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Lotsa work for a hockey writer today friends, so I’ll be keepin’ it brief here on the one day I hate to.  I’ll make it up to you tomorrow.  For now, I’ll bomb through my thoughts to get the coversation up and running.


Kane’s ninety-headfake goal four minutes into overtime may not have been what people wanted, but I loved it. 

We’ll love the awkward “is it in” moment as time passes (has anyone named the moment yet?  I’m now taking proposals), and frankly, I thought he made a great play.  Leighton has to stop that, but Kane shot it before the angle got too bad with a quick release, and made Leighton make a save.  Which he didn’t do.

The goal was just like Crosby’s OT Olympic winner, right?  Quick lefty release five hole from that side…. it’s not an easy save to make.

Homie chewed the mouthguard allll the way down the ice.

This is CBC’s montage year-end video thing from the playoffs, and despite the choice of song (meh), it gives hockey fans all over the place chills.  Soak it in.


Why?  Why can’t more players say things like Burrish did here?  What’s the worst that can happen (minus getting assaulted in the street)?



No more questions about Duncan Keith’s teeth, please.  He’s being civil by not killing all you reporters.  That’s enough.


I almost tweeted some cheap sexual joke asking if Patrick Kane would hear “was it in?” more total times this summer or last night after he scored, but I dunno…. I couldn’t get it under 140 characters :)


My rec team last night was chucking around the Patrick Kane as Theo Fleury (off-ice) questions a bit last night.  He’s way to level headed to end up writing a book…. isn’t he?


What I DID tweet that I want to elaborate on is…. what, the winners get drunk on champagne, but the losers have to deal with that loss sober?  They should absolutely have kegs of some ghetto beer (PBR?) in the loser’s room when the game ends to help them numb the pain.


In college, Jonathan Toews came back from World Juniors to play us the next weekend.  He had the Vapor 40′s on, and that morning my trainer had told me that my 30′s were “on order” (still in 20′s at the time).  The kid winning a Cup was inevitiable, he’s been on the fast-track for that thing since birth.


Another tweet – has Jeff Carter admitted he played the Finals on a prosthetic leg while using a Nerf stick yet?  If I were his agent, I’d be producing some fake broken leg x-rays reeeaaalllll soon.  Give us something, somebody!


I loved Roenick crying at the end of the game.  My column for Puck Daddy today is on what the Cup means to us all.  There’s another testament to it.  (It was kind of weird that he made the “they’re the Blackhawks” comment.  It was so… watching an ex with another guy-ish.)


Matt Carle played more minutes than Chris Pronger last night.  For those of you not tuned into this yet, Matt Carle is really, really good.


How BAD were Pierre McGuires on-ice questions?  To me, the job of the reporter there is to let the guy get started and just talk about his emotions, what’s happening, etc. 

He asked Quenneville, minutes after the game ended “You won one as an assistant coach, which one was better”  IT’S BEEN THREE MINUTES PIERRE.  He asked Hossa “Did you make the right choice coming to Chicago?  HE JUST WON THE CUP, PIERRE. 

I feel like the questions are usually too abrasive and not organic enough.  You know, too forced.  But, what do I know.


That’s all I got for now!  Hope you enjoyed the NHL season, and don’t forget, the blog doesn’t stop.  We’ll be here every (week)day, friends, including tomorrow.

The Chicago Blackhawks celebrate after they beat the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 in overtime to win Game 6 of the NHL Stanley Cup hockey finals.


  1. Jim L. says:

    Awesome video, if that doesn’t give you goosebumps then you should check your pulse.

  2. Mike says:


  3. Deirdre says:


  4. RewskiUVA says:

    “As a writer, I’m held to my predictions pretty firmly. At least you can look up what I said and call me on it.”

    “Picking Chicago in six gets you no love. It’s the safest thing on the planet, and a lose-lose. The number of games, six, shows no balls, because you’re always “close”. The team shows no balls because they’re the (significantly) higher seed.”


  5. RewskiUVA says:

    count it!

  6. jtbourne says:

    So just to clarify, you’re calling me on predicting the team and number of games in the Finals correctly? From the next paragraph:

    “….so I’ll give the Flyers their due (and play it safe) and go with Chicago in six. Hey, it’s what I think is gonna happen, I can’t be blamed for that, can I?”

    ….un-called? re-called? The article in question.

