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Some Hockey, Some Football, Some Weekend



You catch the highlights of the Flyers/Rangers game last night?  Can we kindly ask Carcillo to go play in a different league?  What an embarassment.  No better fit for that orange and black though, I guess.


He fought Avery and Gaborik, saying after the game (about the Gaborik fight): “I didn’t really expect to fight who I fought, but it worked out okay.  I don’t know who on that line would have been able to help him though.  Once he dropped his gloves, I was pretty much just licking my chops.”

He looks like some creepy Spanish explorer with that dumb mustache. 

And they call me, El bagodouche.

(Abba) Zaba

You know what’s crazy about watching highlight packages these days?  Last night, two huge rivals, major NHL teams going head-to-head in Madison Square Garden, Sean “Celebrity First” Avery fights El bagodouche Carcillo, and and as he’s getting off the ice, I see the back-up goalie open the gate for him.  Wait, who’s that?  It was, from small town Yorkton, Saskatchewan, a quiet, polite and funny ex-junior-teammate of mine, Matt Zaba.  It always takes a few seconds to process when you see someone you know where you don’t expect to, like when two TV shows do a crossover and suddenly Ray Romano is on King of Queens.  But that’s the way it is now.  Buddies and teammates just make ESPN cameos.  Crazy.


I’m not sure what I liked more about this clip: How much Rafa likes it, or how much the commentator is enamoured with the whole situation (he can barely breathe he gets so giggly).  Either way, it’s a great clip. (By the way, how did one jagoff from Jersey get me to think about him everytime I use a commonplace word like “situation”.  It’s just such. a great. nickname.)




I could poop I have such a great weekend ahead:

A tad bloody, admittedly

Tonight: Another Dexter-athon. 

There is simply no better way to watch TV than a box set, and if you stumble upon a show you like, what a treat.  I was fortunate enough to have not seen a SINGLE STAR WARS before 2009, so I got to take them all in, one at a time, over a couple weeks with Bri.  I still haven’t seen more than a show or two of Lost either.  It’s just the greatest, commercial-free, plot-following hidden pleasure a TV can provide.  So yes.  Dexter tonight.  And wine.  Muchos, muchos wine.

Saturday:  ASU/U of A college basketball


ASU is number one in the Pac-10, and is playing their crosstown rival, U of A.  Around here, you pick one horse and ride it, so after buying ASU gear to attend a football game earlier this year, I’m currently aboard a horse named Sparky (plus its twice as sweet cause the Sun Devil hand sign is, essentially, The Shocker).  My uncle/editor/mentor/business-advisor/unpaid-slave Ken got me tickets for my birthday, so Bri and i will be hitting that game up!

Sunday:  J   E   T   S   JETS JETS JETS!  …..And Vikings Saints is gonna be S -I-C-K   SICK SICK SICK! 


Football predictions:

Saints 31, Vikings 30

This game is going to be epic. 

It makes some sense to pick the Favres Vikings.  Their pass rush should be able to put enough pressure on Brees to limit the time he needs to find a receiver, and by all logic, the Vikes deadly offense is playing a sub-par defense.  I could see the Saints stressing about Favre and forgetting Peterson can do serious damage everytime he touches the ball.  (BTW, is there a better celebration in sports than Jared Allen’s “calf roping” move?  No.  There’s not…. sorry for the grainy video)



That said, it’s amazing how quickly everyone writes off the Saints success from this season like they’re a tenth place team that got lucky a bunch of times.  It’s tough to win every night in the NFL no matter who you’re playing, but they damn near did it…. every night.  We saw the Vikings have a few horrible tackling games this year and lose – the only times we saw the Saints lose, they were depleted with injuries or mailing it in (er, sorry, resting guys for the playoffs).  They’ve got a ton of weapons, and Brees knows how to use ‘em.

The game will be high scoring, and close, but a field goal wins it after a late game push by Brees and the Saints.  And Favre retires after the game, only to un-retire before leaving New Orleans.

….sighhhhhh.  Here it comes….

I'll make the first "JarMarkus Sanchez" joke. There, done.

Jets 17, Colts 24

The Jets are going to end the season by torturing their supporters, as per usual.  Colts will score to go up seven, but the Jets will have the ball and ample time to get downfield and tie the game up.  Sanchez will finally be put in a situation where if he doesn’t get it done, we won’t get it done.  And then he’ll throw a pick, just so everyone in the entire state of New York can question him and the Jets for the entire off season.  Ouch.


Post houseguests/New Years/Christmas and all that, life has finally settled back into something normal.  I’m back to a fourty hour writing week, and need more work to fill that time (and money to pay those bills) - if you, or anyone you know could use some Bourne-infused text, hit me up at


That’s all folks.  Thanks for another great week, and hope your weekend is full of Jet chants and booze!


