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Isles Get Thumped In 3D, But Moulson’s Hair Is A Win



A few blogs back I asked the question “I wonder which team has played (against) the most back-up goaltenders this year?”  I figured there’d be some correlation between that stat and the standings.  Well, our friend Wychwood crunched the numbers for us.  Check out the answer (bottom comment) here.


Not much help for Rolly in MSG

Last nights 5-0 Islanders loss at the hands of the Rangers was broadcast in 3-D, as I hear a lot of sporting events plan to be in the near future.  I don’t even get what that means…. do you have to wear glasses?  Have a special kind of TV?  See it at an IMAX?

Whatever steps you need to take to make it work, thank god I didn’t take them last night.  5-zip in the Garden?  At least us Isles fans got this far without having to wish for next year.  Time to bring out the old 4-0-1 forecheck, entertain the fans and lose every game, methinks.


Player insight: y’know what’s horribly frustrating?  Taking a good, long run at a guy – usually a defenseman – trying to pound him into the glass, but the guy gets pressed up against the boards so not only is there no loud sound, but you bounce off him the other direction like a trampoline.  That’s really frustrating.


It’s hard to tell if a guy is a good coach when he’s got Washington’s roster.  Or the ones Al Arbour had.  Or some of Scotty Bowman’s, Phil Jackson’s ….guys like that who’ve had stacked teams.

Yayyyy for us!

There’s something to be said for recognizing you have the most talent, and generally backing off to let them do their thing.  You stay valuable by being less involved, and letting the talent flourish organically.  You know a guy like Tortorella could never coach a team like the Capitals, cause he wants to do too much.  At the same time, we never really got to see Bowman/Arbour/whoever make chicken salad out of chicken s**t, because their rosters were already chicken salad…. weren’t they?

Anyways, that was a bit of a detour to get to “I wonder if Bruce Boudreau is a good coach?”  I’ma text college teammate Jay Beagle who’s got some games with Washington and try and get an answer for us.


You know those young kid hockey players that are so cocky that you wanna break their $200 Synergies over their skinny little necks?  Like, by the age of 12?  Some of them are so crazy good that it’s hard to put them in their place.

Well, my theory is that those kids (as hockey players go) have a huge advantage.  Guys like myself, or my buddy Charlie Kronschnabel (Syracuse) weren’t exactly thrillers at a young age.  We were good and got better - we worked on the game until we were valuable enough players, but we were never the best player in our towns growing up.  There’s still bits of doubt coming from that.

Those cocky little bastards have the advantage because hockey takes a crazy amount of “f**k-I’m-good” to have the puck with your head up, move and think quickly, but stay relaxed.  When you see guys make a play in the NHL and think “I wouldn’t even try that in rec league”, it’s a good chance that dude’s still got a healthy amount of “f**k-I’m-good” in him.


Can I get a ruling on Matt Moulson’s hair?  I mean, I myself was once a proponent for “hockey hair”, but homey’s kinda taken it next level on me:

How long until it crosses the line from "flowing" to "Hartnell"?

Actually…….. actually, it’s sick.  I just made up my mind without your help.  Either way, I’ll leave the picture there for you to enjoy.


In looking for a long-hair pic of my own, I came across one that touches yesterday’s visor topic as well (full length article on that in THN next week).  In college, I would come home for summer hockey visor-less, and take my cage off.  My mom, being the ever-intelligent woman that she is, protested constantly.  She offered to buy a visor, if I’d just wear one.  I agreed.

I took the visor money and went to the sports store I worked at.  With my employee discount, I noticed that if I got the crappier visor, I could buy that basketball I wanted too.  So, I did.

The problem was, the crappy visor looked crappy.  So, before I went out to use it, I took it off my helmet with a dime from my pocket, intending to go get the good one before next time out.  Here’s the resulting picture, courtesy a Mike Ridley (the ex-NHL one) snapshot in shinny, demonstrating both my slightly longer hair (it got real bad at one point), my need to be in a Rocky movie, and the fact that NOT WEARING A VISOR IS DUMB:




Happy Thursday.  Take some time to enjoy your unshattered face. 



