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Gambling on Hockey, Favo(u)rites in Hockey Media



I often get my blog done before my columns post, so my apologies for occasionally bombarding you with my work, but….. HERE’S MORE COLUMN READ-EY FUN TIME:

USA Today: The panel’s complete power rankings, in which the Kings are grossly overvalued, but everything else is pretty much spot-on.

The Hockey News: An obscure topic – early contact when racing for a loose puck, and how TJ Oshie uses it to occasionally plow guys.

Puck Daddy: Claude Giroux and short-handed goals – why more teams should be pressing to score them.


Gambling on hockey is hard.  Does anyone out there ever do it?

I rarely do because of our sports completely random, parity-filled nature, but frankly, I need to start watching more hockey (being that I have to comment on it often) so this seemed like a good convincer for me.

I had $34 left in my bodog account from god-knows-when, so I decided to turn it into a Scrooge McDuck-swimming-in-gold-coins-like fortune tonight.  Let me know what you think of my bets.

All three are three-team parlays, because it’s really the only way to get-rich-quick, and I have no interest in doing this every day.

I'm betting on this clown shoe? ...Twice?

  • Washington minus 1.5 goals over the New York Rangers (in NY)
  •  Tampa Bay minus 1.5 goals over the Toronto Maple Leafs (in TBay)
  • Calgary plus 1.5 goals over the Colorado Avalanche (in CO)

That one was my big swing at the fences – An 18 dollar bet will pay a little over $200 if I nail all three.

  • Montreal plus 1.5 over Vancouver (in Van) 
  • Calgary plus 1.5 over Colorado (In CO)
  •  Tampa Bay to beat Toronto straight up (in TBay)

Eight buck bet pays $17.47 on that one.

And then, as a random “if I lose the other two, maybe I’ll win this one and almost get back to square one,” I had:

  • Carolina to beat Edmonton (in Carolina)
  • The Capitals to beat the Rangers (in NY)
  • The Sens to beat the Thrashers (in Ottawa)

My remaining eight bucks here can win me back my $30.

…..I just pissed away 34 dollars didn’t I?  …..Damnit.

Ah well.  Easier to get rid of it this way then try to get it back from bodog.  I actually had to fax a pencil shading of my credit card last time I won money.  Jeez.


Apparently Versus is getting a nightly hockey show (Greg Wyshynski tweeted about it earlier today) that’ll run Monday through Thursday, regardless of if hockey is being played or not.

If I correctly recall his tweet, it was to be called NHL Overtime ….or something or other.  Either way, that’s great news.

I was wondering…. who should they hire?  Who shouldn’t they hire?

That got me thinking about people from all walks of hockey media that do a great job.  So, instead of trying to fill those analyst jobs on “Overtime”, I thought I’d divulge a list of names that I enjoy from around the hockey world.  It’s a little exercise in being nice, feel free to join in.

Class act.

Ron Maclean is still my all-time fave.  He’s just so even-tempered and smart.

I grew up with Bob Cole and Harry Neale, can we find a way to hear from these guys more?  Or are they both like, 90?

Mike Johnson is just out of the NHL, young, and seems pretty damn reasonable.  He doesn’t set any shows on fire just yet, but I think he will as he gets more comfortable.  Seems like a pretty sharp guy.

I didn’t use to have any feeling for Bob McKenzie of TSN one way or the other when I was a kid, because he was a pretty serious on-air personality (as Dreger is now).  I think he’s done an awesome job of incorporating the new media (twitter) into his repetoire, and has loosened up in recent years.  Thus, I’ve become a fan.

Jiggs Macdonald was a classic back when my Dad played.

Rick Jeannerret has the best goal calls since that soccer guy.

Unless you count Randy Moller.  Lovin’ what that guy is doing with the movie references.

 Elliotte Friedmann and his 30 Thoughts column are a must read, and you can always trust his knowledge of the game.

I mean, really, I shouldn’t have started this.  I could go on and on and I’m going to forget a ton of names, so I’ll leave you with: Doc Emrick, Jim HughsonJohn Buccigross, James Duthie, Eddie Olczyk, Steve Kouleas, and Cabbie Richards.  I wish Al Michaels did more hockey too.

(BTW, I haven’t seen much Canadian hockey coverage lately, some of those names might be dated, and I’m sure I missed some of the newer, quality analysts.)

