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Easton Synergy EQ50 Review



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I had the opportunity to review Easton’s new Synergy EQ50 last night, and by review I mean, omgIgotanewstick.  It’s been awhile.  The odd piece of free equipment might be the most randomly awesome thing to come from this blog. (Aside from all of you great people, of course.)

*Ding dong*


Sign for this, please?



What could it be?

Ooo, pretty.

So, yeah, the review:

It’s a fantastic stick.

Now, I know what you’re thinking:  You probably think I have to say that if I want to get anything else to “demo” from Easton.  Untrue.  I get product fairly regularly that I don’t mention because I don’t like it.  If you don’t have anything nice to say….

First, a quick point:  when it comes to choosing a stick, the most important thing is getting your specs right.  You’re better off using a stick with the curve, flex, grippiness and weight you like than getting a fancy brand stick in a curve that sucks.  The good folks at Easton happened to get all those things right for me, so this was a double-whammy of awesome.

The stick looks sharp, it’s light, has great puck feel, and helped me snipe one bar-down to tie our game last night.  (note: but I AM 0-for-2 in rec league shootouts.)  The puck came off the blade hot without feeling too trampoline-y.  Very crisp.

Interestingly, their gimmick with this one is that you can “counterbalance” the stick.

Now, lets not be suckers here – that’s a total gimmick.  The butt-end has little weights in the plug that look like watch batteries that come out so you can make “adjustments”.  Annnd the heel has a little window portion so you can see the weights in there (but they don’t come out, soo…..?). 

Take a gander at the knob:

A little silly, in my eyes

I left them all in, because? 

The stick is insanely light as is, and felt well balanced (not that that’s a thing I’ve ever thought of before), so hey, why mess with it right?

Anyway, it doesn’t take anything away from the stick, so don’t get too caught up in worrying about that.  They have to come up with new selling points, and since adjustable drivers like the Taylor-Made R7 have been so successful, why not. 

Ooo, here, I snapped a pic of the blade for you.


Those “weights” are permanent.

So yeah: to get past the little weighty-things, the stick is fully badass.  For me, focusing on those would do the stick an injustice.  I’ve only used it once, but with sticks, you pretty much know right away.  I’d say it’s equal-too or better-than any stick I’ve ever used, f’reals.

Sooo, yeah…… I recommend you buy ten thousand each at full price and buy Easton t-shirts and hats and as soon as they send me skates, those too.  Yay!


This happened.

Tysonnosaurus Rex. rawr.

I mean, I’m embarrassed about the above pic, but how could I possibly not run it?  Fuck.  So embarrassed.  Moving on.


For those of you who don’t know, you can catch me on XM’s NHL Home Ice (Hockey Primetime Radio) every Saturday around 3EST with my boy James Murphy, and at random times throughtout the week (which I post on twitter, usually) on Sirius with Jeff Marek and crew.

Hope you enjoyed the review!


25 Responses to “Easton Synergy EQ50 Review”
  1. wmsheppa says:

    I hesitate to ask this…. but my girlfriend wants to know where you got the cat costume.

  2. jtbourne says:

    Hahaha, I laughed out loud. I’m proud to say I don’t know, but my hunch is PetSmart, given that it’s a block from our house.

  3. Jarick says:

    It sounds like the EQ50 is a winner from what everyone is saying, although the weight window and the adjustable cap look pretty cheap and gimmicky to me. I’d love to see them in the old Synergy SL colors (silver and red/blue) and just cover up the weights on both ends.

  4. KarenfromRochester says:

    Random free stuff in the mail is usually a pretty good thing…unless it has something to do with politics. Your kitty looks pretty pissed! But really cute! And don’t feel bad-I bought a hot dog costume for one of my dogs last night. LOTS of other people get silly with their pets this time of year. : O ) As long as you weren’t the one who bought it, you’re ok haha

  5. wmsheppa says:

    Thanks, I think… The good news is that I won’t have to be the one to put the cat in the costume, and my girlfriend isn’t going to insist on costumes for both of our cats… if we tried to put one of them in a costume, we’d never get the blood stains out of the rug.

  6. marc says:

    Quick suggestion for your reviews (not that this one sucks mind you :P ) especially with sticks, the more comparisons you can make to others the better picture you can draw. The top end stick from just about everywhere should be “pretty awesome” – Saying you thought the blade was pingy or lively is helpful too but saying it is way more pingy than a CCM U+ or Bauer’s new stick or the older Easton model helps people make better choices as well. (also follow up comments on durability would be sweet too).

  7. jtbourne says:

    Yeah bud, I hear ya. Problem is: ECHL and AHL have deals with RBK, which means every single player has to use those (save for three guys per team in the A). So, I could compare it to those and those only – for what it’s worth, I thought it felt more stable and solid than the RBK Sickick line, but still allowed you to feel the puck. Can’t attest to durability yet, but will keep you posted. Oh, I did use Easton Synergys one year in college, and this is a nice step up from what they had out four or five years ago.

