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Mommy, Wow, I’m A Big-Boy Now



Well, that was stressful.

Last night, I was the correspondent covering the Coyotes home opener.

It turns out “being a hockey reporter” doesn’t actually mean ”getting paid to watch the game”.  There’s a ton of work involved.  I have a new respect for those guys, honestly.  In fact (as I’ve so often suspected from reading game articles), the toughest thing to find time to do is watch the game.  There’s such a need for immediacy, that the writing ends up looking like upscale bullet points.

The gentleman editing my pieces, Mr. Kreiser at the NHL, deserves at least half of what I earned (which is just short of enough to retire on, of course).  It was fun reading the articles today to find out what I wrote.  Turns out I knew a whole buncha stuff about the facts.  Good for me.

Had I not had an editor, or anyone screening my thoughts, they’d have looked something closer to this:

- Hmm, Phoenix/Columbus.  This should be sufficiently disappointing for the fans.

- Wow, this atmosphere rules

- Upshall, big hit.  Mueller looks great.  Columbus wants to murder Fiddler.  Jovonovski wants to murder the powerplay.

- Just score a damn goal for the fans already

- I’m hungry

- Just score a damn goal for the fans already

- Oh god, they’re going to get shutout

- How much does Jovocop make again?

And then I missed the rest of the third trying to write something coherent.  Check out my main contribution here, and keep your eyes peeled for the follow-up piece I submitted this morning.  Thanks to Bob Condor at for giving me the opportunity.  I learned more in one working Saturday night than I did over the hundreds in college where I was shown the complex inner workings of beer bongs, keg stands and “quarters”.  So now I’m well-rounded.


Also, check out the Five Reason I Love Hockey, on Puck Daddy’s hockey blog for Yahoo! sports.  I’ll have the internet up and running at the new apartment Tuesday, so I’ll have a new post then!


8 Responses to “Mommy, Wow, I’m A Big-Boy Now”
  1. ms.conduct says:

    Yep. That’s exactly how my first time covering a game on a real deadline was. Man, what a relief to hit Send on that article. And I still got a player’s name wrong. The problem with covering the minors in the south… editors aren’t gonna catch that. I’m still really sorry about that John “Jason” Lammers…

  2. artandhockey says:


  3. Neil says:

    Sweet, nice work on the first game (2-0 to Columbus, jesus). It blew my mind a little bit to go to puck daddy and see Bourne’s five reasons for loving hockey, congrats again buddy

  4. Chris says:

    Dude! Just got done reading your top five on Puckdaddy!

    Awesome list man! It makes me wanna go ting one from Brett’s spot, or coming in on a break. Anyone who’s ever played the game with a passion can appreciate the shit out of that list!

    Not many people can even identify with some of the things you said, much less put them into words that way. I often feel fans with that appreciation are robbed of commentary from individuals of equal love for the game. I’ll be continuing to read all your stuff, writers like you are awesome for the fans like us.

    Congrats on doing your first game. Hopefully there will be many more, and you can keep finding ways to exhibit and appeal to that special connection with the fans who have the same love for the game you do.

  5. GBCK says:

    Our beer bong was simple. Funnel, hose, clamp. Nothing complex, no inner workings. The kegerator on the other hand was a completely different story.

  6. zyllyx says:

    Kudos on the writeup. Can’t wait for the followup!

  7. Patty B says:

    Per usual…….well done. And you’ve officially “arrived” in hockey circles with that interview on Kukla’s Korner. That probably helps you get over the sub .500 start in your own fantasy league. Go Kindrachukers!

  8. TheGrizz says:

    At least you didn’t have to watch those Toronto Maple Leafs. They couldn’t pay me enough to do that.

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