, they have to have that little cut up the side to really emphasize the feel of being naked/looking like a fairy?

I’ve finally come to grips with the concept of running.  It’s a cheap way to stay in shape.  I can understand this.

I just can’t understand the shorts.


So, odds are you don’t give a f***, but bear with me:  My first piece of PR writing is on a website, and going in our local magazine, Okanagan Life.  Here’s the link if you’d loooove to see the dynamic copy writing I do.  Hey, maybe you need some done.

Or, maybe you like when I show pictures of bunnies, write curse words, and break my face playing your favourite sport.  Whicheves.


7 Responses to “Noah's Shorts”
  1. rm says:

    Well if the Gilles’ Neufies (need more pixs!!) give the red leather couches the official “doggie ok” I might be interested if I have the winning Powerball ticket any time soon.

    Turnkey (which my parents tell me is Floridian for all ready furnished) is a must for me, and comfy couches (and beds, and chairs) is a must for my dog, aka “goldilocks”.

    I read a bit of Sobel’s blog on ESPN and apparently we American’s are whimps; this would have been just another typical day of golf in the UK.

    So, will you be doing a Mel Kiper impersonation for the NHL draft? Very few people in the US care, and event though the first round (entire draft??) is covered on the NHL network, it still is an obscure event.

    The NHL draft (much like MLB’s) is such a crap shoot since you are drafting 18 year olds who may (or may not) bulk up and improve further in the next 4 yrs. I like the ruling in baseball if that if you go to college on a scholarship, you have to stay 3 yrs before becoming eligible for the draft.

    Hockey, like baseball, has several opportunities for those who would rather focus on hockey or for those who would like to get an education in addition to honing their hockey skills. Unfortunately, to become a pro in the NBA or NFL, you do have to pull off the “student-athlete” farce for 1-3 years.

    Well, I am now living in a “Mickelson” household, so I am breaking out the pink ribbons and hoping his wife has a silver trophy to focus on while undergoing her treatment for breast cancer. Yes, I am a sappy romantic, sentimentalist, and love cute animal pictures. :)

  2. Sally says:

    “Favourite”? WTFLOL!!!

  3. Maria says:

    how I wish the NHL awards were on TV in America! But thanks to I can watch the awards my team won online now! I just watched Zdeno Chara’s little speech and it’s funny how nervous he was. Awkward pauses and all. But what I loved most about watching these videos are the random celebrities they show in the audience… some weird people showed up for the NHL awards thats for sure!!

  4. ann says:

    Really? Chakha Khan and Robin Thicke????? My brother and I could not stop laughing… Chakha freakin Khan.

    I loved how Tim Thomas was right on the edge there when he won the Vezina. It almost made me cry.

    And the combo of Datsyuk, Malkin and Ovechkin’s speeches was priceless. Because hey at least they’re trying. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to attempt to give a speech in Russian (or any non-English language). Actually, scratch that – not even in English. Public speaking class was *not* my friend in college….

  5. pat says:

    My Bruins score a HATTRICK .That’s sweet its been so long since any have won .Tim Thomas is da MAN!!!!!! All three deserve it ….I do enjoy the breaking the face bit and curse words.. bunnies not soooo much

  6. Officer Koharski says:

    How great is it that Sully won the Masterton? I was burned out on that trophy after they gave it to Blake over Pisani a couple of years ago, but this year a guy who really epitomized the trophy actually got it.

  7. jtbourne says:

    Random and late response: my father won the Masterton. Neat eh.

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