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Ice Edge, Bobby Orr, and Dougie. …No, Not Dougie G, Cali Swag Dougie



If any of you have ever blogged for an entire year of your life, and barely cleared $600 in total ad sales in the process, you’ve had your card declined before.  Even if you’re not a blogger, it’s happened to most of us.

The goal, when that happens, is to not have anybody but the cashier know, and to discreetly pull out some other card, or to slink away entirely unnoticed. 

You got this, Ice Edge boys, c'mon!

Can you imagine trying to buy a professional sports franchise if you didn’t know you could pull the money together?  I simply wouldn’t take steps one through done if there was some chance my card could be publicly declined at the last second.  Could you swipe that again, please?

I haven’t been following the Ice Edge group’s purchasing of the Phoenix Coyotes in the last few weeks, since I’ve been home in Canada tending to other things.  Thus, I have no authority or information to speak on the matter, but my blog is more of a conversation than a speech, so I hope to learn something today.  Is it true that they don’t have the money?  I’d be heartbroken.  I really liked these guys, but this weirds me out.

I chucked my support behind them, I liked what they were doing, etc. etc.  I just can’t imagine bidding on a team with money I wasn’t sure I could get.  Embarrassing if true.  So, Coyote followers…. whasstheword?


One of the neatest things I get to discuss with our Fantasy Camp pros every year is their reverence for Bobby Orr.  I bring him up every year, cause it’s fun to watch them transform into little kids.  It seems to me that while other sports-heroes fade or grow tainted, Bobby’s star just continues to grow brighter.

The classy classersons of classerama

Not only is Mr. Orr about the right age for our pros to have grown up watching, but he treats them all with his own special brand of respect, admiration and class.

My Dad tells two stories – one, where he was in a golf tournament and Bobby was there.  In these charity events, a pro (in this case Bobby) will be on a par three, he’ll hit a shot, and after, you can decide whether to use his shot (for a donation) or your own.  Dad says he was so nervous he could barely grip the club with his idol watching.  Full on shaking.

And years later, Dad talks about sitting in a hotel room with Gilmour, Semenko and other idiots after a charity game having bottles of wine, with helmets on their heads backwards and empties all around.  Orr knocks on the door to hang out, they see him through the peephole, and silently rush around trying to tidy up and pull it together.  One of very few men on the planet I know beyond a president that could get those guys to do that.

Semenko says he still remember when he met Orr for the first time and he knew his name, he nearly peed his pants.  Bobby Orr knows who I am…. You should see that huge man tell that story.  Like he opened a choo-choo train on Christmas morning.

Ask any old pro, and they’ll tell you Orr has a mystique and status above any and all in the history of the game, including Gretzky (a well-respected man in his own right).


I often read my BlackBerry at urinals.


Remember when I wrote about my Dad getting outbid on golf shoes at a charity auction by Mike Commodore, Commodore not liking them, giving them to Dad, and me being excited cause they were my size so I’d probably end up with them?  Well get this:

They were donated to be auctioned off by my brother, who got them from my Mom, who got them from her garage, where I left them because I didn’t like them, after my Dad had bought them for me for Christmas.  Follow THAT who’s on first.

The Stones love the ice wine, apparently.


Our Fantasy Camp has formed a partnership with Ex Nihilo Vineyards for our wine sponsor next year, and ohh myy godd is it amazing (as is our beer sponsor, Okanagan Spring and their delicious 1516.  That’s beyond pandering BTW, we really do have badass drinks sponsors). 

One of the owners is Jeff Harder, a hockey guy in his own right, who happens to be buddies with Jarome Iginla and Chuck Kobasew, and oh-by-the-way is also the Rolling Stones personal vinter. 

Our gift bags included his shmancy $40 bottle of “Night” (a cab-sauv/merlot blend), and our final gala included a dozen assorted, excellent bottles (the pinot gris made people’s heads explode), which he personally served.  Check out his vineyard via the following link (it’s located beside my other personal fave, Gray Monk), and order yourself a case or six:  Ex Nihilo Vineyards


So much more to write and say now that I’m feeling fresh and alive again, but I’ll save it for the remainder of the week.  I’m recording a podcast with none other than Bloge Salming (who pronounces that “Bloggy Salming”, if you were wondering) tonight, and I’ll have a fresh new column out for you guys on Hockey Primetime in the next few days.

So for now, enjoy the dance stylings of the Boston Celtics Big Baby Davis, and the reply done-up by none other than Krypto-Nate Robinson:

The Original:  Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie


12 Responses to “Ice Edge, Bobby Orr, and Dougie. …No, Not Dougie G, Cali Swag Dougie”
  1. Liviu says:

    I do the same thing, but with my iPhone.

  2. Sherry says:

    Haven’t read anything about the Ice Edge deal – it would be soooooo disappointing if that deal doesn’t go thru.

    Loved the sharing about Bobby Orr. And thanks for the wine tip – I’ll visit that website after I post this.

    Nate Robinson, off the bench to teach us how to Dougie! Can’t beat the purity of Big Baby tho’… So happy that Shaq joined the Celtics, as I really like the guy (was glad when he left the Lakers and that punk Kobe).

    Fun column today Justin, so fun in fact, that I will pass it along…

  3. Sherry says:

    Oh and about the phone at urinal thing – ewwwwwww.

  4. Miriam says:

    I love how you just slip in that you read your BlackBerry at the urinal, like it’s no big deal at all. I suppose that’s better than talking on the phone while in the bathroom though, no? Please tell me you don’t do that too…

    And I don’t drink wine usually, but I will certainly check the site out and pass it along to my friends that love wine. :-)

  5. JDP says:

    I think the blackberry-at-the-urinal thing is more common than you think. Think of it as the natural evolution of reading the newspaper during your morning dook.

    Also, tell me brickbreaker wasn’t made for those “Qdoba seemed like a good idea at the time” moments. I don’t even remember what it was like to spend QT on the can without a smartphone.

  6. Steve C. says:

    Ergo the gravatar. I grew up in Western Mass. and was 10 years old when he came on the scene in 1966… also I immediately switched to playing defense.

  7. TN Hockey says:

    Thanks for the Orr blurb.
    I was fortunate enough to see him play. It is not a cliche that Bobby Orr fundamentally changed the game. I’ve seen all the greats since, but I’ve never seen anyone control a game like he could. If they’d only had today’s surgical techniques back then, he’d STILL be playing……and Kovalchuk’s contract would not have been voided.

  8. rdh29 says:

    Reading your BlackBerry at the urinal is fine. But actually texting is crossing the line in my books.

  9. MWL says:

    I print out your blog and read it in the bathroom…that’s a compliment not a jab by the way.

  10. MWL says:

    I should clarify…i do this at work, not home…

  11. zyllyx says:

    The Ice Edge thing seems to be more an issue of Glendale having cold feet than Ice Edge not having the werewithal – at least, that’s my reading of it. But then, Ice Edge hasn’t been forthcoming with much more than platitudes and long silences. So who knows.

  12. Anna S. says:

    The Orr stories had me snorting my coffee up my nose; the idea of all the huge hockey players rushing around trying to do a quickie cleanup because ‘OMG Bobby Orr is coming!’ just makes me giggle.

    Also, the wine sounds really good. I usually get my eiswein from Germany (which means I don’t drink them often because they’re really freaking expensive), but maybe I should try the American option.

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