Then there’s the whole blogmunity, from the guys at Puck Daddy to the guys at AOL, to guys like Bruce Arthur and James Mirtle and it’s just not worth continuing.

Who’s on your list?


20 Responses to “Gambling on Hockey, Favo(u)rites in Hockey Media”
  1. Andrew says:

    This is one of the many reasons Buffalo fans are lucky to have RJ and Harry Neale

  2. wmsheppa says:

    Bring back Bucci and Chicken Parm!

  3. Shawn says:

    Craig Simpson. And of course Pierre Maguire :-P

  4. Jeff says:

    No prop bets JB?
    I personally wouldn’t have the Col vs Cgy game in both bets.

    This is what I have for tonight
    Caps -1.5
    ATL +1.5
    TB -1.5
    Hemesky records a point

    Payout on a $10 bet $227 CDN.

    In Canada I have friends who have Proline as a primary source of income.

  5. Rich says:

    You forgot Billy Jaffe. It’s a shame the Isles canned him this season.

  6. Alan says:

    If only MacLean would stop with his incessant use of puns, he’d be less irritating in displaying his considerable knowledge of the Game.

    BTW-JB is there any local scuttlebutt or rumours regarding the prospects for the purported imminent sale of the Coyotes…should no recent news be interpreted as a good omen for realization of Gary B’s pipe(aka wet) dream actually coming to fruition this time around in this long running soap opera?

  7. karl says:

    “You gotta have your jock strap up tight to block a shot like that” – Harry Neale

    Yep, Buffalo is lucky to have him.

  8. SDC says:

    @Donald Dunlop — Paul Romanuk > Gary Green

  9. Matt the Aussie says:

    Bob Cole was a great commentator. 20 or 30 years ago, I’m sure.

    The other night he confused Thomas Vanek for Mike Grier. A twenty-something Austrian for a veteran African-American.

  10. Tailboard Jockey says:

    I’d like to see Gary Thorne and Bill Clement back together again.

    My current favorites are Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda for the Sharks.

  11. Mari says:

    I found out that getting 3 games is hard .. much easier is get 2 right and slowly build your pot.
    My strategy is to pick 2 home best bets – highest odds and use them in n pairs 1×1 – 1 will win , 1 will lose
    e.g, today : MTL, WAS, or RAN, VAN ,

  12. Adam says:

    I only bet the over-unders in hockey. Pickums and spreads are too difficult because unlike football, any team can beat any team any given night. My strategies for over unders are as follows: a good team playing a bad team that is playing well is usually a pretty solid under bet. Two good teams playing each other is generally a good over bet and I always stay the eff away from two bad teams. That is my two cents. Btw, as an American living in Canada, this sports select thing is awesome! Bodog ain’t bad either……

  13. MattyJ says:

    Drew Remenda for the Sharks is the biggest homer in the league. Nobody complains more about the officiating than him, and I blame him for making attendance at Sharks home games unbearable. He’s a bad influence on the fans. If Marty McSorley were still a Shark when he whacked Brashear the crowd would have booed the call. Pathetic.

    Bring back Bucci and Melrose. Tony Twist needs to be on national TV.

  14. Karen From Rochester says:

    Harry Neale occasionally makes statements that make me think “whaaaa…?” as if he’s getting a little senile. I think you gotta go with younger guys for a show like this. And Rick Jeanerette is great on the radio and doing play-by-play but I don’t think it would translate well to TV

  15. Deirdre says:

    Jamie Baker and Dan Rusinowski (sp?) are fantastic, and Dan’s almost encyclopedic knowledge of teams (the Sharks, and whoever they are playing) would be awesome on a nightly show.

    The Cap’s announcer is horrible – I still have no idea what he means when he says they’re “sprinkling the puck into the corner.”

  16. Mike says:

    I second Gary Thorne and Bill Clement

  17. kitten fister says:

    Bourney looks to me like you nailed all three, Good Calls. Too bad you posted it now your girl will know your flippin LOADED and expect you to take her out.

  18. Blake says:

    Yeah man…Looks to me like you nailed everything…

  19. Mike Rock Smith says:

    He’s a relative new-comer on CBC, but I’ve really been liking his personality, and I think he’s really catching on, but I think ex-player P.J. Stock would be a good candidate too. He’s young, funny, likes to throw the jokes in there like good old Don Taylor. (Can you tell where I’m from?)

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