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*Ding* Fresh New Columns, Comin’ Right Up



Lots of Bourne reading today, so I’ll keep the post brief:

The Hockey News: I wrote about a lesson I learned later in my pro career, basically about not getting cute.  It’s sort of an advice column that can be summarized with: SHOOT THE FUCKING PUCK.  Don’t pass up opportunities, fire that pigskin, son.

Puck DaddyA piece on hockey sense, and why it’s the most valuable (though unmeasurable) skill in hockey.  There are plenty of NHL-calibre talents in the AHL.

USA Today Power Rankings I mentioned from yesterday.  You’ll notice A) PK Subban didn’t crack the top five rookies, but almost did.  B) Anders Lindback didn’t crack the top five rookies, but almost did.  and C) Nashville is ranked very, very high.


It’s Breezy’s year for us to spend Christmas with her family (we’ve had her two straight), so that means buying a flight to NY.  At Christmas.  Piling that on top of presents and all that, and it would’ve killed me.  So I’m using this spot to say a MAJOR THANK YOU to my dear mother and stepdad Glenn for buying my ticket on airmiles.  You guys are the best.  Or at least, in the Top 5 on my power rankings list.


And now, your moment of zen.  Gratuitous kitty porn!  Have a good Tuesday, I’ll be watching Heat/Lakers then heading to softball.  Niiiice.

Thanks to BL for the link.


6 Responses to “*Ding* Fresh New Columns, Comin’ Right Up”
  1. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    I LOVE hearing comments about sharing holidays. I married into a Jehovah’s Witness family. My wife ducked out of the religion long ago, so I have ZERO obligations on her side. My family, Catholics with a hint of Lutheran, alternate hosting duties. I’m a recovering Catholic, but appreciate the churchy holidays as a way for me to see relatives I would otherwise rarely visit.

  2. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    To clarify: The Jehovah Witnesses do not celebrate holidays, or, really, any days. Birthdays? Nope. 4th of July? Nope. Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentines… all are a random Tuesday in June to them.

  3. Jeff says:

    On the other side of the shoot the fucking puck column, how do you deal with goalies who are just “on” that night? I was a Jr goalie and have experienced both the stupid good shot where you know where it is going and being “on”. Just wanted to know what it was like for a player? the moral of the team?

  4. Matt Reitz says:

    Absolutely loved that you used Steven Stamkos as the example in THN article. Watching the replays of his hat trick this weekend, I remember saying something like, “people better get used to those… because we’re going to be seeing the exact same goal for the next 15 years.” Its just like Brett Hull on the power play.

    You KNEW where he’d be, you KNEW the one-timer was coming… and he’d score all day on the exact play that everyone saw coming.

    Aside from actually scoring, it also creates rebounds and scrambles in front of the net. If a player just shoots the damn puck, a teammate can recover a rebound, be standing right in front of a goalie who is absolutely full of holes while he’s trying to regain his position.

    Oh, and great articles as usual… :)

  5. JIllian says:

    Thanks for the “gratuitous kitty porn”! I posted it on my FB and it made several of my friends day!

  6. mikeB says:

    The thing that amazed me most was talking to Dany Heatley (the rat) after a game where he scored a no look goal along the ice off the post for the top of the circle. I was in the stands roughly behind him and asked him if he saw a hole (no apparent hole to shoot the puck in on the keeper) and his response was something along the lines of “no matter where I am on the ice I know I can hit the net with the puck. I didn’t see a hole, I just shot to the post”.

    Basically if you want to score 50 in the big leagues thats how good you have to be. Shoot hard and be able to hit the net automatically from anywhere.

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