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All Things Hockey



In one of the most epic goaltending performances I’ve ever seen, my ridiculously stacked rec league team generated 70 shots in three 15 minute periods, and scored six times.  So kudos to that guy (and keep in mind, “rec league shots” tend to contain an unhealthy dose of breakaways).

A few thoughts from that game, before I move on to the NHL:

This, except made of the reverse magnet they made my stick out of.

This, except made of the reverse magnet they made my stick out of.

- When I decided to pack it in, and hadn’t really played since December, I wondered how long it’d be until I “lost it”, as in, being good.  Well, what was the date yesterday?  October 14th?  So for those of you playing professionally right now, the answer is that it takes somewhere around ten months for the stick to stop feeling like an extension of your hands.  Trying to stickhandle last night felt like the puck was a “reaction ball”  made of some magnet’s north pole, and I was using a Bauer South Poll Xtreme, Modano curve.

- My rec team had caught a glimpse of my last post.  Had the joke not been somewhat exposed in the locker room pre-game, it would have been hilarious that they came out calling for passes in strictly stick taps (commentor “PVeltkamp”: we’re in a small, albeit slightly fake fight – I talked to lots of people about the stick tap. If it doesn’t work, you look like a douche.  If it does, you look like a douche, but you have the puck.  A general rule to live life by has to be “avoid looking douchey”, doesn’t it?)

- Best two goalie related comments I’ve heard in awhile: 

*In regards to a goalie who went down in a pad stack, and didn’t feel like getting up to face the rebound shots, a player referred to this elusive, rarely seen in the wild technique as “look, he’s doing the couch potato!”  Just lying on his side, watching TV… with huge gear on.

* In regards to the goalie who so thoroughly dominated my rec league team calling for a timeout to fix his pad, our goalie skated over to the bench, looked over at the other goalie reaching behind himself to do repairs and said “Whassa matter, horseshoe fall outta his ass?”

Annnndddd (more than) enough rec league talk.  Onto the NHL.


- I wouldn’t buy Jonas Hiller’s helmet at a second-hand shop (where I assume he found it) for a nickel.  I’m willing to bet someone made $900 on that paint job.  “OH GODIspilledallthepaint!  Fuck it.  I don’t have time to start over again”


- I had a reader send me this ebay widget (which he should give me large portions of money for directing traffic to if he sells stuff), and I actually thought it was pretty cool.  It ranks the teams in the NHL by conference/division etc. based on how much of their gear sells on ebay.  I was surprised at a few of the results (for example, Buffalo sells more gear than Toronto?  What planet am I on?).  Worth a gander if you’re literally just looking for ways to kill internet time –


Prospal - I literally have no idea if he's awesome or useless.

Prospal - I literally have no idea if he's awesome or useless.

- I know some reader is going to come back with the exact rule book answer for this comment, which is why I’m writing it.  The “intent to blow the whistle” call kills me.  It cost me goals as a player, then wasn’t called in the NHL last night.

Basically, when a puck is loose, and you’re trying to put it in, even if you dig it out and score before the whistle, the ref can (and often will) say he had “intent to blow the whistle” before the puck went in.  So, the real whistle you hear is just the slightly later, audible version of the whistle that actually counts, the one inside the referee’s head.

Last night, the Rangers jammed around the Kings net, and as the ref clearly goes to blow the whistle, Prospal gets lucky and angle-banks one off Quick’s pad for a goal.  They wave it off, then after review, come back to say “the puck went in before the whistle, goal”.  Well WTF’s the rule then??


- Speaking of the Rangers, they look sick. If they have a good week, they could be in my top three for USA Today’s Power Ranking next week.  Lord knows I need to stop blowing the Caps if they don’t feel like winning games/trading for a goalie.


- Coyotes sent Boedker down?  And Turris is already there?  I’m unfamiliar with the lineup here, but starting to get to know it better.  So what’s goin on here?


20 Responses to “All Things Hockey”
  1. PVeltkamp says:

    “avoid looking douchey” is a good credo to live by. I think I am going to ask my rec team about this. Maybe AZ rec players think this is more “douchey” then Eastern Ontario rec players do. If the consensus between both rec teams is that this is “douchey” I will make a public (Bourne’s Blog) apology, and (try to) quit immediately.

    On second thoughts, I will try and get some more traffic to this site and post the link to the stick tap article on my fantasy hockey league site see what my leagues thoughts on this subject are.

    You have connections, let’s get some NHL or AHL player quotes on the subject.

  2. zyllyx says:

    RE: Boedker, another casualty of the ’08-’09 “Let’s ice a team full of rookies” rebuild that Gretzky embarked upon. Unlike Turris, Boedker had a hot start, but like Turris his lack of readiness for the big show asserted itself late in the season. Tippett was giving him shit ice time anyway, so off he goes to SA to get seasoned and the Korpedo gets the fourth-line 5 minutes/game that Boedker was getting.

  3. Jason,

    Where a pic of Hiller’s mask – now I have to go look for one!
    Getting Prospal hooked up with Gaborik is looking like the move of the year, but how long until the injury bug. I was hoping the Gionta-Gomez reunification was going to be top story (it may yet). While the Habs offense is sputtering the fans up here are loving the guys. They hustle and never give up on a play – now if somebody could just stick a cow prod up Kostitsyn’s *ss !!

    ** would you be interested in our Rangers spot? It just became available..

    The Hockey Writers

  4. Mike says:

    Justin I have a equipment geek kind of question for you. Are you particular with your hockey gear? We always hear about Brett Hull etc that has unique hockey gear. How about an player like yourself? I’m sure its different now that gear isn’t provided for you. Do you have a problem getting that special curve or proper fitting skates?


