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Mindless Musings



I’m stressed out from missing so much hockey.

Granted, life has been carrying on without me having a major breakdown about it, but I’m looking forward to getting back to Canada with it’s Pierre McGuire soaked, Jim Hughson infused triple-dose coverage.

Since my hockey watching is limited to ESPN’s highlight packages (“Sidney Crosby shoots it past the goalie for his second of the night and the win, on to Professional Bowling highlights…”), here’s some other stuff that clutters my skull:

The Daily Show, my favourite source for fake news ran a hilarious piece explaining just who Barack Obama really is.  Turns out this whole time, the answer was Cliff Huxtable.  Please watch this:


I just can’t get over how well fruit goes with meat.  Mango salsa on chicken?  Cranberry on Turkey?  Applesauce on pork? 

It’s a fail-safe formula.  Try anything.  Kumquat on veal.  Sold, right?


How about rhubarb?  Not since Robin and Batman has something so obviously ridden coattails on the way to success, the way rhubarb rides strawberry.  Have you ever tasted that vegetable without the strawberry?  It’s a tart, unhappy piece of redness that found love and turned itself likable.  I’m happy for it.


So, John McCain’s daughter has been making a little tour to promote… well I don’t know what, but I’ve seen her a few times.  I was a little caught off guard, because I think she might be normal.  And even more shocking… she might be hot.  Not sure on that one, she’s always sitting at a desk.

But she kind of attacked Bristol Palin’s abstinence tour, which isn’t the most difficult thing.  Watch:

Really, that pregnant teen felt, on her own, the need to sell the pro’s of abstaining from sex to American teens?  That seems sincere.  Is the Cookie Monster her opening act, preaching the detriments of chocolate chips?  For sure, her words hold a lot of weight.


Bruins fans, I’m sorry your team was held together by duct tape, advil and tensor bandages against the Canes.  I would guess your “thank you” card from the Pens is in the mail.


I’ll be back in action tonight, watching the Pens/Canes game, since I tracked down a sports bar.  Enjoy these next couple games, it looks like there’s gonna be a healthy breather before the final!



4 Responses to “Mindless Musings”
  1. JJ says:

    Do I have to be the one who tells you that Pens-Canes game 4 is Tuesday?

  2. Dawn says:

    Thank you, JJ! I was so worried that he was right and I was wrong! Checkin’ my printout of the schedule, you betcha!
    But JT, see a replay of it ALL, if you can. Or go to the Pens’ site … I like this one best…

    and catch all the stuff in “Aftermath” that we love to read, and the game highlights. And don’t forget to listen to Mike Lange’s stuff, :-)
    I feel so bad for you, being deprived this way. But Phoenix is gorgeous, and yes, the food will carry you through.

  3. jtbourne says:


  4. Dawn says:


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