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Islanders Hard Knocks, Bubbles Are Ugly



So, this morning Deb Placey of MSG Network tweeted “Just met the IMG camera crew shooting the Islanders for an NHL version of Hard Knocks. Players and team seem all in.”

I love this man.

Yeah they are.  That’s awesome.

Here’s why, aside from the obvious fun-to-watch factor: Not sure where I heard this the other day, but someone was talking about Rex Ryan’s hiring by the Jets, and how it had something to do with raising the profile of the team, a team that battles for attention with it’s stadium-mate, the New York Giants.  Not coincidentally, his hiring came shortly after the Giants won the Superbowl.

And look at ‘em now: Hard Knocks and Sexy Rexy have the J-E-T-eSses in the spotlight all day erry day.  Are the Giants still in the league any more?  I know which team I’d rather go to if I were a free agent now, don’t you?


Well the Islanders need that too, man.  We don’t need to get rid of Scott Gordon to do it – I like his professional style – but this Hard Knocks thing?  Effin’ right.   Maybe Zenon Konopka is the next BizNasty, who knows.  Lets just get these guys some air time, maybe it’ll help make the franchise recognizeable again.

Some players would actually like a little public notoriety, which is what makes destinations like Carolina so unappealing.  Well, the Isles aren’t too far behind the Canes in media-black-holeness, and that’s just not a good a thing.

I figure not only does it have the opportunity to be pretty entertaining, I think it has the chance to make the Islanders seem like less of a dying product.  …Although, it will show people the awful dressing room situation…

It’s just too bad it didn’t happen a few years back when I was there.  We could have had the privilege of a camera in Garth Snow’s face while he watched me practice so we could hear him mutter “Kid is fukn awful.”


Our boy Wysh over at Puck Daddy covered a study that recommends full face shields for all hockey players.

Ahhh, the bubble.  What a horrible, horrible look.

I probably just scored and got Char a plus.

But fine, I wrote an article last year suggesting the NHL should make visors mandatory, because, well, they should. 

Mike Ridley one-timer, 3 on 3 summer shinny.

My only argument against anything that’s long enough to involve a chin cup is that it shreds said chin (I guess it probably saves unsaid teeth though).  The same human in the above picture has more Matt Greene-related scars on his chin than than he has all other hockey injuries combined, cause when you get dinged those things carve you up (and Greene owned Char, right buddy?).  It’s just too much pressure to put on a single spot.

I’ve had my chin sewn together a couple times thanks to those too.  Just go visors, they rule.

(In reference to the caption, I went behind the net, found my teammate Ridley out front, who one-timed the pass right back into my stupid face.  I unscrewed my visor with a dime before that ice time, cause it was new and I thought it looked stupid.)


Today’s piece over at Puck Daddy is on stepping into a higher level and struggling for awhile (even if it doesn’t look like you are) before suddenly “getting it.”  If you haven’t noticed yet, the majority of Puck Daddy readers not only refrain from suggesting I ride the short bus, but are also being pretty damn nice.  Huzzah!


Happy Tuesday – I got confirmation from Kelly Hrudey that I’ll be doing a weekly spot on his radio show, so I’ll keep you guys posted when I’ll be sounding off on there.  He’s a great guy, but seems a little more serious than me, so I’ll play it safe before I start asking scarf questions.


14 Responses to “Islanders Hard Knocks, Bubbles Are Ugly”
  1. DK says:

    I wonder if this hard knocks – NHL has anything to do with that media guy coming from the NFL? Regardless, this is an amazing idea. Also to balance the niceness, QUIT BLOGGIN YA HAS BEEN PLUG!!!!

  2. Steve C. says:

    I’ve always worn “the bubble” (or a cage) and never had a chin issue…football, hockey, lacrosse.
    Strange, I’ve also never heard of that being a problem?
    I will agree it’s ugly but at my age you worry more about not getting injured than looks.

  3. Derek says:

    The bubble visor’s are the worst. I agree on the chin damage full visors can do and I got the scars to back that up. That’s a beauty shiner though. Looks like you were lucky enough to not get any blood into your eye socket. I got ko’d in a brawl and had a shiner like that with an eight stitch cut below it. That night it seeped blood all night and filled my eye-socket with blood. No damage, but my sclera was blood red for months, long after the shiner and cut healed.

    I really liked your PuckDaddy article today. Some guys just “get it.” To me, what you described is the difference between Ovechkin and Crosby. Ovechkin has the best physical tools of anyone probably ever, while Crosby isn’t as talented, he just gets it a little more(and I’m not say Ovechkin doesn’t get it). Although Gretz is the ultimate example of “getting it.” Dude was a twig, not particularly fast, didn’t have a cannon of a shot, yet put up unholy numbers cuz he got the game at a level no player has ever come near.

  4. SDC says:

    I was always curious as to what made NCAA players choose a fish bowl over a bird cage, or vice versa…. any insight? Is there a lesser of the two evils, both of which make you look like a minor hockey player? So glad Canadian College Hockey mandates visors instead.

  5. minnesotagirl71 says:

    I think that sometimes safety needs to take precedence over appearance. You won’t look like a minor hockey player if the NHL starts requiring a full face shield for everyone. (I’m not saying they should, I’m just saying if they did.)

    I think the stepping into a higher level concept relates to many different jobs. I have a lot of co-workers who have the skills to be good at their jobs, but aren’t quite getting it. Frustrates the hell out of me when I am asked to fix a problem they have been unable to resolve. It’s not rocket science, kids!

    The love fest that is Bourne’s Blog comments is spreading to PD comments. I picture JB going all Sally Field on us. “You like me. You really like me!”

  6. mikeB says:

    The full cage does help with the teeth, but its not like its going to stop all the injuries. I got knocked in the face last year and the chin cup came up and hit me in the mouth which caused me to get 2 root canals on my front teeth of the lower jaw. Although I’m sure that its saved me more money at the dentist than it has cost me.

  7. Derek says:

    Before a rec league game awhile ago my buddy bought a half-visor and was gonna swap his cage for it. He shows up late and then doesn’t have time to do it. In that game he gets rocked from behind and Kris Draper’s his face off the boards by the bench, hard enough to dent his cage big time. Lucky he was running late that day…

  8. Char says:

    ::pulls out flyswatter, beats errant apostrophe to death::


  9. Ballgame says:

    Life long Itech user and never had my chin split. They are actually really good for preventing concussion because the chin strap is not attached to cage.

  10. Goody says:

    Lots of differing opinions on the damage a chin cup can do. Might that be due to how it is worn? I’ve noticed a lot of college players wear theirs loose enough they can put on/remove their helmet without unsnapping/opening it. Conversely, I’ve noticed a lot of beer-league players wear theirs so the cup is in constant contact with their chin.

  11. crushasaurus says:

    See, if I’d worn a helmet and grill when fielding close to the bat in cricket, my nose wouldn’t resemble Evander Holyfield’s. Protection is the way forward.

  12. Alanna says:

    Dave, I watch a lotta NCAA hockey and my rough guesstimate it that 90-95% of players wear a wire cage instead of a plastic bubble. For the bubble guys I’d guess it’s just personal preference to not have bars in front of their eyes or just what they got used to growing up.

  13. caps says:

    Have had dozens and dozens of stitches in my chin. Routine for minor hockey players.
    The old CCM masks (the ones that were cool just before the Itech ones took over) were the worst for it.

  14. StoneDevil says:

    RE Hrudy’s scarf, Mike Cammalleri was featured on HNIC after hours back when he was still a king (sigh…) and one of the first things he did (At Rob Blake’s urging) was to pull out the blue bandana – I say go for it!

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