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All Over The Map



Guuuuuud morning.

It always feels nice to return to writing on Bourne’s Blog, because my own standards are far lower than the other sites I write for.  I was dying to call Halak “JaroChrist HaJesus” in today’s Puck Previews, but I figured that probably wouldn’t have gone over too hot.  My sincerest apologies to those of you who’re offended by my taking the lord’s name in vain, but I mean, c’mon, that’s a great nickname.

Let’s hit the links!

1) For those of you who missed it yesterday, here’s my column on the Hawks pulling the Bolland/Versteeg switcheroo, and how it was intentional.

2) Also, here’s yesterday’s Puck Daddy piece on matching lines, in which an inordinate amount of people went out of their way to point out that I’m not, in fact, the dumbest human alive.

To come:

3) When it posts, this will be a link to today’s Puck Previews I’ve written for Puck Daddy.  I’m starting to feel like Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, but with “puck” as my “definitely”.

4) Also when it posts (today or tomorrow), this will be the link to my column “In Praise of Duncan Keith”, which wasn’t a hard one to write.


Meandering Thoughts….

A Montreal Canadiens reporter had his tires slashed and beer cans crushed on his car in Philly.

What state of mind would you have to be in to trash the car of someone from the opposing city?  I mean, I get it, you’re drunk.  But drunk and hateful?  I don’t buy that you can get drunk and become hateful.  I think you eventually get drunk enough to act on being hateful.  It’s just so utterly ridiculous.

I’m not prone to generalize entire cities fan-bases (as so many fans love to do), but man, Philly…. pull it together. 

Nice work on the “ole” thing though.  Biting, clever… good stuff.



Dale Tallon is the new GM of the Florida Panthers.  He sat with my Dad and I at a Yankee game a few years back and called his young defenseman Duncan Keith “the most underpaid player in the NHL”.  Turns out he was kinda right, since the guy’s up for (and should win) the Norris not long after saying that.

He’s the right guy to make responsible decisions (despite the qualifying offer debacle), while having a good grasp of the way today’s game is played, not the old style of hockey.  Florida could use his help.


You know you’ve missed my cat:


Zzzzz.... Hobbes pose.

The adolescent years are tough...


Some NHL Playoff facts you may enjoy:

*Montreal is 0-4 when they outshoot their opponents.  Soooo, that’s weird.

*Michael Leighton has a 105:50 shutout streak going.

*Thornton, Marleau and Heatley have still combined for less goals than Joe Pavelski.

*After getting pulled, Halak hasn’t lost either of the two following games.

*Chicago is 6-1 on the road.

*Only four Canadiens have double digit points, and they’ve played 15 games (with, oddly, an 8-7 record.  Well placed wins, it seems)


That’s all I’ve got for today folks.  Feel free to add your favourite stats in the comment section below.  Those are always fun tidbits.  Go Tuesday!


Marleau got straight robbed here...


19 Responses to “All Over The Map”
  1. ann says:

    Speaking as a Philadelphia fan, this kind of behavior disgusts me. It’s why when I travel for sporting events, I get treated like crap, even though I have NEVER treated an opposing fan that way. I don’t understand what makes someone think it’s ok to vandalize/destroy/whatever someone else’s property because they are from somewhere else. The sad part is I would bet some of the clowns involved were stone sober. :-(

    The Ole thing made me laugh a little, but these people do realize that a) it was only Game 1; b) Halak was pulled from games in the previous two series, both of which they won, right?

    Good for Tallon that he got another NHL job. He did such a wonderful job helping to rebuild the ‘Hawks that it’s a shame that seems to all have been overshadowed by the boneheaded qualifying offer issue….

  2. Nadeau says:

    Speaking of stats isnt Halak something like 9 or 10 and 0 When facing 40 or more shots???!!?!?

  3. mikeB says:

    I am impartial to the cat, but I definitely didn’t need to see you hairy thigh.

  4. ms.conduct says:

    I always feel bad that you write so much great stuff and all I comment on are the goofy things like cat photos or hot asses or whatever, but seriously, you cat is so cute. Those stripes! What a sweety. Getting big, too.

  5. jtbourne says:

    Hey, its okay to like it MikeB, no one judges here :)

    And hey, Ms. C! You got a gravatar! Nice work.

  6. JIllian says:

    Random tid bit of information… Boston suffered the same fate against Philadelphia as it’s ECHL farm team the Reading Royals. Reading had a 3-0 lead over the Cincinnati Cyclones and Cincy is playing for the Kelly Cup now.

  7. ms.conduct says:

    Exactly. I’m a bad, bad internet friend. But hey, nice thighs.

    And JaroChrist HaJesus did make me laugh out loud. Like 3 times now. There really is no place like home when it comes to writing. Ha, 4x now.

