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Good On Him



Dear New York,

I said some very nice things about you in earlier blogs and you’re making me look like an asshole.

Stop putting dijon (deli) mustard on my sandwiches when I order mustard, try the yellow stuff, it’s delicious.  Your weather patterns have been Gary Busey-level-volatile.  As much as I’m enjoying the first day of spring/blustery snow storm you’ve offered up today, you can cram it.


Moving on.

Welcome to a section I’m calling “Good On ‘im

Text I got yesterday from an AHL all-star goalie:  “No one can do what Mike Green does.  Nobody even comes close.”

Scoring in eight straight NHL games as a forward is insane, any reasonable player would be thinking pay-raise.  As a defenseman, in today’s NHL, it’s such an incredible feat, I had to make mention of it.  Definite good on ‘im to Mike Green.

The Islanders signed my roommate from pre-season in Moncton to a one-year deal for $550,000, Tim Jackman.  Jax is one of those guys who plays his role to the letter, and never succumbs to the self-love players develop that leads to glory-seeking.  Tim works harder (literally), than any player I’ve ever played with, and is a guy who’ll do anything for the team, and for the game.  Based on what he’s put into the game, nobody deserves it more.  Good on ‘im.


Ovechkin got to 50!  I guess on the shock-scale that didn’t warrant an exclamation mark, but an impressive feat nonetheless.  As my friend Neil mentioned in an earlier comment, nobody in today’s game consistently scores on wristers (and bullet one-tee’s) from anywhere in the arena like Ovechkin.  His 50th was insane.


Today’s coaches preach shoot-shoot-shoot, and the players usually want them to shut-up-shut-up-shut-up.  I’m still unsure if Ovechkin helps their case or not.  Pretty sure Ovi could snap a puck in Crosby’s mouth from two rinks away; that shots not exactly in my arsenal.

But his “good on ‘im” isn’t just for that.  It’s for his goal celebration.  Pretending his stick was too hot to pick up?  That’s the shit I do in practice to rattle the goalie.  Who is this guy?  …Whoever he is, good on ‘im indeed.

And that wraps up that section.  As for what’s going on in the world of Bourne, I spent last night listening to the unbelievable tale about one of Clark Gillies Stanley Cup rings.  I’m going to write that today, and then figure out which site would be the most interested in it. 

My article on surviving the locker room is up at  And lastly, Newsday’s Gregory Logan is going to be running a bit about myself in his Islanders Insider section soon.  The link will be up as soon as the article is!


4 Responses to “Good On Him”
  1. P. Deezy F. Baby says:

    JBourne did you see that the man to get you 30 points your Sr. year just signed with the Rangers? Chowder is doing big things man! I’m just glad I don’t have to buy him Graf skates and tiny helmets anymore! Last but not least……Hip Hop entry….do it!

  2. jtbourne says:

    Ha, you dick.
    That’s so awesome about Crowder, I’m super pumped for him. I actually sat in on the production meeting of the last Ranger games for the MSG network and might be stopping by again… I’ll see if I can’t get him a shout out!
    As for the hip hop blog, I might do it on best rap metaphors, or just start a second blog (as per earlier mention, named Rockaway Boulevard) and devote it to non-sports stuff. I’m noticing my readers tend to like hockey. Tell him he rules from me. And tell you that. Or wait, I just… never mind. Go!

  3. P. Deezy F. Baby says:

    Thats the problem with the group dynamic, everyone wants to name call and no one wants to problem solve. Hahahaha. Yeah it was pretty much a given half way through the season that Chump Chowds was on his way out. If you are giving shoutouts put me down for one, I love those things. Keep in mind you don’t know enough about hip hop to do a blog on your own! You need me man! Hahaha

  4. Travelchic59 says:

    I love Ovechkin’s goal celebrations. I think he rocks!
    But you had to hear the guys from NHL Live! and the callers ranking on him for his celebration. I say get over it. Hockey can be too white bread boring sometimes – not the game itself, but some of the old school ideas of the so called “purists.” Ovie is refreshing. I hope he ignores the criticism and continues to celebrate.

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