  7. RewskiUVA says:

    well hot damn.

  8. jtbourne says:

    Haha :)

  9. Alanna says:

    The montage is great. The music is perfect and the video was really well edited. Only slightly detracted by the King’s cheese-y 80′s roller rink entrance (and a camisole hanging next to Leighton?)
    Even better is my Philly-loving co-worker who will soon be sporting a Pat Kane mullet as the loser of our bet. Yessss

  10. jtbourne says:

    I’m still laughing at the Burrish video. By the way, Alanna, great bet.

  11. kitten fister says:

    Thought you flip flopped and decsided to go with Chicago in 5?

  12. jtbourne says:

    I did, on Puck Daddy, and my blog. But still, not really a “call me out” situation. There will be times!

  13. Dave says:

    Awesome run, awesome season. I love the ending, I always new Kane could sneak one in if he wanted. My boys did me proud and sorry for the grief I gave you over Niemi. Party Time in Chi town!!! Hillarious-the Hawks started bar hopping all over town ( with the cup) when they got off the plane and were being followed by the news stations as they made the rounds. Good early morning tv viewing.

  14. nightfly says:

    I’m no JR in any sense… but that picture of the Hawks with the Cup makes me cry, too.

  15. Sherry says:

    The vid – Love the shot of Briere in the stands with his stick. The camisole was obviously Chrissy’s (bada bing!)…

    So last night I let myself care again – and there I was yelling at the TV with my heart in my throat. Soooooooo wanted the Hawks to win (and the Flyers to lose, lose, lose!).

    Toews post-game – I fell in love. What a class act (Kane… Not. So. Much. I had the thought that Kane has some slap-in-the-face seasons in his future…).

    Way to go Marian – you deserve it!

    Loved, loved, loved JR crying (I saved the recording because I want to watch it again). Such an honest moment – sad that he never got one.

    Oh and last – I know it’s completely stupid, but this morning I had the tiniest feeling of resentment against the Hawks. I mean they were raising “our” Cup. I know we [Pens] didn’t defend it, but dang, it still stings a bit. Can’t wait for next year.

    Now on to UFA signings et al and yes, to the WC! USA! USA!

  16. Aces Arbitrage says:

    Who’s I have the cup today party would be the best one? Patrick Kanes?

  17. Char says:

    Fantastic montage. Seeing Tuukka gave me a lump in my throat. Can’t wait ’til next year. Heck, can’t wait for the draft! ;-)

  18. P. D. says:

    I call BS Bourno! I am almost 100% positive you had your 30′s by Xmas time! I think we were waiting on your second pair. And I hate the after World Jrs time because all the blue chippers have the new ish and all you guys come running up to me whining about “how come I can’t get those skates, sticks, gloves, etc!” But I am truthful, blunt, and honest in my answer, “Because they are in the World Jrs and will be in the Show in a year or two!” You should tell your readers about your Sr year and how I hand picked a stick for you to use, bought you like 30 of them, and you went on to have your best season! Or the many talks we had about cool original goal celebrations. Or how we drank 40ozs and saw Paul Wall in concert! Hahaha… show some love man!

  19. jtbourne says:

    Haha, that’s totally fair P.D. Yes, readers, all of those things are true (we drank 40′s? Lock it up, guys). I did like those sticks. And I did get those skates (but no, they were a first pair that year!). And Paul Wall was predictably awful. It’s the summertime PD, and topics need to be filled… We’ll do a team-staffer article where you talk shit about players!

  20. P. D. says:

    Sounds like a plan! I know I drank a 40 or 2 before the show, not sure on you though. Hahaha.. Paul Wall was awful! Like 4 songs and PEACE! And that skate SNAFU was regrettable but it happened because of the middle man ordering system I used to have to use. But I want all your readers to know that you were very very low maintenance and still one of my favorite players to come through the dressing room. Although you will never top Schmoops, hands down #1 favorite Seawolf player ever!

  21. jtbourne says:

    Shmoops – love the guy. He’s the stereotypical “we’re shocked he was a murderer, he was such a quiet, nice guy”. I should call him.

  22. crushasaurus says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Kane took the party to the next level and used the cup as a urinal. “WHAT? YOU SAID IT WAS MINE FOR A DAY.”

  23. bluliner says:

    Patrick Kane sported a playoff mullet and scored an OT winner to bring the cup home…what are the odds you’ll see “hockey hair” making a comeback next spring? 1:1?