30 Responses to “Isles Get Thumped In 3D, But Moulson’s Hair Is A Win”
  1. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    NYE Frontier Classic? What? No celly with the Broadmoor. (I kid. I kid.)

    On another college hockey bit, how nice is it to see Alaska in the tourney. I know you probably hold a grudge, but it’s just nice to see them finally appear.
    What does you bracket look like? (Yes, I’m in a pool. Like basketball, but with an actual sport. I took Miami to win it over the evil Sconnies.)

  2. RewskiUVA says:

    Bourne, it looks like you needed a new 3D TV in order to utilize the 3d signal.

    “While it is likely that only a handful of Cablevision subscribers actually got to see the game on new 3D TV sets, which only hit store shelves two weeks ago, an enthusiastic crowd of some 2,500 Rangers fans paid $20 apiece to watch the game in the Theater at Madison Square Garden (the Theater can seat around 5,600, but MSG blocked out a number of seats on the sides and rear of the Theater to ensure fans got a quality 3D effect). Bair noted that such viewing parties might be a good business in itself in the near term, as many Rangers and Knicks games are sold out, particularly during the playoffs.”

    Also, I admittedly have a man crush on Boudreau. Having been a caps fan MY ENTIRE LIFE and having endured what seems like 100 years of bad seasons, I have recently attributed their success to the managerial skills of one Bruce Boudreau, having brought the success of Hershey with him. It may not be healthy or well deserved in the eyes of others, but I’m clinging to that one fixed light, that beacon of “hope”, on the shore and praying I make it there before the whole damn ship hits the sea floor again. So hail Bruce (Barrack Obama) Boudreau.

    My shameless jersey:

  3. James says:

    The last time I skated without a cage, I ended up in ER getting stitches in my right eyebrow thanks to a high stick.

    The funny part is that I had my 2nd date with my future wife that evening and she apparently thought the greasy eyebrow look was cute.

    Even so, I went and bought a new bucket with a cage that afternoon and have never skated without a cage again.

    Well, coaching my son’s Mite B house team this year doesn’t count………

  4. Char says:

    Hockey hair primer:

    1. Long, LOOSE curls are the best look. Bar none. (See Hunwick, Matt; Boston Bruins)

    2. Out the back, guys, the BACK. Major style points deducted for hair peeking out the front. Sides are allowed if it’s a stray curl or two, but nothing more. (Moulson gets a deduction here)

    3. Best length? Let me imagine twining my fingers through it, not braiding it.

    4. Even if Hartnell was good-looking, which he’s not, tight poodle curls are the absolute worst look. Ugh. (See #1)

  5. AiH says:

    “Actually…….. actually, it’s sick. I just made up my mind without your help. Either way, I’ll leave the picture there for you to enjoy.”

    Haha! I don’t know why but that hit the funny bone.

  6. Mike says:

    My first game out of college, playing in rec league, I finally get to skate without a cage. It was awesome- at least warmups were. Midway through first shift- pow- puck in the eye, gusher city (who knew an eyebrow could bleed so much?). Even since, played with either a visor or a cage and at least once a week I get a strong reminder why I’m wearing it.

  7. greg says:

    my fantastical brain was looking over the games played vs backup numbers and i discovered the reason the coyotes are having success this year. 18 games vs backups…. that has to be the only explanation as to why they keep winning, right?

  8. jtbourne says:

    ….You won’t find out their record in those games…

  9. Will77 says:

    That game was brutal, but I’ll take solice in two things: 1) Thank you Rangers for the loss and the extra (lack of) two points so we can draft Hall or Seguin, which is the best thing for the franchise long term. 2) Dude, you guys are toooootally wasting the rare healthy year from Gaborik. Watch him get a huge injury now the next time you guys are in the 4-6seed playoff range.

