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Three Decent Links



Hockey Primetime: Sports Bars and Hockey: A Match Made in Heaven

Puck Daddy: An Interview with Blake Comeau – link up soon.


Remember when I wrote about Bri and I volunteering at that racetrack last Friday?  Sufferers of spinal cord injuries got the chance to try driving a car with hand controls (some of them were great at it and FLEW around the course), and then they got to ride-along for a couple “hot laps” (we did too, as seen below. Frightening) in Corvette’s around an F1-like course.

Well, the New York Times wrote a story on it.  Check it out if you want to hear more.

Fast Cars, no Tracy Chapman


Anywho, my Dad’s in town – I’ll be keeping it brief on this site this week, but will sure to have my columns up as they post.  Happy holidays!


2 Responses to “Three Decent Links”
  1. SDC says:

    cool story about the driving thing — odd that a New York based paper would choose to pick up the Phoenix based story rather than the one that employs you named the USA Today, one that from name alone would encompass stories from the entire country. But nonetheless, good for the story to get print. Not sure why going fast frightens you so though… I mean sure the driver’s weaving around dangerously, but the guy’s a professional, he’s got his racecar driver’s license right there…

  2. NHL fan says:

    Good thing you didn’t put the link on to Comeau interview. His answers are as inspiring as his play. You need to ask you dad to whom did his dynasty team sell their collective souls to for them to win those four cups? I thank God that I am old enough to have been there because this generation of Islander fans are suffering mightly for that.

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