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Milbury and McGuire Try To Solve a Sudoku



Mike Milbury and Pierre McGuire try to solve a sudoku, the transcript:

Pierre: You see what’s happening here, Mike, is they’ve given us the “medium” level Sudoku to solve right off the top.  MEDIUM.  That’s how advanced these guys know we are.  Our first ever attempt at solving a Sudoku, but they’ve seen the passion and drive in which we work, and know we could solve a medium right off the top.  At only 49 years of age.  FOURTY-NINE!

Mike:  One thing you have to like about the Sudoku book is the answers section in the back.  While most Europeans doddle around, looking for answers and thinking through strategy, the North American players know to cut to the back, find the answers, and do it the right way.

Pierre:  This kid Milbury was drafted to do Sudoku’s out of Boston at seven years old, but was so good at punching teachers they turned him into a hockey player first – never got a chance to fulfill his destiny as a Sudoker, but just look at him go – heading straight to the corners of that big square and immediately filling in answers from the back.

Mike:  Look, I disagree with you there –

Pierre: – You can see what Milbury’s thinking there—wait, what?

Mike:  Oh.  I dunno, I wasn’t really listening, just figured it was time to say that.

Pierre:  Lookit the heart on this Milbury kid – not even into his third line of the conversation and already gettin’ in guys faces.  This kid is no-holds barred.  He’s a star.  Should crack the under-60 team this year.

Mike:  I finished.  The answers were all right here. *shows back page*



11 Responses to “Milbury and McGuire Try To Solve a Sudoku”
  1. Mike says:

    Too funny..Sometimes its hard to be a hockey fan. Does the NHL try to make watching games the most irritating and annoying experience ever?

  2. Bret says:

    I grew up in the States, but I’ve also spent a lot of time in Canada as well though it’s been awhile. I seem to remember watching games in the US as compared to in Canada was like night and day. HNIC didn’t have the annoying color commentary as we do down here. Am I off with that? Is that because these big broadcasting companies like NBC and the League, in general, are really hell-bent on pushing the game down here as compared to up there where everyone knows what’s going on? I just get the impression that down in America the real message throughout the 60 minutes is “isn’t this game great?! doesn’t this look fun?! isn’t this a fast sport?!” whereas in Canada they pay attention more to the players specifically and the game in itself, rather than introducing us all to Alexander Ovechkin – he plays hockey. He’s from Russia. Different culture, different market, different sell, i guess.

  3. penaltykiller9 says:

    Is it possible that Pierre Mcguire is the son of Werner Klemperer of Col. Klink fame. The resemblence is remarkable. Maybe Milbury could start saying Mcguire you IDIOT

  4. Bret says:

    good call. him or Paul Shaffer..

  5. ms.conduct says:

    Milbury’s a train wreck. I can’t decide if it’s the kind I like or the kind I want to put out of its misery… I think I’m good with letting JR decide for me. If he allows him to live, then I guess it’s the kind I like. If he kills him on camera, then I don’t have to wonder any more.

  6. MikeB says:

    I’m playing the Pierre McGuire Drinking game on Sunday for the Can/US game.

    Everyone should try it. Not that I condone binge drinking.

    technically its for the World Jrs… but if you sub in “World Jrs” for “Olympics” you should be in great shape.

  7. Pete says:

    edzo, those US dmen are taking too many chances…

  8. Pete says:

    edzo, the US defense cannot take those risks against the elite teams…

  9. Pete says:

    hey, edzo, i think the US dmen are pinching too much…

  10. Pete says:

    edzo, a forward has to drop back if those US dmen keep pressuring in the offensive zone…

  11. Pete says:

    even when pierre is right, he drives me nuts.

    how long before milbury and that roenick robot fight?

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