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Motivation, Engagement Photos, and the Miami Heat



Happy Why Can’t I Bear Down and Just Get Some Actual Work Done Day.  I just can’t get myself in gear.

It’s amazing what not working for a couple days does to my ability to work upon return – it feels like I  retired, then my 401k tanked, and now I have to return to work.

What?  I stillll have columns to write?  But I wrote LAST week!

But, as they say, that’s real life.  (I’m assuming most of you don’t consider my job “real life,” but whatever, staring at a blinking cursor on a blank screen has induced many hair-pulling moments.)  Fortunately for me, the blog is always fun, since it’s mostly just stream of consciousness writing and cat pictures.

Today’s column for USA Today is on taking a shootout shot, and what that’s like.  Wooo to the hoooo!

Let’s talk about some pressing issues of the day:



For football Sunday yesterday I picked up a six-pack of Lagunitas Brown Shugga Ale, because it sounded fun and I was up for something new.  Plus, I was in the “Amber/Light” section of the Whole Foods beer thinger, and I assumed it wouldn’t be all that heavy.

Turns out it’s quite dark and strong.  How strong, you ask?  9.99 percent, it turned out.  For that type of percentage, it was actually pretty decent.  Most of that strong stuff tastes like molasses, so I was pleasantly surprised.


Pats/Jets play a week from today, I’m stoked.


Have you ever heard of such a thing called “engagement photos?” 

I’d be fully convinced Bri made it up had she not taken pains to show me alllllll of her girlfriends who’ve had them done and posted them on facebook.

Thus, we’re doing engagement photos.  My understanding is you give someone a fistful of money, and they take pictures, and then you just….sorta…. have them.

I think they go on “Save the Date” magnets too or something, I dunno.

Anyway, we’re getting ours done when we go to NY for Christmas – I’ll be sure to post some on here, so ya’ll can see my new, fatter self freezing near some landmarks (I’m being overly cynical of course, it’ll be fun to get a bunch of pics done in NYC).  I’m pretty sure we’ve selected the Brooklyn Bridge as our primary landmark, barely winning out over Nassau Coliseum.

Any stories on the whole engagement photos situation?  I KNOW it’s not a Canadian thing…..

(By the way, below is our “artsiest” photo to date, I personally love the contrast between my fancy new jeans/hat and the old warehouse.)
















How about the Miami Heat, eh?  9-8 record after 17 games isn’t quite what we were expecting to see outta them.

I heard something pretty interesting outta Bruce Arthur’s mouth on the Jonah Keri podcast this morning — if this is really that much of a debacle, at what point do you think about a trade?  If by mid-season the pieces still don’t fit, can they ever?  (FWIW, I think it still can, but I liked Arthur’s argument.)

Lebron "accidentally" bumping Spoelstra

The Heat with Wade and Bosh and players that equal the worth of Lebron are probably better than having him there.  And you can’t trade Bosh, because a)he’s overpaid as is and b) that’s not the problem – the problem is that you have two guys who essentially do the same thing, so you’re cutting their values in half.

You might as well maximize one, bring in a point guard, and if you can, a decent center.  Lord knows Wade ain’t go anywhere, so there ya go…..

If the Heat are still hopelessly underachieving in February… you trade Lebron? 

(A new coach isn’t going to be able to do sh**, by the way.)


I’m excited for winter weather this year.

Last year was my first snowless Christmas of my life, and it was awesome.  I was out washing my car on Christmas day in the sun, very pleasant.  But now….. two years seems too long to be away from it.

It’s cool here – in the 60′s during the day, down to freezing at night – but that’s not winter weather.  I mean, I wanna shovel some snow, warm-up the car in advance and get all rosy-cheeked.

It’s what I grew up on, I miss it.


More hockey stuff coming out soon – tomorrow’s Puck Daddy column is under way!

Let’s have a great week over here at Bourne’s Blog.  Thanks for your continued support – especially you, reader who made a generous donation over the weekend.  Bri and I greatly appreciate it.


20 Responses to “Motivation, Engagement Photos, and the Miami Heat”
  1. Jeff says:

    the Heat are costing some bar in FLA some money.

    Miami Heat Costs One Florida Bar $30,000 –

    Basically the owner decided to pay every one’s alcohol tab every time the Heat lose…

  2. jtbourne says:

    Haha, I HEARD that, how insane. Talk about a gamble gone wrong. So he was guessing they’d lose, what, 9-10 times all year? Was he ever going to make money with that bet? I guess maybe, but man…. that’s a big risk to have explode in your hands.

