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Habs Win, A Joe Pavelski Story


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Well, it appears the Habs are out to make me look like an asshole…. again.  If you remember last year (or saw the comment on yesterday’s post), last year I predicted the Habs to get beat by the Capitals in….three games.  Not even four, I was so sure the Caps would steamroll them.  And we all know how that turned out – the Habs made the Eastern Conference final.

I picked them again to get swept, and again, they come out and win.  Brutes.

Anyway, at least it’ll make for an interesting series (as long as they lose in the end so I can collect on my bet about them, y’know, losing in the first round).

As for the other gambly updates: Jordan Staal had an apple in game one, so that’s good.  Three bottom seeded teams won, which doesn’t scare me all that much.  And we’ll find out more tonight if the series I predicted to go long can get knotted up!


I thought this was a great pic of one of the Gillies three Newfoundlands, the eldest, Hunter:

Hunty-hoo. Big boah.

Good lookin’ ol fella.


So Joe Pavelski got it done for the San Jose Sharks last night, which is not out of the ordinary for him.  He was money in last year’s playoffs, and it reminded me of a little story from college.

My freshman year of college, we beat the Wisconsin Badgers in a best of three at the Kohl Center to go to the Final Five in St. Paul.  We were an eight-seed, and they were the three-seed.  My sophomore year, we met in playoffs again as the same seeds…..only they had Joe Pavelski now.

Great picture, no?

I can’t explain why, but we had them on the ropes again.  We lost game one after blowing a third period lead, but came out the next night and took it to them to knot the series up at three (BTW, we played this series in some other rink in Wisconsin that looked like Madison Square Garden on the inside, if Madison Square Garden was weird. Dane County something-or-other?).

Well, we actually got off to a good start, when one of our lower line guys scored a short-handed goal on a pure breakaway snipe.  By the third period, we were up 4-2. 

And then we got Pavelski’d, and never made it to overtime.

It wasn’t just that he took the game over (I’m pretty sure he had three points in the third period of their 5-4 win), it was the way he did it.  I have to describe his goal that either tied it or put them ahead (it all blends together now):

So, our d-men are doing a good job keeping him on the paint in our zone – he’s got solid possession in the corner, and somehow, through a poor switch or a good move, he ends up getting an opening to take the puck to the net.  He’s still behind the goal line though, so he could go in front or behind.

At one point, he looks like he’s going to go deeper behind the goal line and take the puck behind the net.  He’s a righty, coming from the right, so when the puck is on his forhand, it’s near the boards.

But as he’s skating towards the cage, he brings it way across to his backhand – maybe six inches above the goal line – and in a smooth stick-handle, goes backhand-crossbar-down with his skates still at least a foot behind the goal-line.  Nobody had a sniff what happened it was so slick.

It was our “well, we just don’t have talent like that on our team, good for you assholes” moment.

The guy is clutch, has been clutch, and will always be clutch.  Dude can flat-out play.


TGIF.  Yessssssss….


7 Responses to “Habs Win, A Joe Pavelski Story”
  1. Sherry says:

    I found this funny from the Pgh Trib this AM:

    “Even though I play on his team, I get scared of him a little bit. He definitely has a death stare. You don’t know what he’s thinking, but (they’re) not good thoughts.” Max Talbot, on defenseman Brooks Orpik

    Oh, Go, PENS!!

  2. KarenfromRochester says:

    I love these stories about guys you used to play with or against! keep em comin. And that dog has to be the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while! He looks like a big gentle bear. Go Sabres!

  3. marc says:

    That would have been the Alliant Energy Center you played in.

  4. madison mike says:

    the dane county coleseum……former name of the alliant energy center i believe. love your articles justin. i wanta say that’s where the badgers used to play back when chelios played here.

  5. jgwinup says:

    Habs get out of the first round and possibly 2nd. Next year THE CUP!!

  6. rouven says:

    “that’s where the badgers used to play back when chelios played here”

    that must’ve been in 1927, right?

  7. AKSWF says:

    Man, when you were a freshman. That makes it seem so long ago, these years are slipping away…

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