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The Good Kind of Media



In regards to a few commentor debates in the past, the most relevant video I’ve ever seen just showed up in my facebook inbox.  This came courtesy a dear friend, Christina Aaron – thanks Chris!


Okay haters, the following comment is officially void: “I used to watch SNL when it had ________ on it – back when it was good“.  It’s time to give it another chance.

Kristen Wiig might be the funniest person on the planet at this point.  She was damn near the only funny part of “Knocked Up” (as the station exec. implying Katherine Heigl she should lose weight – without actually saying those words).  Below, she’s rocking her semi-frequent role as “prominent travel writer, Judy Grimes” from SNL’s season premiere.  Sorry you have to slog through a commercial:



 As possibly the last fan of Brett Favre (despite my protests to his return), I thought I’d run the “highlight of the weekend”, possibly sponsored by Bengay:

Just another great comeback orchestrated by Brett Brettersons


Okay, one last vid for the day.  I’m a closet “” fan.  I realize there’s no cool way to say that, so I thought I’d just run the second (of 15) “teen girl squad” videos and let it speak for itself.  These cartoons are priceless.  If you like this, you’ll like the rest.  They just get better.


And I’ll follow that up with a little depth.  I’ve always been a major sucker for piano.  This one, “Hometown Glory” by Adele, is currently in heavy rotato in the car.  Simply put, it’s beautiful. 


I thought some stuff like that might make your Monday better.  Always helps me!


14 Responses to “The Good Kind of Media”
  1. JustJeff says:


    I haven’t watched SNL since highschool.. but I might just put it on the DVR after that sketch… It was pretty good, and there’s only so much M*A*S*H you can record a week right?

    That Bud Light Lime commercial has inspired me to actually try it… something that funny can’t be bad right?

    and the thing from where strongbad answers the emails was always my favorite.. but another thing I haven’t actually checked out since highschool… guess I’ll have to book mark it so I remember it exists.

    This weekend was the Capitals Convention here in DC and I posted a little in the other thread where Bettman talked about future programing for the NHL network…

    well the caps have posted the video of the whole Q&A which can be found here around the 39 minute mark for the nhl network specifics… but the whole video is pretty good. I really appreciated Ted and Gary’s candidness with a lot of the questions, and I’m really having a hard time hating Bettman because he said all the right things :(

  2. zyllyx says:

    Great song by Adele. Got it as a Discovery Download on iTunes and have loved it ever since. I’m from the Billy Joel/Bruce Hornsby era of piano men but good piano is timeless.

    Oh, and TGS? Awesome. Strong Bad FTW! Many a night watching TSN on NHL Network where I wish Pierre McGuire was “ARROWED!!” And Sean Avery should be the one saying, “I have a crush on every boy!”

  3. JustJeff says:

    Sorry thats not the correct link… is for the Q&A with bettman…

  4. jtbourne says:

    After another sample of the Bud Light Lime, I’m not comfortable being a defender of it. It’s not that great. As for the NHL network thing, I’ll check the video out. I’m gonna get to work on my own solution to that channel for Americans as well. This is gonna take some better equipment….

  5. Rynn says:

    I had the pleasure of seeing Adele live in Ireland last year. Her live set makes angels cry.

  6. Christina Aaron says:

    :) Glad you likd the Bud Light Lime vid! Thanks for sharing that song. You made my Monday.

  7. Marc says:

    There is nothing that gets me more complements than walking around wearing my red The Cheat shirt. Dont feel bad, be proud you’re a fan :P

  8. jtbourne says:

    Ha – I obviously don’t feel that bad – I have a “Coach Z” shirt myself…

  9. Officer Koharski says:

    Kristen Wiig is hilarious, I’m glad you like her, a lot of my friends give her a hard time for some reason. A lot of my buddies are working their way up the improv comedy ladder and so SNL is like the NHL of that scene, the analagies are endless. For example, ever notice that girl Abby Elliot? She’s adorable, sure, but she’s seriously unqualified to make it to SNL, she barely put in any time in the circuit and she only got put on there because she’s A. Hot B. the daughter of ‘Cabin Boy’ Chris Elliot.

    Someone who really deserves to make it is this guy, Donald Glover. I’m gonna make a bold prediction and say that you will see this guy as a featured player on SNL sometime in the next year or two. He’s hilarious

  10. Jonathan says:

    Your piano music references jolted me back to ’97.

  11. KC says:

    Check out and watch the We Are Robots clips. They were always good for a laugh at 2 am when trying to finish a Psych paper on a Sunday night. “Suck my steel expansion rod” may be the best line of the whole experience.

  12. John says:

    Oh man that Bud Lime commercial is great!

    Kristen Wiig is indeed super-talented. Love the Suzie Ohrman skit, and the Matchgame skit. I also saw her tonight in the new HBO series Bored to Death. She knocked it out of the park. This new series is quite funny in a silly way. I do recommend it.

  13. fish says:

    OK, As stated before, I don’t get american football, buth that throw was awesome…

  14. Britany says:

    My sis sent me a link because of your post about Laws, but when I saw the Teen Girl Squad clip, I had to add you to my Favorites list.

    I still laugh my head off every time I see the Trogdor SB email. ‘Nough said.

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