  8. RewskiUVA says:


  9. Four to Five says:

    Hahahaha man that cat look’s so pissed! lol

    How much does that stick cost? Please don’t say $300…

  10. Nice review, Justin. I completely agree with marc’s comments.

    I’ve been curious about this new Easton line for a little while now. I haven’t even tried shooting one, but the sticks have felt balanced whenever I pick one up. I was curious about the weights (mostly because sticks always feel unbalanced to me), but you make a good point about gimmicky, etc… Besides, I usually take the plugs right out.

    @ Four to Five – I think these sticks (EQ50 is top of the line for the EQ series) are slightly cheaper than the S19s, if memory serves correct. I think it’s on par with Bauer’s TotalOne and Easton’s high end SE’s. I think.

  11. liverning says:

    That stick looks pretty gimmicky (what with the weights, on knob end and blade). I too would like to know
    about durability, will have to scout out a price on it (am sure it ain’t cheap!)…
    What the hell are you doing to that poor cat?? Is that a dragon suit? That is down right embarrassing…
    For you, and for him (I assume its a him. The eyes lead me to believe its a him)…
    However, the gold spine/spike does make his eyes ‘pop’…!!???!!… Dammitt!!

  12. Mike says:

    I just got a new Warrior stick which I love but it’s designed like an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

  13. ms.conduct says:

    You think YOU’RE embarrassed? Think of the kitty!

    Still, that’s awesome.

    Friggin goalie companies need to send me shit to test.

  14. Blake says:

    Ok…You definitely need to have a caption contest with that picture…

    I swear it looks like kitty is gonna take right off from that picture and take a nice, steamy dump on your pillow. Just sayin.

  15. Marc says:

    I tend to forget you dont probably dont have a bauer, rbk and a CCM sitting around given that you have a lot of equipment deals providing up and down out of a single product catalog but whatever you can compare to explicitly helps. Good to know the review is coming mostly compared to the RBK sickkick line :)

  16. SDC says:

    @Mike I think Warrior would do a lot better in the hockey market (they’re doing decent as is) if there products didn’t appear to be inspired by TapOut/Affliction/Ed Hardy, like you mentioned. I’d venture to say the head of Warrior is not a hockey guy; any player knows that hockey players like their stuff simple, subtle, and traditional; only the smallest modifications ever make it through alive. Worst part is you know the have the simple stuff, but they choose to continue to try and sell the “Johnson” sticks, “Stroker” gloves, and they’d probably put skulls and eagles on stuff too if they could.

  17. yuhas says:

    Doesn’t it bother you that you HAVE to use RBK sticks, I mean what if you never used one in minor hockey or jr and now they’re forcing you to use the RBK stick…

  18. Marc says:

    SDC – I think your overgeneralizing about what many hockey players want as far as style. Plenty of people love Warrior’s style, they just arent the same people who love Bauer’s Supreme style and wish everyone’s skates looked like the refs.

  19. Richie says:

    It’s unsettled me for while now how RBK appears to be silently taking over hockey. First they buy up or put a lot of smaller brands out of business and have a near monopoly on NHL level equipment used. Seems it goes down to the minors aswell which begs the question, are we headed for point in the near future when they will be ONLY RBK gear available?

    Considering I’ve had invariably bad experiences with RBK stuff (mostly to do with durability) this makes me sad.

  20. mikeB says:

    For price… I was looking at those the other day and at Pro Hockey Life in Ottawa they were about $265 I think. I didn’t buy one because I couldn’t convince myself to spend that type of money, and I needed two sticks.

    Went with two Easton Synergy ST shafts if anyone was wondering. And they haven’t been on the ice yet.

  21. Jarick says:

    “I get product fairly regularly that I don’t mention because I don’t like it. If you don’t have anything nice to say….”

    Does that mean you weren’t a fan of the MLX skates?

  22. Mickey says:

    How is the durability on this stick? We just got a hold of one as well… it’s a lefty and everybody from our website team shoots right so we haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.

  23. Bag O'Pucks says:

    Just catching up on these reviews and have to let you know that I love this stick – except for one thing. The wedge that they ‘glued’ into the blade popped out the first game I used it. I’ve been trying to get it to stay in by glueing it myself and double-taping it but no luck. And for the $200+ I paid for it, I can’t wait the 2 months to send it into Easton to fix and probably say it was my fault anyway.

  24. John G says:

    I purchased a Easton EQ50 stick for my son, a highschool hockey player. It took only 3 games to break it a foot up the shaft on a wristshot. My son does not take very many slapshots. It took over a week to get replacement stick from Easton. This stick after only 2 games is already cracking at the blade. These sticks like all of the Eastons sticks that we have bought are complete junk, Easton sticks are not worth even have of what they ask. Sticks purchased in past are s19, se16, se17, easton senergy. His bauer x50 and ccm u+ are still in great condition and has used them all season. Dont buy Easton sticks.

  25. Sam says:

    Any one I’m a peewee and I have a hard shot should I buy this stick or theS19 they both seem good

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