    For the dfraft, I’d of course take Fowler if we fall to #3 and the other two are picked first… but I’d rather have the forwards and push hard for Volchenkov

    Btw, I totally forgot that when Higgins got traded, he’d be on the team with E-Ny. Think the boys went out that weekend just a bit? lol

  10. Madeleine says:

    HAHAHAHA, loved the video!

    Are the numbers how many times the team used a back up goalie, or how many times they played against one?

  11. JD says:

    Ultimate “F**k I’m good” guy has to be Pat Kane doesn’t it?

  12. jtbourne says:

    Home run, JD – he’s the poster boy. He’s STILL 12.

  13. Neil says:

    I wonder if the whole “f**k I’m good” thing has something to do with why some players never really get back to where they were after getting drilled. Obviously concussions would have something to do with that…. but you definitely see it in boxing, where a guy comes out and stomps all over everyone for his first 15 fights, then gets popped in the third round by the new guy and never quite finds his confidence again (Roy Jones, Mosely, Naseem, etc.).

  14. jtbourne says:

    How bout after hockey too – guys like my Dad and Clark, starting a new job without that feeling… How hard must that be?

  15. Lizzie says:

    1. As a counterpoint to Char, my opinion: SHAGGY is good, LONG is not. The line between the two is subjective, I guess. In my future role as Judge Of All Hockey Hair, I will rule on a case-by-case-basis.

    2. Take this as you will because I’m not really a Caps fan overall, but I always DID like Boudreau until he started losing points with me for his comments on Ovechkin’s assorted, uh, “antics.” Everything I hear/read from him seems to be sort of “well, that’s just how he is, can’t do anything about it…” I understand Ovechkin’s style (and enjoy it, when he’s doing it right!), but uh, you’re the COACH. If anyone should be trying to help him channel that “style” in a way that doesn’t get him repeatedly suspended, shouldn’t it be Boudreau?

    Granted, this is what he’s saying publicly, so who knows if he’s being harder on Ovie behind closed doors. But even when I see coaches sticking up for their players in the media, it never seems to have quite the shrugging, hands-off vibe I get from Boudreau. And I mean that differently than the “let the talent flourish” type of hands-off, which I fully support if you have the team for it. I don’t know, if you get some insight from Mr. Beagle, I would take that more seriously than my half-baked thoughts. ;)

    Sorry, I get ranty when I’m supposed to be working. ha.

  16. One coach I’d love to see on a chicken salad bench is Barry Trotz – he seems to have learned his craft after a few rocky years early on and has kept a low budget and relatively unheralded Preds team competitive for the last few seasons when most folks probable wouldn’t expect them to finish outside of the bottom 5 looking at their team on paper. Shea Weber is about their only ‘star’ in most fans eyes, but even guys like Ryan Suter are dramatically underrated and Trotz keeps getting the best from his boys!

  17. Andrew says:

    I find myself with the exact opposite mentality of “f**k i’m good”. I call it: “don’t f**k up, don’t f**k up, don’t f**k up”. Needless to say, I play a lot of pucks up the side boards.

  18. kev says:

    I’m a huge fan of Bruce and in his defense, he’s won at every level he’s coached at (ECHL, AHL, etc.). I think he’s very good at recognizing his personnel and adjusting his coaching style to best maximize the talent. Just look at the Caps pre-Boudreau under Hanlon. He tried to get an offensively gifted team to play defense-first hockey (Backstrom as a 4th line winger?). Bruce came in and realized the potential that his team had and played to their strengths. Just looking at some of the players like Mike Green. Night and day from Hanlon to Boudreau.

  19. jtbourne says:

    It just occured to me that Beagle is still in Washingtons system, and if he ever gets around to texting back, I think its pretty safe to predict his answer… BEST COACH EVAR.

  20. AiH says:

    NCAA Men’s Ice Hockey Tournament drops the puck Friday – any predictions? Even though I’m a St Cloud State alum I’m going to have to pick the misery to continue. The Huskies drop to 0-9 in tournament play against the red hot Northern Michigan squad.

    I’m picking Miami to win it all and avenge that heartbreaking loss in the Championship game a year ago.

