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A Buncha Blurbs and a Column



New Puck Daddy: The pressure to scrap during a blowout.  Decent piece today, hope you like it.


Wow, am I beat, late night hockey is a sonofabitch.  Definitely having an “is that worth it?” morning, but still – we’re onto the finals, so I can’t complain too much.

Time to clean out the TBAF (to blog about file).

Man…I just look like fucking death today, thanks, 3a.m. post-hockey fall-asleep.


Diet update: I’d say, “running on a treadmill” describes what I’ve been doing, and my progresss.  Still around 206.


Kitty updates (yes, I’ll get to sports, chill): Jiggs and Tyson’s relationship, is, well, interesting. 

The good news is that there’s obvious progress.  Tyson has had his whole world flipped-upside down, and Jiggs is essentially oblivious to EVERYTHING, which is why I tell people he’s a little short bus-ey.

But unlike his older brother, he’s not afraid of nuthin’.  Now that Tyson is comfortable being close to the little puffball, we fear for Jiggs – Tyson is over 15 lbs, and Jiggs barely registers three, so when Tyson tackles him, it looks pretty vicious. 

Still – progress is progress, they seem to be working it out.  ….Because I know you’re all so concerned about their living situation.



Yayyy good players are backkkk

Kyle Okposo returns for the Isles tonight after missing half the season thanks to shoulder surgery.  Also returning: Frans Nielsen after missing seven games with a groin pull.  Look out, Eastern Conference, the Islanders are approaching FULL STRENGTH!

….Wait, nobody cowered under a table?  I said FULL STRENGTH!

…..Ah forget it.  Have the prospects developed in the incubator yet?


The four-goal game (as pulled off by Marian Gaborik yesterday) needs to be named, as Dave Lozo so wisely suggested on Twitter yesterday – I also mentioned this in today’s PD column.

It’s like when people say “double eagle” in golf.  Totally stupid.  They have the term “albatross” that means the same thing, and not enough people say it.  What is wrong with all of you?

But “hat trick plus one?”  That’s just supremely lame.

Lozo suggested “pants magic” or “shirt illusion,” both of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Any idea?  Until I hear a better one, I’m running with “he shoots, he SCORES!  PANTS MAGIC!  PANTS MAGIC!”


I got a kick out of seeing the “media numbers” on the board in Washington after one of their games.  It’s so frustrating when you just wanna get home and decompress after a game and you see your number scrawled on the whiteboard.  And I never even played NHL hockey, or was, y’know, famous, so I can’t imagine how tiresome that must get. 

But of course, it’s part of the job.  But when you don’t know it’s coming, walk in the room and see it, it’s just……faaaaksighhhh.


I’ve started doing this little show with Todd Lewis once a week for Hockey Primetime called “Hockey Unfiltered,” and it has a lot of potential.  We’ve only put one together so far, and we’re shooting our second one today.  It’s literally just us on webcams talking, but we have a bigger picture for it eventually.

You can check out the first one here, on the main page in the right sidebar.


Thanks for your continued support (to quote Deadspin).  See ya tomorrow!


19 Responses to “A Buncha Blurbs and a Column”
  1. Mike P says:

    Weren’t you trying the push up work out plan? Do you do any hockey coaching? Im sure a lot of players would enjoy that.

  2. ms.conduct says:

    Do you have to throw your pants on the ice? That’s not very practical. You need your pants.

    I think it should be a Bra Trick. Shuck ‘em and toss ‘em, ladies (and gentlemen of a certain ilk)!

    5? Panty trick.

    I feel like I should say BOOM right here.


  3. Firestorm says:

    +1 for ms.conduct.

    Or is it now: MizNasty.

  4. Neil says:

    As much as I love Pants Magic, it does pose a problem in terms of throwing them on the ice. I’ll throw my support behind the Bra Trick. Or how about Four Pour, and everyone in the crowd has to pour whatever they’re drinking on their heads? Ok fine, Bra Trick.

    Good to hear the cat introduction is working out. We always wondered about the kitten vs. cat fighting too, when Griff plays with other cats it sounds like they’re killing each other but if you try to separate them they spend every second trying to claw through the door and hang out again. Every now and then you have to pull the big one off but for the most part they seem to understand that a screech or a hiss means “enough”. Not sure about how it works between a kitten and full-grown cat that happens to be pretty huge, can’t help ya there but I’d be really interested to know how it goes. Screw the purists, I like my hockey with a scoop of cats.

  5. Sherry says:

    Really enjoyed the PD piece today Justin – good stuff.

  6. ms.conduct says:

    That’s so badass, Firestorm. You’re my favorite.

  7. MikeK says:

    So your cats are like Chara squaring off with Brian Gionta? So I suppose the linesmen are jumping in pretty quick on these, eh?

  8. Deirdre says:

    My rule with introducing new cats is pretty much “no blood, no foul”, they’ll be fine.

    I’m actually paying attention to the Islanders now because of you…despite the painful orange. Loved the article on Tavares not phoning in his games…maybe now with some support he’ll dig out of that -17!

    and as long as you don’t try calling it a Gabortrick (or whoever did it first) I’m ok with it. I’m afraid the Bra Trick would reduce 1/2 the arena to gaping fools for the rest of the game :-P

    So….Nabby to Detroit eh?

  9. NYIsles Fan says:

    I think 4 goals should be called a Roundhouse. Oh, and the management should buy the house a round!

  10. liverning says:

    This is what I imagine happens at your house… Daily!

    4 goals?… Waddya think about a ‘Quad-run’? Always thought that Colin Farrell in Old School, running
    the Quad naked was pretty damn hilarious, as would be a 4-goaler (except for opposition).

  11. Bret says:

    Will Farrell.

    I’m totally on board with “pants magic”… that or a Georgian Swindle.

    I’m reaching, I know..

  12. minnesotagirl71 says:

    MizNasty is our Queen!

    Love the Bra Trick idea. Half the fun for us would be watching the guys watch us as we all took off our bras under our shirts. hehehe – the power of boobs!

    RE Panty Trick – Throwing panties would be tougher to manage. I suppose if a player had a bra trick we could head up to the ladies room to remove our panties and tuck them a pocket in anticipation of a fifth goal. Again – the men in the arena would be mighty distracted for the rest of the game….

    Thanks for the good Friday afternoon humor, all!

  13. liverning says:

    Correct! Thanx Bret!

  14. jtbourne says:

    I am fully on board with “bra trick.” Far better. I shall now start pushing for it.

  15. Mark says:

    You gone done it. You voiced an opinion that could maybe, possibly, a little bit be construed to be anti-fighting. Prepare for 7500 comments about how much of a pussy you must be.

  16. yuhas says:

    I fully endorse this whole bra-trick thing. Not that my endorsement means much of anything, but I endorse it!

  17. Christine says:

    Any input on Caps PP vs. Penalty kill? They are not a dirty team yet seem to get screwed on penalties. Have for the last two years. Questionable calls against. Maybe I’m biased as a die hard fan, but Pens fight more than anyone and seem to get the calls. I don’t get it. Hard to score when you spend so many minutes on the kill. Thoughts??

  18. Simone says:

    Don’t worry about the size difference between Tyson and Jiggs. Right now Jiggs is playing the rookie card.
    He’s doing the “taking a number” thing. When he gets bigger, you can bet he’ll be instigating. :-)

  19. Ben says:

    ms conduct has it!

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