    That OT goal is one we’ll all remember. That place went absolutely silent for 30s while Kane went nuts meanwhile his team mates all gave him their WTF? look. Awesome…couldn’t have scripted it better.

    Lastly, God bless Adam Burish.

  24. Jim L. says:

    I think toews should use his 1.3 million bonus on winning the conn for a huge party with the cup

  25. neil says:

    I absolutely LOVED the Kane GWG and disagree with the people who think it was anti-climactic. After all that (legitiamte) talk of him needing to up his game, he puts a couple shakes on a guy and just does it all himself, so much so that for 1.5 glorious seconds, he and Leighton (and one other Hawk on the far post) are the only people in the world who know Chicago just won the Cup. Impressive that Philly got as far as they did without having a great goalie, they really needed Leighton to make some big saves but he never really elevated his game to where Niemi was.
    How about that Niemi kid!?!?! What a way to enter the league, unbelievable. Carter could have iced that game by getting the puck up a little higher (nice to know that happens to 50-goal scorers and not just me in rec hockey) but Niemi was huge in that third period.
    What a year for Toews, Olympic Gold, Stanley Cup, Con Smythe, no biggie.
    Maybe it’s the Don Cherry in me, but I don’t like Burish’s comment. I like that he kinda let go and didn’t script his answer, but I feel like it’s kinda bush league to say something like that after you beat a team in the finals (especially when the guy you called the biggest idiot in the league plays on the same team as Carcillo). I kinda hate Pronger too and lord knows I loved watching the Flyers lose in Philly, but come on, how about some grace in victory?
    Yup, Carle is super underrated. Young, big, versatile, what’s not to like?

  26. royze1 says:

    “It was kind of weird that he made the “they’re the Blackhawks” comment. It was so… watching an ex with another guy-ish”

    It’s ironic because just as he was being asked about his emotions I was thinking “because they’re the Blackhawks”, I’m pretty sure it’s not a huge leap for a Hawks fan to understand JR there. Hell almost every guy has a “one that got away” girl. The Blackhawks are probably that to JR.

    Thanks to you JTB for working the blog, it’s good stuff & to Puck Daddy for getting you a little more exposure. You should blog the summer by crashing a bunch of the Day With The Cup stuff. See there’s JTB hang gliding with Duncan Keith and The Cup. Wind burn as usual.

  27. jtbourne says:

    Neil – I feel like interviews weren’t meant to be a charade of chivalry, they used to be to find out about the guys. I don’t want to be subjected to more “nah, I pretended to hate him on the ice, I have the ultimate respect for him” stuff, if he doesn’t. I found it locker-room-talk refreshing. Maybe not the “right thing”, but so what?

  28. Four to Five says:

    “Homie chewed the mouthguard allll the way down the ice.”

    That was the funniest thing I have read today!

    The Blackhawks definitely just had the worst Stanley Cup winning goal celebration of all time. *Half of the team: WE WON!!!! WE WON!!!!!! WE ARE THE CHAMPS!!!!!!!*

    *Other half: Is it in? I don’t wanna look like an idiot celebrating for nothing.*

  29. karlooch says:

    Awesome series! Lame OT goal. I strongly disagree about that being a tough save. It was a weak shot from a horrible angle that an average Peewee goalie would have saved. It was great to see the Blackhawks win tho

  30. Sherry says:

    I can see Neil’s point about grace in victory (and that is tangential to the hockey code of not speaking from the heart in any negative sense, right?), buuuuuuuuuut it’s Pronger, so f*#k it – Go Burish! :)

    I think it came from the exhuberence of having won and feeling”entitled” to say whatever he damn well pleased. To me it didn’t seem to come from malice as much as a feeling of “Holy crap, we did it, we’re the victors, and oh yea, that Pronger really is an ass!!! Drinks all around!!”

  31. ann says:

    What got me more than JR tearing up about the Cup was him remembering a little kid he saw crying as he left the ice when they lost to the Pens in 92 and saying “Here ya go kid – it’s finally yours to celebrate.”

    Loved them interviewing Toews and him saying how this was just like that commercial…

    Just read your Puck Daddy article, too… great stuff there, Justin. And the CBC video is the best – gave me chills!

