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Just A Reminder…



I told you so.


In the other series, one of the red teams shot it into the other red teams net twice late in the game (sarcasm aside, it was a pretty thrilling finish for all the Canes fan), effectively moving up what I was hoping would be a conference final to a semi-final, Pens v Caps.


How bout the Ovechkin-bashing from the colour guy in that last game?  Advising him to dump it in?  This is exactly what coaches do that makes players go beserk, but to advise it to The Great Eight is ludicrous:  “Don’t take guys on one on one, get it deep, pass the puck”… Ovie’s top 10 would be on the NHL’s all-time top 20.  You want the individual shockers, you deal with a couple turnovers.


I hate the prevent defense teams go into when they have the lead, it’s like football.  Teams start shredding teams who suddenly change their defensive tactics in an attempt to defend their lead, and tonight, the Devils paid.  Plus, I think Marty already had a vacation booked.


Predictions, praise and snide remarks on round two to come!  Stay tuned!

(Round one totals:  6 -2, with one definitive down 3-1 “The Caps will advance” that counts as a bonus ball)


11 Responses to “Just A Reminder…”
  1. Travelchic59 says:

    Were those great finishes or what???!!!

  2. Pete says:

    good call on the devils playing prevent…the canes were all over them in that 3rd period…

  3. Neil says:

    I don’t like the “sit on the lead” stuff in the regular season but it seems plain stupid in the playoffs. But even worse, I’ve seen teams do while they are LOSING this year! St.Louis did it constantly, including down 2 goals in game two and down two in game 4. Facing elimination, game 4, second period, we gotta go out there and… trap? Minnesota did it all year whether they were up or not, but down 2 in the playoffs? I don’t get it.

  4. Maria says:

    Hey Justin! Love your blogs! you have a very hysterical outlook on many many things.. love it! well talkin about the caps/pens series brings up a somewhat interesting and new rivalry between the two best (and most recognizable) players in the game… Crosby vs. Ovechkin.. what a story line! are you sure these games aren’t fixed? The NHL must be beside themselves right now with the way the playoffs have gone so far… such exciting stuff!!!

    PS: GO BRUINS!!!!

  5. jtbourne says:

    The crazy part about it is how illogical it is – well, the system we were playing earned us a lead. We better change our style to protect it.

    Minnesota was stuck in the mid-90′s style, and the Blues were grasping at straws. Maybe if we keep grabbing the same straw…

  6. jtbourne says:

    I’m giddy. Beside myself giddy. Hawks/Canucks – Pens/Caps is a bet in itself. Which series will be better?

  7. Neil says:

    Love my Nucks but Pens Caps in the second round is beautiful, I gotta give that one the nod.

  8. pat says:

    Oh so let me guess Bruins vs Canes wont be worth watching ????Im feeling a sweep of every team we face so you might want to get yourself couple of boxes of salt&pepper popcorn and start cryin into it now cause its gonna be painful …It will be ok I guess we will still let you into Southie as long as you dont wear any of those stupid “stick” logo shirts . You have to admit it is one of the worst out there..
    Torts = Fonzie
    Sean Avery= Joanie
    Steve Ott= Chachi

  9. jtbourne says:

    I hate everything about Carolina except Cam Ward, who desperately needs to get traded to a likable, watchable team before he ends up in the “Ron Francis zone”, a guy who was super-good (4th all-time in scoring?), but was only on TV when he was a Penguin.

    It’ll be worth watching, the “best” team left is playing. Plus, I still haven’t made up my mind on this series.

  10. pat says:

    Do you think Canada will ever get more teams? Maybe move Coyotes and Florida . It seems like such a waste . Im sure if they were in Canada they would have full houses. i was watching a devils game couple of weeks ago and it was empty. I think one thing the NFL, NBA and MLB could learn from NHL is the salary cap . im kinda sic of seeing NBA players on MTV cribs in their palace with 1000 lbs of gold around the neck and gold teeth. It seems like Hockey players are much more grounded…. although some could use that gold tooth

  11. Just Jeff says:

    As a caps fan I’m sure it goes without saying how I feel about Carolina… but I’m curious why you feel the way you do about them?

    Is it from left over hate from when they were in Hartford?

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