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Morrrre Columns! All-Star Game Changes and Shorthanded Goals



I didn’t get the link up yesterday to my post on Claude Giroux and why teams should try to be more aggressive in their pursuit of shorthanded goals (for Puck Daddy).

And second, the NHL all-star game changed it’s format to having two players picked as captains (by the players), who then pick their teams like it’s the schoolyard or something.  Pretty awesome stuff, and I wrote why for Hockey Primetime.


You know what was crazy?  Back when I played junior hockey, goals weren’t reviewed by video to find out who got the goals and assists, so the ref made his best guess, and if he got it wrong, you’d tell your captain “hey, I assisted on that, could you go straighten it out?”

Which sucked and was embarrassing, because you’re not supposed to care about personal stats.  After all, we, the team just scored a goal, so you’re supposed to be happy.  We achieved our goal.

But still, fucker…. could you please change that?

This led to the creation of “chiselers,” guys who were notorious for yelling the numbers of the point-getters at the ref in the post-goal hug, always being sure to include their own number as the second assist, regardless of if they got it or not.  (Or the more subtle move, constantly facing their back to the ref in hopes he’d tack it on.)

If there wasn’t a second assist, it usually stuck around and inflated these dishonest people’s stats.  There was always a guy or two whose stats you didn’t trust, so you called him a chiseler.  Funny stuff.

{Sidebar - Last game of the year in junior, we had a kid going for the league scoring title.  Him and I caught fire in the third period, and he ended up with the five points he needed to win.  Sad part was, he wasn’t in on one of the goals we got in the third, despite how often we looked for him.  Still, we told the ref he had the second assist, so the league title was his. 

After the game, our coach called him into his office and asked him if that’s how he wants to win the scoring title – he was just about to submit the game-sheet officially.  The guy – Curtis Fraser, I think he plays for the Wolves in Chicago now? – said no, coach erased the assist, and just like that, he settled for the more honorable second place finish.}

Now, go read those columns!


10 Responses to “Morrrre Columns! All-Star Game Changes and Shorthanded Goals”
  1. Liviu Bird says:

    I remember Fraser from back when he played for UAF. He was a great guy.

  2. Jeff says:

    Love the phantom assist.

  3. Marc says:

    Chiseler is the term for that guy? I just always called that guy a douche. Absolutely nothing wrong with helping out a buddy like in your story there but the guy who constantly was listed as a 2nd assest in high school hockey (the kind you dont go anywhere after) and adult rec leagues…. WTF is wrong with those guys. I always assumed they were the sad result of a hug shortage at home.

  4. jmor says:

    didnt nikaforak end up winning that scoring title that year. speaking of chisslers!

  5. SDC says:

    ha, I think I actually remember being at that game and hearing the about the whole scenario… it was before there was much internet stuff (wow) and guys were on phones trying to get updates from the game that Nikiforuk was playing in to see who was ahead (if I remember it all correctly, it was like 8 years ago). I enjoyed the Vipers team chisel efforts in that sitch, seems honorable enough to me if it’s the teammates chiselling as a collective.

  6. sherm says:

    I’m liking the All Star Game overhaul, but am wondering about how they’re going to pick the captains. Is it going to be Ovechkin and Crosby for like 30 years in a row? How about just throwing all the players names in a hat, drawing two, and there, you have two captains. Or, let the players vote on who the captains will be.

    Next, they need to re-work the way players get to the ‘All Star Game’. I hate the vote early and often method. I hate that in order to vote for one player you want, you have to vote for a whole slew of players. Let me go and vote for ONE forward if that’s what I want to do.

  7. karlooch says:

    If there was only one assist I used to like barking out the # of some steady, stay at home D who is great teammate and never gets on the scoresheets for the 2nd……or better yet if the tender cleared it up 3 passes and a turnover ago.. bark out his #. Goalies love getting that 2nd assist. Every team had some chislers thats for sure.

  8. RewskiUVA says:

    For the hell of it, what do people think about the Tampa Bay, Washington game tonight? Who’s gonna win?

  9. Char says:

    sherm, I think the captains will be voted on by the all-stars, but I could be wrong.

  10. KForbes says:

    Char is right, the captains will be voted by the players.
    With that said: if this ends up in Crosby vs. Ovechkin…I’ll be disappointed.

    I think it’s safe to say: We get it. Those two are the biggest most marketable stars in the league. Ok, fine whatever. But that doesn’t mean everything to do with everything has to be a Crosby vs. Ovechkin battle.

    It would be at least slightly more interesting to see… I dunno….Chara vs. Toews as captains and then see who picks Crosby and who picks Ovechkin and so on.

    This is an original idea and I think the NHL has to be applauded for that, for at least trying something new. With that said, this will either be interesting or just fall flat and a lot of it will have to do with how it’s marketed.

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