  21. Blake says:

    Speaking of those kids that are just way too good at the age of 12, one of my good friends was doing evaluations for some summer leagues and one of the kids, Taylor Cammarata, is apparently the top ranked player born in 1995.

    According to my buddy, the kid played three shifts, then realized he was ten times better than every single other player out on the ice and fucked off for the rest of the time…Then was told he didn’t need to show up for the other two days of tryouts so he didn’t get hurt.

    To give you an idea of how good this kid is…58 games for Shattuck St. Mary’s, 92 goals and 78 assists.

  22. jtbourne says:

    Yup. Instead of a potential injury damaging his career, it would damage his life. Hello eggs, meet solitary basket.

    As for the NCAA tournament… I’m ashamed to say I barely followed college this year…. it’s down to one class of guys per team that I know. It’s no excuse, I just feel less involved. I’ll study up tonight.

  23. AiH says:

    Anchorage missed out on the field of 16 but the Nanooks made their way in. They’re flying to Worcester, Mass for their first round game. Someone said flying to Tokyo from Fairbanks is actually closer.

  24. jtbourne says:

    You heard right – that’s actually why Sarah Palin can speak Japanese…

  25. Tyer says:

    “f**k I’m good” feeling is how you become good in sports. You might not even be good, but if you have “f**k I’m awful” in the back of your head, your carrer is already over. I’ve been into Thai boxing, mma, western boxing for the last 5-8 years and you wont find a fighter who even thinks he isnt gods gift too the world, its just how you have to think to do what it takes to make a name for yourself. When backed up with skill though, look out. Even Jordans last interview he mentioned one day running with the kids again on the court. That a man that will never accept hes too old(though he could probably still make a good number of nba team)

    Your first blog i read was about hockey and being on “the other side of the glass”… that “f**k I’m good” doent ever go away it just turns into “f**k I was better then him”.

  26. Tyer says:


  27. ms.conduct says:

    See, this is what my team doesn’t understand. I know that I am, in fact, a really bad goalie. But if I don’t go into some measure of denial and bust out some “f**k I’m good” I’d be so miserable and never get any better. Meanwhile, they think I’m a dick because I get a little cocky on a good save here and there. Sheesh. Nobody understands us poor goalies. :) /venting

    I’m just gonna say it…. you’re asking that about Boudreau because he LOOKS completely incompetent, right? Like, if I were casting a movie and the script called for a rolly-polly middle aged bumbling goofball, I’d hire Boudreau and pay him double cuz he fits the bill so well.

    But that’s not to say he isn’t a great coach. I dunno either, but you’re right, Beagle’s not telling you the real stuff on the record.

    That said, I find him completely endearing and unintimidating and I’d totally have him over for dinner and not be nervous about it. He and Theo are the two guys that save me from hating the Caps. They seem like underdogs and that wins me over every time.

    One thing to say about hockey player hair: Who’s lookin’ at the hair? Pfft. Though I do have a thing for hair poking out of the holes of goalie masks. Enough of a thing that I deemed it worthy of being named: Twisps. Oh my god, I do love a goalie who gives good twisp. But skaters? Meh. Whatever.

    Moulson rules though. Not because of his hair but because he came outta nowhere and rocked my rotisserie league for a while. I’ll <3 him forever for that.

  28. karlooch says:

    FIGJAM (fuck im good just ask me) is Phil Mickelson’s nickname on tour. Whether its ping pong, hockey, or golf I think a little of that attitude is necessary to be really really good. Too much of it makes the elbow want to come up a bit high.

  29. Eric says:

    I live in DC and agree with Kev on the Caps. Also grew up in St Louis and back before you were born i think scotty bowman did great things with the Blues when they were not exactly stuffed with talent, but I barely remember and I’m not a hockey historian.

  30. Travelchic59 says:

    I love Moulson. But can’t stand the hair! I really hope he gets it cut for his wedding. 20 years from now he’ll be looking back at those pictures and wondering what the F*** was I thinking. LOL!

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