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Firing Terminology, Columns, Recipe For Happy



You know what’s a hilarious phrase?

So-and-so has been “relieved” of their coaching duties.

Like “phew, thank god they took away my source of income, that was a major pain having the exact job I’ve always wanted for more money that I ever knew I could earn in this game.  Please, someone take this burden off my hands.”

Horrible terminology.

Today, I give you two columns:

New Puck Daddy: Putting myself in Gregory Campbell’s skates - I play the game “If I were Gregory Campbell,” using my own experience as a player with a hockey dad.

New USA Today:  I get to write a column no other writer is able to write – I discuss exactly what it’s like playing for Jack Capuano, the Islanders new interim head coach.  He’s a great guy, but I kinda had to be skeptical that he’s the right fit.

Read, comment, enjoy.


One more quick thought on Colin Campbell – his job is insanely effing hard.  That’s fine, we all get that.

But that’s why you hire the best people available.  I feel like right now, we give him a pass because it IS  a hard job, and we couldn’t necessarily do it any better.

My point is simple – just because the job is hard doesn’t mean this guy should get a pass for doing it poorly.  Someone out there can do it better.


What’s your ultimate Good Mood Recipe?

Like what are the EXACT pieces that have to fall into place for you to get to your “nice to everyone” place?  Here’s my formula:

Also a very happy time - post puck with a beer.

* A good sleep, maybe two in a row.

* A quality breakfast that involves some form of meat.

* A good, sweaty workout.  Like 45 minutes of hard work.

* No work due.

* Money in the bank.

* Happy spouse.

* Having a friend or two around.

* Two-Three beer on a patio.

I really think, in that moment, like, halfway down the third beer, I could see my worst enemy and be like “dude, sit down, let’s work this out.  What was all that trying-to-kill-me stuff about a few years back?  You seem like a really great guy with a bright future.”

Cute: Ty's "well what's that out there?" meerkat pose.

 Hope you enjoy the columns!


13 Responses to “Firing Terminology, Columns, Recipe For Happy”
  1. Derek says:

    I think the picture captured my perfect mood. Think a Saturday, in which I got to sleep in, have nothing coming up the next week, had a nice brunch, then played some afternoon pickup with my friends, then started with the post-game beer. The second beer is bliss. Then head home to watch Saturday night puck, maybe barbecue up a nice steak and pound a few more beers. If that isn’t a perfect day, I don’t know what is.

  2. marc says:

    Soft language is a sickness. Talk to Carlin’s corpse, people get older, they dont get old, then they pass away instead of dying. No one is fired, they’re let go (as if they were trying to get away and the corporate offices decided to finally let them run free) or relieved of duties. Combat vets dont have shell shock, they have post-traumatic stress disorder. Etc Etc.

  3. andy says:

    good mood recipe? easy – good skate and a couple of beers in the room after. too bad this usually happens at 10:30 on a weeknight.

    something about the campbell thing – why is it that sports fans, as a group, think that their opinions matter? its funny (and sad) that people obsess over things they have no power to change. and its even funnier (and sadder) that they think a (private) business like the nhl will suddenly cave to their demands that someone be fired. media is, in a sense, worse. they know how the nhl operates. they know who is making the decisions… yet here we are…

    intellegent discussion is important and good. but to think your are going to effect chage in a business like the nhl….

    a smaller rant this time!

  4. jtbourne says:

    Also, its essentially Bob McKenzie’s rant. A fair point, but our job (as media) is to discuss the NHL. “Calling for someone’s head” is probably pointless, but still…. sometimes its legitimately how ya feel!

  5. andy says:

    like i said, discussion is good!

    but – theres always a but – how you feel should not impact what should be a well reasoned argument. yes?

  6. Kennedy says:

    In your USA Today piece you wrote that Gordon was asked to step aside. Do you really think he was asked?

  7. jtbourne says:

    Isn’t that euphamism for fired?

  8. TN Hockey says:

    I dont think he was ‘fired’ per se. He’s still working in the organization ‘in an advisory capacity’.
    So he still has to show up to work for that paycheck. At least theoretically.
    Seems that theres been a trend in recent years where coaches arent completely run off then they are dumped so that the org doesnt have to pay all of the remainder of the contract right then and there. Or maybe I just started noticing it.

    My Zone is after a hardfought game and I am totally drained, soaking in a hot tub. Snow falling makes it better.

  9. Derek says:

    @Tn Hockey Good call on the post-game hot tub. I used to do that at my parents place in my younger days. The snowfall was beauty. Add in some beer and a scantily clad female companion and that rivals any other moment.

  10. Dave K says:

    My recipe for happiness is all those super-cheesy song-and-dance numbers. Be it an old movie musical (Singin in the Rain) or some YouTube thing (the Brussels train station Sound of Music), those things always put a smile on my face. Yeah, they’e lame. But they’re fun.

  11. Frank says:

    My favorite corporate phrase is “put on special assignment”….which is usually applied to an upper level manager that a CEO is not pleased with….so instead of firing them (which would make them look foolish for putting that person in that position), they “put them on special assignment” which basically means they are forced to resign quickly and quietly.

  12. Andrew says:

    0 work
    0 chores
    1 morning session of drop-in puck
    1 serious lunch with a giant salad and a giant burger.
    1 short session at the local gun range
    1 fresh, new outfit. Nothing improves a mood like a new, never been washed shirt.
    1 Wash. Caps game on TV
    3 parts bourbon and diet coke (can be substituted for some nice lager)

  13. liverning says:

    Is that Mailbu Rum in the background of Ty’s picture… That stuff will mess you up and
    give you one helacious hangover…
    And for good place/feeling, how about the first full, icy swallow after some puck. Just feeling
    it course all the way down, on a dry throat… Aaaaahh, Heaven!

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