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Lawson Translation



The Islanders have signed a third starter, Martin Biron, to a one year, $1.4 million dollar contract.  I just. don’t. get it.

So then, we’re admitting DiPietro is beyond being a functioning goalie, right?

I mean, it makes no sense to sign someone to well over a million dollars if you intend for them to play in the AHL.  And we aren’t going to trade Biron or Roloson, both of whom we just signed, or we simply wouldn’t have signed them.  So this was the Islanders admitting DP is a no-go, wasn’t it?

Lawson reads the play before you do, and plays the puck like Marty Turco

Lawson reads the play before you do, and plays the puck like Marty Turco

The Sound Tigers had a stud in net last year in Nathan Lawson, who didn’t see NHL games at the end of the AHL season strictly because the BPST’s needed him too bad (truf).  If they were looking to lock up a talented kid with scads of potential starter for the Sound Tigers, they had Lawson in their hands (statline: 2.16 GAA, .927 Save %, 19 wins, 9 losses – better than Mannino in every category).  Who knows if he’ll sign without getting a NHL – AHL two way, which the Isles won’t do (15 years looked crazy, but 4 NHL goalie contracts looks bat-shit crazy).  So should we shuffle Laws into the “Islanders squandered talent” bin?  They better at least lock him up for Bridgeport somehow, and soon… or someone will.


Ahhh, the Red Sox got rid of Julio Lugo, at last.  He never really fit in there, did he?  Never quite had the swagger, always kinda looked weak.  I’m sure Sawks fans shed zero tears, and are already demanding results of the new guys.

By the way, has the Sox morphing into the Yankees over this decade turned anyone else off?  So much for the scrappy underdog taking down those Rockefeller-esque Yankees.  They’re just poured outta the same mold at this point.


Like me, you may find it hard to sit through 36 seconds of “metal”, or whatever we’re calling that genre of “music”, so you may want to mute this.  I think I actually like it better with sound though.


So good news, for those of you who have subscribed to the blog.  You’re about to get your first bonus offering from Bourne’s Blog!  I’m going to take questions from now until the Hockey Greats Fantasy Camp that you may have for any of our ex-NHL stars, ask those questions, and do a fun little question and answer write up for you.  I think I may do this throughout the year with current NHLers that I’m still in touch with too.

I feel safer when he wears gloves.

I feel safer when he wears gloves.


So, you have your pick, ask a question to any of the following:  Battlin’ Billy Smith, Dave Semenko, Bryan Trottier, Dale Hawerchuk, Doug Bodger, Steve Shutt, Ron Flockhart, Cliff Ronning, Larry Melnyk, Gary Nylund, Clark Gillies, or of course, my Dad.

Two weeks from now that crew will be on the ice with our guests, pulling groins, tweaking backs, and generally keeping ibuprofen providers in business.  Lookin’ forward to it!


14 Responses to “Lawson Translation”
  1. Neil says:

    I read a prediction from a sports blogger (with some cred) that DP will start less than 10 games this year, and considering the Biron signing you gotta wonder if he’s right.

    At the same time, maybe they are just making sure and taking advantage of having the money to do so. If DP is healthy now but has an easily-aggravated injury, maybe they don’t like the idea of going with just Roloson (which, even then, is a bit odd considering he was pretty decent last year and I don’t think anyone expects the Isles to challenge for a playoff spot next year). I’m with you Bourne, what’s wrong with DP/Rolly and then call someone (ie. Lawson) up if DP gets hurt? I gotta think that the brass was thinking that the 1.4 million was slush money but now you have 3 guys who expect legitimate shots at the #1 spot (they all have multi-million dollar deals and played as 1′s last year…???). I’m too lazy to check but I’m pretty sure Rolly was top-10 in GPA or save percentage or something for a large chunk of the season (I remember being surprised).

    How stupid was Biron for not taking the money when Philly offered it to him for the starting spot? They must have really liked Emery or really disliked Biron’s price tag (which I’m assuming was something like 3-4, not 1.4).

  2. Neil says:

    awesome title by the way ;)

  3. jtbourne says:

    Ha, I’m so proud someone picked up on the title, beaming like a little kid here.

  4. SPO says:

    Maru, Angel of Dork.

  5. Jake says:

    Yanks up 2 games now and climbing. Figure it out. Mark Buehrle just finished up a perfect game against the Rays too. His second no-hitter. He has got to be the most underrated pitcher, if not player, in baseball today. I’ve drafted him on my fantasy team for the last 4 years and I love him every year. I’m the smartest man alive. Well, I’m something anyway.

    P.S. Joe Mauer is going to look amazing in Yankee pin stripes in two years.

  6. Jake says:

    Apparently Joe Mauer is as pure as Mother Teresa on a glacier, if glaciers are pure. And that is why he will never be a Yankee. Lol. Good one J.B. Even Agnesë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu (pronounced [aɡnɛs ɡɔnˈdʒa bɔˈjadʒju]), aka Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, aka Mother Teresa, would have signed with the Bronx Bombers for $100 mil +. Wish I was bellied up with you buddy.

  7. Maria says:

    I have to agree with you a little bit when it comes to the sox but not completely. (i am a lifetime sox fan) BUT to say that we arent scrappy is juust nuts! We have a ton of players who get dirty (literally haha–jokes jokes) case in point Dustin Pedroia…I was watching the game with a friend of me a few days in a row and she said each time whenever theyd show pedroia on the screen: “Why is he so dirty??” he literally takes roles in the dirt. but he is just a scrappy, messy kinda player–loveeee it! So are the red sox as hated as the yankees always were? (i mean i guess living in Mass. i get a different perspective buut still) i believe we will always been the loveable red sox :-)

  8. jtbourne says:

    I definitely like the Red Sox, (top few fave in the league), but its getting soooorrrrta hard to pretend to act like the Sox do it on hustle while the Yanks do it on dollars. And by sorta, I mean impossible. But, I do like that Pedroia occasionally needs to wash his jersey. That’s always a good sign.

  9. Jon says:

    It would be stupid of the Islanders organization to let Lawson go without a contract. At the very least sign him to a 2-way NHL deal this year and tell him the number 1 position in Bridgeport is his to lose… Having two solid goalies in Bridgeport will keep him from getting worn down like the end of last year….

  10. pat says:

    Sox fan here ,your right no tears shed over overpaid Lugo he never amounted to anything and like Theo epstein said it was a mistake…Not sure about the morphing into Yankees damn what insult.. They are looking sluggish but I guess all teams go through it..have you seen JK Wedding Entrance Dance on youtube? check it out funny as hell

  11. While you’re probably right on all accounts, I also think wrapping up Biron was a good plan – even if they intend to go with a 3 man rotation or send him to the AHL. Someone, before too long, will want a starter and will cough up something decent for Rolie or Marty.

  12. Shannon says:

    I for one can’t wait to see Nathan Lawson start between the pipes for an NHL team in the next few seasons. It was difficult to see him leave Alaska Anchorage a year early but kudos to him for doing as well as he has. The last UAA goalie to leave early was Greg Naumenko who got a two-way deal with the Mighty Ducks Organization, but only started in one NHL game in his career. Good luck to N. Lawson!


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