  32. BRC says:

    “If I see him out there I might punch him”

    Burish would have to wait until after the game since he was watching most of the finals from the press box. I understand the dislike for Pronger, just not sure a plug like Burish should be voicing his opinion like this. Winning the Cup doesn’t “entitle” marginal players to run their mouths off.

    I would also like to point out what isn’t being talked about regarding the “Chrissy Pronger” poster, the last puck on the bottom right…

    “100% chance we’ll change our minds if Hawks sign him”

  33. jtbourne says:

    Ha, its a bit whatever at this point, just something fun to watch. Neil’s right, it was a great end to a good final.

  34. Travis says:

    What do you think was going through Niemi’s mind as Kane and half the team were skating towards him in celebration and the other half werent quite sure what was happening?

  35. wychwood says:

    My rec team last night was chucking around the Patrick Kane as Theo Fleury (off-ice) questions a bit last night. He’s way to level headed to end up writing a book…. isn’t he?

    Hopefully he’s not been f*ed up by an abusive junior coach, either. I think he’s probably the kind of wild-child who will calm down a bit as he growns older and stops being a 21-year-old kid with a lot more money than sense. At least, here’s hoping, because right now he seems like an enormous jerk (and I say that as a Hawks fan).

    Still: that was an awesome game. I really believed this was their year, but you know there’s always still that What If in the back of the head… Toews with the Cup, though. He was like a little kid when he skated it, and all the team photos I’ve seen have him clinging to it like he can’t quite believe he’s allowed. My favourite moment of the on-ice celebrations – even more than Toews handing it to Hossa first, suck that Don Cherry “Europeans just don’t understand what the Cup means” – was just before the handshake line and you can hear someone in the background going WE WON THE F*ING *CUP*.

    I love your analysis of McGuire’s questions. Apparently someone was asking Bowman about the cap issues! I mean, what, they JUST WON THE F*ING CUP is this really the time for in-depth financial analysis and discussion of which of the dudes they just WON THE CUP with are going to be sold off to support Huet’s salary habits? Seriously.

    That’s a seriously awesome montage. I was sneakily watching it at work, with the sound off, and trying to pretend I wasn’t tearing up at my desk. Oh, man.

    (PS: The links and italics are just HTML! <em>italics</em> italics and <a href=””>Bourne’s Blog</a> Bourne’s Blog)

  36. Richie says:

    Weird I only now noticed the similarity to Crosby’s gold medal goal. You’d think Leighton might have seen that goal once or twice….
    Thing is he’s in good shape right up until Kane shoots and instead of standing up to the post with his stick on the ice he inexplicably tries to go paddle down! Worst possible time to mis-read the play, did he think it was a pass to the front?

  37. JIllian says:

    After that game, I had a lot of respect for Toews… when he won the Conn Smythe trophy, he was amidst congratuations among his team and the camera pans on him and you basically see him say, What, What, Are you kidding me? He totally deserves it and has one helluva career already in the bag and he’s what, 21… AWESOME!

    Of course I despise Patrick Kane and yes, the goal was great, and yes it was neat that he quite literally was the ONLY person who KNEW it was in the net… but really… couldnt it have been any other blackhawk that could have score that goal.

    It was a great hockey season full of “history being made”… is it October yet?

  38. Marc says:

    background on the song choice in the CBC video – Smashing Pumpkins were (are I suppose) a Chicago home town band, and in that song specifically when he sings “in the city by the lake” he means chicago ;)

  39. Bret says:

    Great montage there. I love the part with Jean Beliveau and Glen Metropolit..

  40. Travelchic59 says:

    I loved the CBC montage. How appropriate to use the Smashing Pumpkins. Congrats to Chicago. Have lots of hockey friends there who are just ecstatic. Glad to see they finally have something to celebrate. Good young team who deserved to win.

    When JR started to cry, I got misty eyed myself. It was very touching. I’m not sad that Philly lost, but I do feel bad for Peter Laviolette. I LOVED when he was coaching the Islanders. Great guy. Still can’t get an explanation as to why the Islanders fired him. BIG MISTAKE!

    One note on Patrick Kane. He reminds me of a frat boy gone wrong. I don’t care how old he is, I think his parents need to give him a swift kick in the ass and remind him where he came from and how lucky he is to be playing in the NHL.

    By the way, JB, very good job on all your Puck Daddy articles. And this site is bookmarked as one of my everyday must reads.


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