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Playing On The Edge, Ovy Looks Out Of Shape



New The Hockey News: About playing on The Edge

New Puck Daddy: I think Ovy looks out of shape (up soon, here’s a link to Puck Daddy)


Come back later today, when I’ll post many, many hockey pics from my visits to over the past few days.  I was fortunate enough to have a friend get us terrific seats on the glass behind the benches for the Blackhawks and Capitals Phoenix visits.


6 Responses to “Playing On The Edge, Ovy Looks Out Of Shape”
  1. Steve C. says:

    Strange…I watched the game on Versus last night and for the first time in a long time, Ovy looked like he was jumping and flying up ice. Still too many one-on-three rushes, but he didn’t seem out of shape. What did you see at the bench?

  2. Seth says:

    From that THN piece: “But we’re not OK with guys who stand on that knife’s edge and intentionally swan dive to the wrong side, as a few players did.”

    For what it is worth, you did a much better job in one paragraph of the THN piece explaining the difference between BOS/MTL and NYI/PIT scraps than Lambert did yesterday.

  3. Dale Kinnie says:

    Hey JB, I suppose you probably cannot comment on Trevor Gillies’s actions against the Penguins. Nailing an unsuspecting player, followed by punches to the head of an already stunned victim is about as cowardly as a player could act. Seeking retribution for the moron Depietro’s decision to take on the wrong guy, just magnifies what a beer league team the Islanders really are, and supported by a no nothing GM who is an ex goalie. Go figure. There are reasons Ted Nolan is not with that disfunctional outfit called the Islanders. Would love to hear what your father in law had to say.


  4. Andrew says:

    Dale, Trevor Gillies isn’t related to Clark.

  5. A Mac says:

    Justin…love your insights, and was referred to check out your article on Ovi’s fitness level, but can’t find it? Has it been pulled, or just not posted yet?

  6. jtbourne says:

    My columns dont run here (though are linked daily). Check out puck daddy, click my name on right side. Total archive.

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