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It’s Friieeeday, Friieeeday



New Puck Daddy: taking a look at the league’s “mis-seeds” – as in, the teams who are far better than where they sit in the standings, and will be a handful for top dogs.


Hahaha, I have to do this, just one last time.  It’s been fun making fun of this for weeks on end (it has almost has 50 million hits on Youtube BTW. Not even cat videos get that), then today she comes out and donates every penny of profit from this song (something like a million bucks thanks to iTunes/Youtube) to Japan relief funds and her school.  Incredible.  Now we’re all the assholes. 

Ah well.  Mock away, one last time!


Not sure if you had the chance to read my little prediction yesterday about yesterday’s Habs/Bruins games not being a fightathon, but apparently I was right.  Not with fisticuffs, not in the game, there was just no fight in Montreal.  If anything, the police in Montreal should investigate what the B’s did to the Habs as a group last night, cause that was assault, brotha.

As Jack Edwards put it (in cribbage terms): an absolute skunking.  Doesn’t bode well from the Canadiens; can’t imagine the dressing room was a fun place to be after that.


James Mirtle compiled the man-games-lost to injury list here - If the Isles grab another top five pick and have some injury luck, the future might actually be kinda damn bright.  Exciting stuff for Isles fans, seeing how they trucked through that.  Now if they could only find a way to stay in Uniondale…. - let’s just hope we don’t have some Quebec to Colorado to Cup type thing brewing.


I’m in for a treat this afternoon – Playing a round of golf at Eagle Mountain with Larry Melnyk (cup winner with the Oilers).  But don’t worry – my PD column today is well over a thousand words, so that should keep you busy!


5 Responses to “It’s Friieeeday, Friieeeday”
  1. jgwinup says:

    Habs will take the cup. Then last nights game wont matter.

  2. Matt says:

    Quebec City is a lovely place, I’m sure you will enjoy visiting to watch the Islanders.

    (I say as a fan of the team that would only move if someone decided to bomb downtown Toronto.)

  3. mlem says:

    Of course you mention injuries…and news breaks that AMac is done till at least September…ugh

  4. Pep says:

    The only thing the Habs will be doing after round 1 is trying to get a tee time with Justin in Phoenix.
    How did your round go at Eagle?

  5. jgwinup says:

    I want to golf in Phoenix. AFTER THE HABS WIN THE CUP!!!!

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