  8. TimmyHate says:

    New Reader here

    All I can say is Calvin and Hobbs reference for the win right there.

    But seriously, lots of good stuff in your blog, I’m looking forward to going back through the archives and following on from here.

  9. Nathan says:

    “Sioux in the Cities says:”

    Really? You find some funny in there? I think it goes a bit too far.

    I was at a Pearl Jam concert in Vancouver a few years ago and some dick pissed on the back of the gal sitting in front of it. That was a bit too far too.

  10. Anna S. says:

    Honestly, in spite of (or perhaps because of) Chi-town winning on the road, I have missed your cat. Sorry to say it, it’s probably emasculating as all hell, but you need to post more pics of the cat and/or the Gillie’s Newfies. The pets may be ego-bursting, but they’re really damn cute, and my heart explodes with happy whenever you post them.

    So more pets pics are not out of order.

    On the hockey end, I will be honest with you: what I value so terrifically much about this blog is the experience that you write into every post. Possibly my favorite thing you’ve ever written is the ‘bench pop-up’ story you wrote for Puck Daddy’s 5-Things article. I LOVE LOVE LOVE (is there any way besides all-caps that I can emphasize the love? Because I would do it) your insider’s look at the bench, and the locker room, and the places that fans will never write.

    So, um, keep doing that. I feel awkward encouraging a sentiment that I suspect you already have, but I do want to say that I appreciate it. So thanks, keep it up!


  11. jtbourne says:

    Thanks so much for the great comment, Anna. For those that haven’t seen that, I’ll plan on running it tomorrow! Thanks for reading.

  12. jtbourne says:

    TimmyHate, thanks for stoppin’ by too. Keep up the good pro-Phoenix work!

  13. neil says:

    “I think you eventually get drunk enough to act on being hateful”
    Agreed, and it’s not the first time Philly fans have demonstrated that point.
    While many hockey fans think of the Broad Street Bullies era of hockey as a dark period for the NHL, it seems that Flyers fans think of it as the kind of hockey everyone should play and their universally reviled agitator/diver/fighter-of-people-smaller-than-him sports a beloved tribute to goonery on his upper lip. Their fans confuse toughness and intensity with being the angry high-school bully that everyone hates. It’s just too perfect seeing guys like Emery, Owens, and Vick land in Philly so quickly after being turned into disgraced athletes people love to hate…
    It’s too bad too because the Flyers have some of the most exciting and dynamic offensive players in the league, and as much as I love to rip on them when they are losing, the team is clearly very good. I’m usually a supporter of the theory that if something happens in one city, it almost certainly happens in all of them, but Philly fans set the bar unusually low and I can’t help wondering why that is? I mean, I don’t find Vancouver fans to be particularly noble or civil but they sure as hell wouldn’t cheer after seeing Iginla carried off on a stretcher with a neck-brace on.

  14. As always, great article! I’m still underwhelmed by San Jose, despite a much improved 2nd round Thornton. Marleau looks more lost than usual. Not sure on Heatley’s injury status. Setoguchi, Clowe and Pavelski have dried up a bit lately too.

  15. minnesotagirl71 says:

    The only funny thing about the Philly fan puking on the cop and kid was the mug shot. You can practically read “Dude – what was I thinking??” in the one wide open eye.

    Good to have you back on your own blog, Bourne. Love your informal/conversational writing and edgy humor. You and your commentasauraus rexes always crack me up.

  16. Fish says:

    Just went to puck daddy to read your piece on line matching. I’ts as great as it usually is (I am getting spoiled since you took over in my bookmarks).

    Thanks for putting up another great piece, and thanks for making people post reasonable reactions due to your very sensible and well documented writing. And by that I mean, you make a point, you back it up and than you soften the edges of said point and then you let people know that you know that you’re point is not written in stone as an absolute fact.

  17. stu-dad says:

    Philadelphia is the only city (I know of) that has an arraignment court inside their stadium. Even Disney had to point it out making that Marky-Mark movie about the bartender-turned football player movie, showing the fights in the stands.

    To me, the WORST thing about Philly fans is how utterly humorless they can be about it, which probably explains all the fights.

    Always enjoy reading your stuff

  18. Vansteel says:

    I’m from the Philly area, and yeah, it can get rough at sporting events, but don’t even act like this crap doesn’t go on in every city. Philly has a bad name from years ago, and it’s just easy for everyone to generalize us because of things that happened 30 years ago. Let’s not forget, Montreal rioted after a round 2 win! But you barely hear a peep about that….I believe they threw banana’s at Kevin Weekes in Detroit, but where was the outrage there? If that had happened in Philly, look out….

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