  3. Pep says:

    random thoughts on random thoughts.

    Beer – Always good to try new beverages. Who knows… you might find a good one to enjoy while standing still for hours on end having engagement photos taken.

    Engagement Photos – Never heard of them but then I am a canuck. Sounds like a good excuse to enjoy a beverage.

    snowless xmas – If you REALLY feel the need to shovel snow I have a foot of it here in Central Alberta. Feel free to come visit and shovel all you want. I’ll even supply the beverages.

  4. ms.conduct says:

    I hear ya on the motivation. I’ve been lying around in my pajamas watching 30 Rock all morning. Just can’t bring myself to give a crap about… any of it. Tina Fey has me in her grips. Oh, Liz Lemon…

  5. Danimal says:

    note: most of the beers from Lagunitas are of a stronger %. Some others of their’s you may enjoy:

    Lil Sumpin Sumpin (wheat beer that doesn’t taste a like a wheat beer)
    Lil Sumpin Wild (same as above but “funky” as described by a cicerone to me)
    Hop Stoopid (for those like myself that enjoy really hoppy beers and higher IBU’s)
    Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale (just has a great story behind the name)

    all are pretty affordable too in the craft beer sense vs other beers that have equally high alc content.

  6. Danimal says:

    and yes, Engagement Photo’s are the thing to do apparently. Had ours done recently and some of them ended up on our Save the Dates and others will be framed and such for mom/dads/whoever for xmas gifts. Most of the cost can be included in a package for the wedding too. We shot ours on the river in St. Paul on a rainy fall day with the X in the background) and some with our pittie Diesel. kinda fun and afterwards lead to some drinking of said Lagunitas beer.

    tip from our photographers….have 1 or 2 cocktails/beers beforehand to help release inhibitions. turns out photographers think slighly imbibed couples make better subjects.

  7. Ralphie says:

    Danimal, good call on the Little Sumpin Sumpin and Hop Stoopid! As a hop head those were two I was going to suggest to Justin. Also be on the lookout for New Belgium’s holiday beer, the Frambozen, a good brown ale with a framboise kick! Good stuff!

  8. possum says:

    Hello from Charlotte, now officially Canes Country! Sorry to not answer the call when you’ve mentioned “the one Southerner who reads” from time to time….my off-season was busy delivering my son in the front seat of my Altima and getting married. Married to a woman who laughed in my face when I asked her if she was going to make me take engagement photos. You’ll notice the baby and marriage happened near to one another…when we got engaged she wasn’t showing so it wasn’t some “I can’t be pregnant in our pictures” nonsense.

    While I’m sure every woman who has made their man take these pictures are fine fine ladies, I sought out the lower maintenance brand. She’s just as good looking and equally willing to let me get out of the house alone, yet doesn’t make me do things like get dressed up for pictures….our 6 month old hasn’t even had a picture session! I think the Danimal is onto something with his suggestion….get lit and you’ll have a blast. I try to follow that rule for everything except work (most times) and court dates. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s back to catching baby spit up in my hand, watching AHL hockey (suck it, ECHL!!), and doing whatever else it is you Nucks think goes on down here when we’re not riding our tractors home from the dirt track. Keep up the good work, congrats on the Puck Daddy gig, etc. Also, Merry Christmas….the only reason I know you people celebrate it is because Bubbles & Ricky talked about it.

  9. Will77 says:

    I hear ya on the motivation thing. I haven’t worked since wednesday and I just can’t get it into gear today. I was playing two rec games last night and in between I swore I didn’t have work the next day. I haven’t been this unproductive since the first day I downloaded Snood.

    Random side note: Me and my gf are going to a dinner thing you may or may not have read about on Point Blank. If not, basically what it is is you get a dinner, tickets to an Isles game, and Shremp and AMac come talk to you for a bit. Just wondering if you know either of those guys, and if theres any funny stories I should make sure to ask about?

  10. Matt the Aussie says:

    I am also convinced that these “engagement photos” are made up. I’m engaged to my girl and this was bought up a few weeks ago. She’s pretty keen on them. She also has Facebook evidence.

    Don’t think I’m gonna get out of this one… :(

  11. Shawn says:

    Yes the engagement photos are a conspiracy amongst the female population; all women are in on it. Kind of like when one sock from each pair Al Bundy owned went missing and he had to paint one foot else resort to wearing the “evil socks” – the ones he got married in.

