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Multi-Columns and New Wheels


Yesterday was a multi-column day from me, hence no blog, but at least that leaves a glut of columns today if you care to read a couple.  The kid’s been busy with playoffs (and the thing I mention below)!

New Puck Daddy: Underdog status is a beautiful thing – looking at Tampa/Boston

New The Hockey News: Taking a look at 5-on-3′s in light of the Canucks scoring three times in one game on them

New Puck Daddy: It’s time for the stars to shine – all eyes on them heading into game five (posts shortly)


So it’s finally done!  A couple months after having my car written off after getting hit from behind (not by Matt Cooke, fortunately), I’m back in a set of wheels.  A set that I much prefer and costs less, so I guess things happen for a reason.

I got an ’09 Jetta, sharp little thing.  Low mileage, sunroof, all that good stuff (thanks, silly bank that dared lend me money).  Only thing is, I got exactly what I wanted in terms of colour, which means all black with black leather seats.  In Arizona.  So that should be fairly hot.

As is basically mandatory here, I still have to get the windows tinted in the next week or two, then I’ll chuck a pic up to show ya’ll. 


I’ll be tweet happy during tonight’s Canucks/Sharks game if you care to join me here.  I promise a big ‘ol funtimes blog tomorrow!


3 Responses to “Multi-Columns and New Wheels”
  1. vx inTN says:

    When I lived in Houston, we placed a thermomenter in a buddy’s black Olds 442 and WITH THE WINDOWS SLIGHTLY CRACKED, it pegged out at 165F. And Phoenix has to be worse than Houston.

    If you dont already do it, I suggest a reflective dash/window ‘plackard’(front and back), light colored towels over the interior seat and steering wheel, and maybe one of those solar powered fans that you place in your window.
    My ass is sweating just thinking about Houston again.

  2. wmsheppa says:

    The heat played hell with my car when I lived in Vegas. Within two weeks of arriving (and laughing off suggestions to get the windows tinted) I did so after I burned my hands on the steering wheel coming out of work, and some of the interior plastic lining on the doors melted and pulled away from the seals, and that was with a tan car.

  3. Deirdre says:

    They sell awesome sheepskin seat covers in black…seems counterintuitive, but trust me it’s *much* better than burnt legs.

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