25 Responses to “Some Hockey, Some Football, Some Weekend”
  1. ann says:

    [And they call me, El bagodouche.]

    Thanks, I almost spit my lunch on my computer. Such a fitting nickname – I’ve hated him since he played in the Pens farm system. I wonder how fast he would have dropped them against Gaborik had Brashear played…..

  2. Will77 says:

    You’ve only seen an episode or two of LOST?!?! You seriously need to go to Blockbuster (or whatever they have there) immediately and rent the box sets. On the downside, you’ll have no life for the next two weeks because you’ll be hooked like you’re pumping heroin in every time you pop in a new disc, but its worth it. Perfect timing too with the new season starting Feb 2nd. Trust me, its an amazing show.

    As a Jets fan, I’m pumped for sunday, and just wish I would be sober enough to enjoy the Saints/Vikings game. That really is going to be an epic game. I called in Week 2 the Saints would make the Super Bowl, so I’ll be rooting for them. Peterson is just ridiculous though. I would LOVE to see The Jets vs The Brets in the Super Bowl. Revis would be drooling any time Favre does that stupid “I’ll just lob it to the other side of the field” pass he did all last year for the Jets

  3. karlooch says:

    Thanks for not jinxing the Vikes by predicting the Saints. El Bagodouche is the perfect name for Carcillo. Very clever predicting the Jets loss in an attempt to reverse my double reverse jinx. I never watched 24 till I got the flu last winter and proceeded to watch every season up to date in 2 months. That was cool. Check out this link in todays paper about a guy going to jail for throwing a taco in Alaska. No daylight must do weird things to people.

  4. jtbourne says:

    Haha, right? I gotta get a White Revis jersey. Sunday might be a shower beer MORNING!

  5. jtbourne says:

    I tried to triple stamp your double stamp, essentially. 24 is on the list of rentables too, never seen it!

  6. Lou says:

    Just wanted to start off by saying that I really enjoy reading your blog, but I’m going to have to disagree with you on the Carcillo-Gaborik fight. Granted Carcillo is known as a “fighter” around the league and Gaborik is not, doesn’t a player, aside from what they are labled, have to face the consequences of their actions? During the scrum that broke out, Carcillo and Gaborik had each other tied up and all was fine, Gaborik then began instigating Carcillo even more with shoves to the face and then eventually dropped his gloves, and you’ll notice on the replay that Gaborik was indeed the first to drop his gloves. So like any other fighter in the league, Carcillo dropped his gloves and away they went. If Gaborik does not instigate the fight or drop his gloves then the fight never happens. My question is why Gaborik would drop his gloves knowing who he would be fighting. Therefore, considering Gaborik instigated the fight, why are the Rangers and Torterella so upset? If they felt that strongly about the situation why did nobody jump in and help Gaborik? Everyone on the ice just stood there and watched the whole thing happen. If a player, like Gaborik, instigates a fight, he should be prepared to fight and not whine about it afterward, which is why I said that players need to face the consequences of their actions. Nobody, including Gaborik, should have thought that once he dropped his gloves, Carcillo would skate away because star players should be protected and not fight. If star players feel like they need to be protected at all times they should reconsider what sport they are playing and maybe pick up a football and become a quarterback in the NFL, where they can get all the protection they want. It doesn’t matter if you are a goal scorer or a fighter, one thing stays the same, if you drop your gloves, expect to fight, especially when your the one to instigate it.

  7. Pat says:

    Carcillo is a clown. Yes Gaborik dropped a glove first, but that wasn’t an “instigator” situation at all. It wasn’t a good hockey decision by Carcillo. I just checked, and the next matchup is March 14th. I wonder if Brashear will dress for that one?
    In keeping with the d-bag spirit, check out these quotes ( from Dean Lombardi (Kings GM) about his own player, Jack Johnson. Seems Lombardi isn’t afraid to let the Kings organization take all of the credit while trashing the rest of the kid’s former coaches. Maybe he has those feelings, but to make them public in such glorious detail? I’m sure that will boost morale in the room. Here are some of Johnson’s thoughts (

  8. Char says:

    Sean Avery vs. Douchy Carcillo makes me cheer for Mutually Assured Destruction.

    I have a friend who keeps posting “I LOVE CARCILLO!” on her blog and I have to keep restraining myself from responding “Carcillo is a goon and a punk, and a freaking ugly punk at that!!” The self-restraint is killing me.

  9. Lou says:

    Agree to disagree, but I would expect Brashear to dress the next time they play. I was surprised he did not dress for last night’s game, especially coming into Philly.

  10. Aces Arbitrage says:

    After watching 24 you will wonder how Avery could pull a woman like her.