  5. ms.conduct says:

    I was thinking last night that I really like Hiller’s mask. Simple, elegant, shiny, sharp looking. I wish I could find some decent pics of it though. I think it’s pretty bold of him to not put logos and gargoyles and initials and spongebob and Ned Flanders and skeletons and care bears and all the other crap goalies pile on their masks.

    I still wouldn’t pay a nickle for it though since it’s got the stink of Duck on it…

    Wondering how much the guys I play with are even concerned with looking douchy. Then again, I’m pretty douchy for as bad a goalie as I am. Gonna have to try the “clear” trick some time when I need to give a middle finger to the other team for some reason.

    Love the ‘intent to blow the whistle rule.’ Had my bacon saved by that a couple of times now. Should call it the ‘smug satisfaction for goalies rule.’

  6. jtbourne says:

    Really, you’re the one position in the entirety of sports who gets a blank canvas to show the fans a little piece of yourself and represent your team, and you like that he went with “simple, elegant and shiny”? I’d take Spongebob and Ned everytime.

  7. jtbourne says:

    Interesting. I just wrote a little piece on hockey style at, but it doesn’t say much about my own preferences. I reeeeaallly prided myself on not being what I always called a “gear bitch”. Equipment guys hate those players, they look like prima donna’s, and they tended to get worse skate sharpening jobs.

    Bauer keeps your exact measurements on file, and since I had my feet measured custom by a rep once, I used Bauer everytime to keep it simple. Trainer would ask what I’d want, and I’d say Bauer knows, just get me the latest skate. This stick this is super particular for me though, cause if they pay for a dozen one pieces for you, and you dont like them, its awkward. They can send em back, but then you use some crap for two weeks, and its the start of the season, and you wanna look good, and and and…. (so yes, there are some things I needed just right).

  8. jtbourne says:

    I know, sorry, i couldn’t find a pic of the mask. Suffice it to say, it’s shiny and brown (thumbs up, Jonas… brother). I’ll write you a personal email tomorrow about the Rangers thing (you realize even considering it is a breach of everything to do with my family lineage, of course).

  9. PVeltkamp says:

    Sweet article on hockey style. Couldn’t agree more about the ankle tape and the socks down the back of the skate. Black or White tape on the blade?

  10. JustJeff says:

    yeah, Cap’s are kinda crapping the bed… and one of my bosses is a rangers fan so I get to hear about it every day… I just keep reminding him an injury’s gonna happen just as sure as Alex Semin will take a stupid hooking penalty.

    I kinda like Hiller’s mask (at least the one I found while from Google b/c I couldn’t remember how it looks) I like the little picture of Poseiden like stabbing a mermaid or whatever that is…

    And I’m happy to hear you’re playing rec hockey… figured you couldn’t stay away! I’ve always wanted to but I’m too poor… maybe when I move to Seattle…

  11. angus says:

    Awesome blog, just stumbled across it yesterday and spent most of the morning reading (ahem.. working)! Cheers and keep it up!

    I completely agree with regards to Hiller’s mask. Apparently it is some crazy new design (the mask itself), but that still doesn’t excuse the brown barf theme.

  12. P. D. says:

    I picked up Prospal in our league JB and he is keeping the Waterboyz barely a float! And to the reader who asked the equipment question, I can attest to Justin not being very picky at all. I even suggested a stick for his last year of college for him to use, and he liked it a lot, best season in 4 years a lot. And skates for him was also very simple. We did change the width one season but after that he was money. His class was a very easy class to deal with, all the guys were low maintenance and very good in the room.

  13. Josh Ciocco says:

    At UNH, my roomates and I played bad style poker for like 3 weeks. We would play blind hands of poker, if you won, you were out, the last one in, or the loser, would have to have some sort of bad style in practice the next day. We had have one loser for each game, and we would play multiple games for bad style. You hit the nail on the head with most of them, but these were the topics we went with…Tape your tuuks black, Full tuck, neck guard or turtle next, socks pulled over the heels, klima tape job on the stick, and no tape on sock-shin pads falling all over the place. Sometimes there would be multiple losers, im laughing here picturing jacob micflikier take the ice with black tuick, a full tuck, and socks over the heels…..On a side note, you know how you write notes on the whiteboard to the trainer and sign yur number under it? example, “Can I please get a new stick, thanks, 14″ I used to love writting the note, “can I please get a neck guard for the game tomorrow, thanks, “someone elses number” good times

  14. Meg Jarrell says:

    Uh….Bournie…not to be picky or anything, but I don’t know which Kings game you were watching because Jon Quick was NOT in goal. It was Erik Ersberg. Guess I can be a hockey writer, huh?

  15. ms.conduct says:

    Why can’t simple and elegant BE a statement about himself?

    Unrelated: OMG, just saw highlight of that second goal on Bryz… Mercy. Come on, D!

  16. jtbourne says:

    …You’re… a..statement…about yourself…

  17. jtbourne says:

    I was waiting for that. They were playing the Kings, so I guessed. Bus-ted.

  18. Meg Jarrell says:

    Don’t quit your day job. And quit guessing! You live in freakin’ Phoenix, and if you keep dragging yourself to see the ‘Yotes you’re gonna see a fair amount of the Kings. They’re really not hard to tell apart…

  19. SDC says:

    my BBHL goalies, Hiller and Ersberg, got a lot of press this blog, probably more than they’ve got in their careers. Go Spitfires!

  20. Lyera says:

    I must agree that I dispise that “intent to blow the whistle” rule… cost my CBJs a goal agains the flames… not that they needed the insurance goal, but it would have been nice. I honestly think that the boys in the situation room call up the ref and go, were you about to blow the whistle or not and depending upon what kind of mood the ref is in he will determine what he says then and there.

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