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Column: Five Goal Scoring Tips



Hey gang. Wednesday’s work should be up on HPT soon, here’s….

New Puck Daddy: 5 goal scoring tips. Hope you like it!


9 Responses to “Column: Five Goal Scoring Tips”
  1. No, I did not like it. Blabbermouth.

  2. jtbourne says:

    Ha, great name. I hate you and those of your ilk!

  3. Derek says:

    I tend to favor the last tip there, but in more situations than just a breakaway. Get a step on the d, then use your leg to hold him off. Allows you to go hard to the net with the puck, either shot low far side (rebound to the other side), high short side if the goalie drops, or curl around the net and hit the trailer.

  4. mikeb says:

    I read the comments… and one guy posted to always know what you are going to do on a breakaway well in advance. To me this is completely wrong, you read a goalie. And you should know what his strengths are, how often do you get a breakaway before warmups? Just wait for him, and if he is nothing before the hashmarks do whatever pavel bure does

    Because he was the king of breakaways, mostly because he would overtake a dman who was practically 2zones ahead of him.

  5. Derek says:

    Mikeb: I both agree and disagree with you. You want to have an idea of what you are going to do, but you don’t want to be dead set on one move. I generally will have three options in mind, feint the snapper (with a leg kick) then go backhand shelf, fake the snapper (no leg kick) go backhand to forehand and shelf, or just rip the snapper. All three basically start the exact same way, so I have no hesitation, but beyond that you read the goalie. If he is moving to quickly just shoot it, as you’ll probably have room. If he moves with you, go to the backhand. If he doesn’t bite on the fake and moves with you to the backhand, go back to the forehand. I have pretty much been doing that exact thing since I was 12 and it usually works. Doing the same move over and over again, while predictable, also helps you get than one move down pat, so even if the goalie knows what you are going to do, he can’t overplay it too hard and you’vedone it so many times you can pick the corner with ease.

  6. Dundy says:

    I like to use the toe drag shot (tip#2). I find that I can finesse the shot a little more and direct it through an opening between the defenceman & tender and it is more difficult to pick up. To pull the shot off you need a good toe curve pattern, but unfortunately it seems the majority of the patterns out there are heel or mid curves. I currently use the Easton Heatley pattern which has a slight toe curve. Curious which pattern you normally use Justin.

  7. mikeb says:

    Derek; I completely agree with having a plan, but it should depend on what the goalie gives you, not just automatically spitting out one move. And you should be watching a goalie during warmups, and during the game to see what he likes to do, it’ll make your life a lot easier as a goal scoring forward.

  8. Matt says:

    3 things I’d like to add: one, and you hear Edzo say this all the time on NBC but it’s true: get to the front of the net. You can get rebounds, tips, back door tap ins, etc. Two, and I know Bourne wrote this a while back, but learn to read the play and find the “quiet” part of the ice. Guys like Gretzky and Brett Hull were masers of this. Lastly, I’d add getting your shot off quickly. So many guys like to wind up big for a slapper, or really get all set up on their wrister. That gives the goalie time to set up. If you get the puck in a decent shooting area, just let her fly before the goalie can get square. Just some thoughts for everyone to chew on….

  9. Richie says:

    To echo Matt about getting your shot off quickly…One of the toughest things for a goalie to deal with is unexpected shots i.e. shooting mid-stride/dangle or generally when it looks like it’s the last thing you’re gonna do. Going backhand to the goalie’s blocker is usually a good fall-back….I know I have difficulty dealing with a shot that’s essentially behind you (if you’ve have enough speed) and in a difficult place to reach with a blocker & holding a stick.

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