  11. Ben says:

    The worst part of the whole sequence is that the rangers let Gaborik have his lunch handed to him. Girardi just stood there, as if he were in awe of Carcillo’s molestache or something.

  12. Peter says:


    Any thoughts on the Michigan program? Is what Lombardi said within the confines of truthfulness?

  13. lazydaisies4u says:

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on Michigan hockey as well, Justin. All I’ve got is a fan’s perspective, but having followed the CCHA for the past few years, not sure if there is a team I hate more than Michigan- consistently they are one of the best teams in the conference, and I got sick of watching them trample my team. (Admittedly, this seems to be a bit of an off year for them.) But can you place their continual success on raw talent alone? Doesn’t coaching have to play in there somewhere? The impression I got was that Red Berenson was one of the better and more respected coaches in the conference, but then again I have no idea what goes on in that locker room.

  14. jtbourne says:

    Michigan hockey – I honestly don’t know what’s going on? Scandal?

  15. Pat says:

    If I may…..

    Has Michigan benefitted from their proximity to the US NTDP? Yes….look at their roster and alumni. Is it fair? No….but life and recruiting doesn’t play by the “fair” rules. Here’s a tip…..this isn’t a Michigan issue.

    I remember Red in an article several years ago when the first player in a while (Komisarek…maybe?) decided to leave early. It was a big blow to the program and seemingly him personally. Before then, whether NHL prospect or not, everyone stayed for the duration. Unfotunately….reality and the world of the NHL has set in. I don’t think it’s a scandal, just the reality of major program college hockey.

  16. Seriously dude, Lost is the best show on TV. I just watched season 3 and 4 of dexter and it still has nothing on Lost.

  17. Neil says:

    It’s just my opinion and Lost obviously has a huge following, but shows like Breaking Bad (outstanding imho), the first couple seasons of Battlestar Galactica, or even Firefly or Deadwood are all in a league that Lost doesn’t come anywhere near (although most of these shows are admittedly not on TV right now). The plot is great though, it kept me watching even though I groaned after most of the lines. The first season is a grind to get through, I only did it on the reassurance of several friends who are big fans of the show.

  18. Peter says:

    Dean Lombardi basically came out and said that Michigan is a shit program (in terms of development and coaching) for hockey and basically said that Jack Johnson was not in any way shape or form ready for the NHL game and was incredibly raw. Jack Johnson took some offense (to his GM no less) to that and responded with saying that Lombardi doesn’t know what he is talking about..

    Is what you saw and heard in the college consistent with Lombardi’s remarks?

    Here is a link:

  19. Neil says:

    That’s a pretty interesting story (Lombardi Johnson), I don’t follow college hockey so I wouldn’t have a clue what he’s talking about but it’s pretty crazy for a GM to rip a guy that hard out of what seems to be nowhere.

  20. Christianson10 says:

    Go colts sorry jt, I saw this video today it’s hilarious “the online gamer”…playing board games and In a house party situation pretty funny

  21. John says:

    Great clip with Nadal. I’ve never been to Australia, but hear it is a super-fun place. The clip seems to point to that.

    I’m always curious to see what sort of TV shows “catches” viewers, and why. I don’t watch too much TV besides sports, but for me, a couple shows that would catch me when I came across them were Sopranos and Entourage. Another one is a show called “The First 48″, which follows real-life homicide cops on murder investigations during the first two days. I actually dread coming across this show cause they seem to play episode after episode on A&E, and more than once I’ve been side-lined for like three hours wanting to know the whodunnit of these real cases. Check it out if you haven’t.

  22. SDC says:

    you have 7 seasons worth to catch up on Curb Your Enthusiasm. In all your Seinfeldian experience, do the right thing at get Larry David on your TV.

  23. fish says:

    Lost: watched season 1, started watching season 2 , got uttterly bored. picked up some parts of season three due to the misses watching it all religiously, and decided the plot lines were terribly illogical. I felt the writers were just writing stuff to keep a show going but gave up on making sens a long time ago… And now they’re time travelling, I feel like it’s just all drawn out for no reason other than to keep it going. Just my opinion of course.

    Gabbie, Carcillo: Carcillo came flying onto the pileup, grabbed someone and tore him away. I don’t know if he could see the number on the back but since they’re pretty big and on a white background i’m guessing yes he knew he was holding onto nr 10. Gaborik took offense and shoved Carcillo in the face and then dropped his gloves. So, we learn Gaborik has a bit of a temper issue and I Carcillo was betting on that. Very dirty trick by Carcillo, stupid move by Gaborik.

  24. fish says:

    Speaking about star players fighting, compare that to the oveckin non-fight a couple weeks ago. I’m thinking the Rangers don’t really like their top scorer…


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