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Devils Jenga Blocks Fall, The Sharks Flex Some Muscle



Happy Friday folks.  And believe me, it is a happy one over here!  My SOB of a brother is staying with Bri and I until Tuesday (wait… sorry mom). 

Jeff, at my neighborhood pub, Nates Third Base

You may remember Jeff from earlier blogs.  Like his coverage of the paralympics, or that time he stopped breathing a few months ago and almost died, or where I explained that sledge hockey is a well-organized car accident.  Or, you Isles fans may remember him from my Dad’s Islanders-Hall-of-Fame induction, where the team donated Jeff the money for a new, multi-thousand dollar sled for sledge hockey, which he promptly used to t-bone my uber-ghetto sled and nearly made me need my own wheelchair.  (Who needs gifts when you get to shake Alexi. Freakin’. Yashin’s hand.  *gasps, fans himself, faints.)

Either way, we’re extremely pumped to have him – wasn’t sure he was gonna make it there for a bit, now the guy’s got a new shunt and he’s brand spankin’ new.  Crazy.  I mean, overnight, the guy got a new lease on life.  Miraculous.

Anyways, we’ll be sitting at McFadden’s outside Arena tonight before/during the Coyotes/Red Wings game (sold out of accessible seats, boo), so feel free to come say hello if you see us.



As the New Jersey Devils remembered last night, the moment your season ends is surreal.

You’re sitting in your stalls, largely in silence.  Okay, complete silence, except for that one guy who has to be different, and is taking the tape off his socks.  Nobody wants to be the first guy to take his jersey off.  After an extended period of time, coach makes some statement to the team, usually the nicest stuff he’s said all year (unless you’re a two-seed that loses in five games).

And the finger pointing starts.... now.

Then, the walk-around hug-handshake starts. Honestly, I was lucky enough to never miss playoffs, so most years we really had something to be proud of. The good guys – always the good guys first – will get up and kinda go around the room to each stall for a slap-hands-pull-in-hug and kind word. It sounds messed up, but you go to battle all year with those guys, you know? And just like that, it ends.

A season is like Jenga. Your summer workouts are the bottom building blocks. In pre-season, you take some more steps and add a few blocks. The team gets finalized. Blocks. You learn the systems. Blocks. You form relationships. Blocks. And then the Philadelphia f**king Flyers run in and kick the whole thing over.

You feel like you just wasted so much time building that stupid Jenga tower.

The San Jose Sharks done went and flexed some muscle like I asked them too, huh? As I tweeted yesterday, my buddy text me before game five “Joe Thornton is minus three so far – I didn’t realize the Avs even had three even strength goals.” 

That game was what I needed to see to feel like the Sharks have any hope moving forward.  The night where they pull it together, demonstrate why they’re a #1 seed, and give people a reason to take them seriously.

I mean, anytime Logan Couture and Dwight Helminen can take the game over (and your big line gets the chance to score meaningless goals again), you have to be impressed….. don’t you?  No?  Hmm.

Well, either way, they are still a one seed, which means if (sorry, when) they get by the Avs, they would draw the lowest seeded team left.  Whoooo you probably wouldn’t pick them to beat anyways.  Ah well.  At least it won’t be a total post-season write off this year.  It’ll be like a serious car accident where nobody dies – it was horrible, but at least there’s some upside.  No one died.


The only team I’ve probably been harder on this year than the Coyotes has been the Senators.  I’ve yet to give the Sens an ounce of respect.  As far as I’m concerned, they have a couple good forwards, solid defense, and mediocre goaltending.  Not exactly the formula for a fear-inducing playoff team.  Plus, fifth in the Eastern Conference rarely equals “Cup contender”.

But still, good for them for not rolling over in Pittsburgh last night.  They came to play and managed to squeak it out.  But, unfortunately, just as Sens fans (MikeB) would expect, I’m chalking that one as a loss to Pittsburgh, not a win for the Sens.  I don’t care who you’re playing, if you win the Cup the year before, and have the chance to close out your round one opponent at home in game five and blow it…. yikes.  I got a dollar that says a Penguins player gets hurt tonight and misses game one of round two.  Karma for not closing.


Time to walk to get bagels and coffee with Jeff.  Tough life, this blogging (as I overdraft and end up paying $38 for my bagel and coffee.  Maybe it is a tough life.)

As a tribute to my bro, here’s the type of stuff he loves.  He couldn’t wait to have me watch this.  Jeff loves “…my brain hurts…”



14 Responses to “Devils Jenga Blocks Fall, The Sharks Flex Some Muscle”
  1. Alanna says:

    Ian Lapierre made a nice case for your visor rule last night. Blocking a shot with his face sans visor seemed somewhat unpleasant. From what I can remember this is not his first ride on this horse.

  2. mikeB says:


    I picked Ottawa to lose last night. So consequently I am pick them to lose again on Saturday. Who thought that Pascal Leclaire could still stop pucks without hurting himself.
    To credit the Sens training and conditioning staff the bench was short in the third and OT. Short in the way that Shean Donovan didn’t see the ice after the second peroid, and Zach Smith barely did. The Sens had more energy the Pitt.

  3. ms.conduct says:

    What I love is the woman saying, “Are you okay?” Um, does he LOOK OKAY???

  4. kitten fister says:

    end of the season was always brutal (assuming you did not hoist whatever trophy you were playing for). The locker room barrage you described was always followed up with a drown your sorrows in booze session. One year
    i got so cheesed up I ended up planting my face on the corner of a end table. Luckily the team doc was willing to throw a dozen stitches in the next day. same thing probably would have happened had we won, just would have been stitches of triumph.

  5. St. Cloud Gopher says:

    Kudos to Jeff’s sense of humor. That is the kind of stuff I love, and have seen my friends do…
    Favorite part? The uber-high-pitched, “I NEED WATER!”

  6. Dave says:


    You were right, I think the Hawks missed Campbell more than any one realized. He came back last night ready to play and got the whole teamed fired up. That was the Hawks team I know and love.

  7. Sherry says:

    I felt like the guy who snorted the wasabi powder after the Pens lost last night…

  8. Alanna says:

    Damn, that should have been Laperierre, not Lapierre. Getting my Quebecer hockey players scrambled.

  9. Liviu says:

    Good description of the end of a season. It burns, just a little.

  10. Aces Arbitrage says:

    Jeff’s probably already seen this but it’s a classic cinnamon challenge.

  11. GayHermit says:

    First, compliments. Great blog! The hockey information is always interesting, even if I don’t understand a lot of it. (Just got into hockey, sort of, since the Olymipcs.) The golf info…. zzzz. Huh? What? Oops, sorry. :)

    I have a question for anyone here who might have an answer. I am looking for the main office location, city and state, for the following hockey leagues. AAHL – All Amercian Hockey League, FHL – Federal Hockey League and the WWHL – Western Women’s Hockey League. If you happen to have a mailing address, that would be even better. (Not quite sure why this info can’t be included on the leagues websites, but whatever.) If you don’t want to post the info here on the blog, let me know and we’ll work something out. Thanks for whatever help you can provide.

  12. Jeff K says:

    You really need to post on the weekends during play-offs.

  13. Pat says:

    GayHermit – There’s some address info at the top of their Wikipedia page.

    Jeff K – The guy’s brother is in town……..relax.

  14. GayHermit says:

    Pat – Thanks for the info.

    (Just for the record, I did check that at one point and that info wasn’t there. Guess I need to do a Wikipedia check again.)

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