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Monday Night Hockey



To my non-hockey readership:  This constant coverage will eventually end.  But it’s like The Masters.  Certain sporting events are worthy of daily attention, plus, I’m in Canada.  Obama could kidnap the Queen and forclose on the White House and our leading story would be:   The Canucks Are Killin’ It!  Wooooo!  Canucks, Ya!

(2) Caps vs (7) Rangers

(Prediction: Capitals   Series: 2-1 NYR)

I’m not in love with the Caps beating the pants off the Rangers in MSG tonight.  I love that they beat them, don’t get me wrong; I’ve not yet wavered from my belief that the Caps are a premier NHL team (in fact, I’ve claimed that they’d be this years best).  But the beat down they laid to NY tonight may have been too much.

Hockey, like all sports, is just so mental.  The Capitals played the first two games like they believed they’d be handed the series based on talent.  I’m worried tonight might put them back in the mindset they seemed to have in the previous two games.

On a different note, I hate Sean Avery.  He’s not that bright, as much as commentators like to chalk up his antics to plotting.  He’s barely a step above acting on base instincts, and the second the game was out of reach he needed to make sure he grabbed his share of the attention.  He’s a clown, an absolute clown.  I’m mad at myself for mentioning him.

(1) Boston vs. (8) Montreal

(Prediction: Boston   Series: 3-0 Boston)

Recently, I was explaining to a guy how I loved the majority of NHL arena’s for their solidarity in colour: red in Washington, orange in Philly, the white towels in Van.  His comment?

“Plus, we can look forward to all the light brown in Montreal.  They’ll all be wearing bags on their heads”.


(4) Hawks vs. (5) Flames

(Prediction: Blackhawks   Series: 2-0 Blackhawks)

When Iggy gets that fire goin’ he’s a force.  If you were a player on the other team, he’d be one of those guys that is fired up and chirping at you, but you totally respect him, yet on the other hand, you can’t let him treat you like a punk in front of everyone, so you half-heartedly chirp back.  In retrospect, sorry to the Ferraro brothers, I felt obligated.

We have a good seeerrries heeerreee….


4 Responses to “Monday Night Hockey”
  1. JD says:

    JTB did you play against Jonny Toews in college? That guy is a stud, plain and simple. I will honestly never forget him in the World Juniors when he scored three goals in the same freakin’ shootout. Like, how many guys can do that in any league at any time, let alone the semi-finals of the most important game of his life with a whole country watching? I was sold right then and there.

    P.S. Pierre is giving me about all I can take so far tonight. We get it Pierre, guys chirp between the benches. I only care about what Burish is saying because I’d like to know if it is better than what Kesler/Burrows had to offer Backes the other night, not if it’s “inapppropriate – especially to Jarome Iginla”.

  2. jtbourne says:

    Yeah, Toews had the Vapour 40′s when my 30′s were “on order” – it was right after the world juniors. He wasn’t that crazy fast player we couldn’t contain, he was the guy who never fucked up when he got the puck and made four great plays a game, at least two of which ended up in goals. He hasn’t gotten worse since then.

    Burrish was one of my favourite players to play against in college, but only during stoppages in play. He was a killer during the play (not a huge offensive threat, but a guy worth noting nonetheless), but after the whistle he was hilarious. He loved to point out I was soft, and I loved to draw penalties by chirping at him and pretending I didn’t think I was soft (I’m well aware). Sharp guy, I liked him when he’d join us post-game… plus he went to Wisconsin… think that was any fun?

  3. P. Deezy F. Baby says:

    I don’t like how you put the “on order” on there JBourne! It some how implies that I was untruthful with you about the status of your equipment orders. I was always on point when it came to your gear man. I’m hurt man….hurt! I seem to remember you complaining to me about how Utah had yet to get you skates half way through the year!

    PS: I love watching NHL games and seeing guys we (as in the hockey team I work for and not me actually playing) have played against. It gives me a chance to tell people how sweet they were in college and how bad they made us look from time to time *cough BackesPavelskiBurishVorosToewsElliotOshie cough*

  4. Amanda says:

    yah canucks!! wooot wooot….

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