  12. Steve C. says:

    FYI…”engagement photos” are just the tip of the iceberg.

  13. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    Engagement photos are real. I actually shot ours myself and it did indeed go on the magnet. My advice: Do something that you, the male, would like. That doesn’t mean that you would like to get drunk and fuhgetaboutit. Rather, take what I did. I put on my U of M Gopher football jersey (the white one) and had her wear my white, alternate Gopher hockey jersey. I then picked a “college” font (like a blovky-ish end zone font) and used the maroon and gold in the text for the magnet. Her reward? I followed any and all orders when it came time for wedding photos.
    Not that you need take the DIY route, but something that says “Yep, that’s them” is nice for the mag/engagement shots. The formal, “Awww…” pics are on wedding day. This is the time to grab a few brews and tell everyone that gets a wedding invite that, yes, we are too attached to our college athletics; but we don’t care. Ski-U-Mah!

  14. MattyJ says:

    If your wedding photographer is worth his/her salt, the engagement photos will be a separate ‘earmark’ on your budget, which is to say if you don’t like that photographer after the engagement photos you can fire them and find someone else. Better to weed out a crappy photographer prior to the big day than be stuck with photos you don’t like.

    My wife and I made avatars here and put them on our ‘save the date’ magnets:

    Our custom cake topper had us wearing Kings jerseys and holding hockey sticks. That was basically the only thing I was allowed to pick on my own. :) Best to grab that one responsibility early then just watch everything else unfold. A wedding is a party with your future wife in the middle.

  15. Karen From Rochester says:

    Post holiday motivation….NOT there today for me, either! It took me all day to do 2 tasks which would normally take about 3 hours. I definitely cost the taxpayers money today! But I feel tomorrow, I’ll be MUCH more efficient. So it all evens out.

    On the subject of engagement photos-I think they are an invention of the evil companies who came up with the idea of $500 senior photo packages! (which I just paid for this fall, btw…) Actually, I think they started getting more popular when digital became the way professionals take photos and the way that the proletariat shared them. They weren’t the thing when I got married in the late 80′s, I think because it was all film photog. then. EXPENSIVE to get them all developed. so you didn’t do the engagement photos then. But remember this phrase ” A happy wife is a good life”.
    : O )

  16. Brianna says:

    everyone caaallm dowwwn. im not making justin wear a tu tu or anything… its going to be a fabulous day in NYC at christmas time under the Brooklyn Bridge. And im sure we’ll find a nice little “imbibery” to loosen up at before hand.

    I’ll make sure to have JB shove them down your throats when we get them back :)

    …If only we could bring Tyson. sigh.

  17. Miriam says:

    Yeah, the Monday back from any kind of break is no fun. Had to work all week last week, but it was nice not having classes. Now it’s the final stretch until finals. Bah.

    Engagement photos…my cousin had them done. I wasn’t really sure the point of them, but looking through the hundreds and hundreds (seriously…there were about 500…and most of them looked the same) gave me something to do while I was recovering from knee surgery. Ha. But if you do loosen up beforehand a little bit, it can be fun. And I think it’s a nice little memento to get with the “Save the Date”. :) Annnd I absolutely know where that building is in Bpt! What’s the story with that? You were just wandering around and decided “This is cool!”? (Not something I would necessarily suggest anyone do…)

    @Will77. AMac is a pretty easy going guy; you can talk to him just about anything. Maybe ask him about the Bridgeport penalty video he did with Tyler Haskins; that might get an interesting story out of him. :)

  18. Karen From Rochester says:

    NYC at Christmas is very cool…and the Brooklyn Bridge at Christmas is even more cool! take it from a bridge engineer! go take all the photos you can-you will be so happy you decided to do this! Now-can Mother Nature give us some snow now?!

  19. Danimal says:

    we contemplated for about 2 seconds having our 3 cats in our engagement pics……then realized the cats would be wrestling the whole time or trying to attack the cameras. cats are special.

  20. Char says:

    //9-8 record after 17 games isn’t quite what we were expecting to see outta them//

    It isn’t? Hahahahaha.

    Never heard of engagement photos. Then again, we didn’t have an official photog for our wedding. My sister’s SIL took a ton of candid shots and gave us an album full for a present. They were lovely.

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