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Cooke Suspension, Explaining Composite vs. Wood on the PK, SIMPSONS!



New Puck Daddy: Four tips, things to look for in shootouts


So, Matt Cooke finally got what he deserved, huh?  And I don’t mean in an Evander Kane, punching him out kind of way, I mean in an “appropriate suspension that should be appropriate the first time you do that and not the tenth” kind of way.

He did lose a crap-ton of money though – just under $220,000 in forfeited salary has to affect a family – who knows what they’re financial situation is (presumably very good after ten NHL seasons), but losing over ten percent of your salary isn’t fun for anyone.

But, if anybody deserves that “hardship,” it’s him.  Essentially, the league gave him a financial


 and now he has to lay in the bed he’s made.



I’ve written this before, but after a recent tweet I read (asking why players don’t use more reliable wood sticks on the PK), one more time, with feeling:

Wood sticks broke more than composites do.  They aren’t more reliable, in any way.

 The only reason people make such a fuss over composites (a fuss that’s dying as the older generation of hockey player figures them out) is because they cost ten times as much, so it’s infuriating.  You expect them to last ten times as long too, but they simply don’t.  A little longer, yes, but not much.

If a $20,000 car went 100MPH, and a $200,000 car went 102MPH, you’d expect professional racecar drivers to use the $200,000 car.  That doesn’t mean the guy who uses his car to go to work (which would be rec hockey in this awesome analogy) needs a $200,000 car, but if he can afford it, more power to him.

We also notice composites breaking more because they break cleanly, unlike wood sticks.  Wood ones would fracture, crack, splinter, semi-break, grow flimsy, chip, and just kind of suck after awhile – you still have to drop the thing immediately once it’s like that, so what’s the difference?  You have to use a composite for an eternity for it to just “get bad,” and that’d be a great argument for that stick’s durability if it lasts long enough to go weak.  They just perform at a higher level for longer.

So, enough of that, that’ll be the last time we talk about it!

No, Crosby's sitch is not comparable to Booth or Savard.


So, something interesting that was pointed out to me, knock on wood: while injuries, head shots and concussions and all that bad stuff continue to happen, as they always will, we haven’t really had a David Booth/Marc Savard style head shot this year.

Is that progress?

Probably.  Sometimes it’s tough to see the big picture, but maybe things are slowly changing for the better. Bettman’s new five point plan (I wrote about that yesterday) might be the next step.

From Yahoo’s terrific hockey writer Nick Cotsonika:

It’s worth noting that the NHL study said only one concussion was caused by an illegal blindside hit through March 1 (Perron).


I thought these were terrific: occasionally, the Simpsons cuts to a newspaper and flashes a headline – the following are five of my favourites.  You can see 55 of them over at Funny or Die.


Love the second headline.


Very important second story shares front page.

Ha...little thin man is pure evil.


So, a second to brag: going into Sunday of the Bourne’s Blog (Fantasy) Hockey League, yours truly was sitting in 10th of 16 (and top eight make playoffs).  Going into Sunday of my final match, I was down 6-5.  I was narrowly losing three goalie categories.  Then, the questionable trade I made early in the season (moving Claude Giroux for Corey Crawford and Dustin Penner – at the time, Crawford had only played a few games) panned out in one, glorious evening.

He only gave up one on 23 shots and gets a 2-1 win, pushing me ahead in all three goalie catergories, which got me just enough points to leapfrog two people and sneak into the final playoff spot.  Now I’m playing Chris Botta in the 8 vs. 1 seed matchup – last man standing wins nearly a thousand bucks.  Sweeeet.


Happy Tuesday friends.  Check out my new plant: 

Penny the Pigtailed Palm



9 Responses to “Cooke Suspension, Explaining Composite vs. Wood on the PK, SIMPSONS!”
  1. yuhas says:

    low blocker all day, I love it…which is why Frans Nielsen should go to it once in a while, would make him even more deadly in shootouts

    oh and yea ummm nice plant

  2. AiH says:

    “Bourne’s Blog and Grow House”, ya, sounds about right I guess.

  3. ms.conduct says:

    That plant is bad ass.

  4. Jonathan says:

    PD comments never fail to amuse, Jenny’s response to MTL_Wings cracked me up.

  5. Sherry says:

    That plant is cu-ute! My mom will love it.

    Funny, I had the thought yesterday when posting my comments – “Matt Cooke meet Bed.” Also, my mom did make a point to me about “Mrs Cooke” and how she is likely taking a big piece out of him too. And Matt’s family is obviously important to him (too bad he hasn’t considered other guys’ familes when making his hits…), so I know he’s going to want to remain employable within the NHL.

    I just heard (on Pens radio) the interview with Matt and Rob Rossi and Dave Molinari – he certainly sounds contrite, apologetic, and seems sincere and motivated to make a change. But as he said, his actions will be what delivers the message, not his words. I honestly hope he gets a chance to deliver that message (geez, that sounds ominus…) this season and that the Pens decide to keep him on should he make the necessary changes.

    Maybe I’m a “gull-i-bull” (thank you Bugs Bunny!), but I believe that some miscreants (Rothlisberger, Vick, Cooke) *can* change. Time will tell…

  6. Sherry says:

    Honestly, the concussion assessment tool is referred to as SCAT? Has there been a joke about shit-for-brains yet and I just missed it?… :)

  7. Derek says:

    I used to get a ton of breakaways off blocked shots. Too bad I’m Stony McRockhands. I tried to go the “perfect one move” route: skate in fast, fake the snapper, feint backhand (righthanded shot), then pull back forehand and roof it hard. I tried to add in the fake shot-leg kick, backhand shelf but never perfected the backhand placement. Most embarrassing game ever: first round of the playoffs, game five, can closeout the series with a win. I miss on two breakaways (one in the 2nd, one in the early 3rd), get a third (all with game tied) and get hauled down, get a shot off that hits the post. On the penalty shot, I pull the standard move but knick the crossbar and fire it out of the rink. We lost in OT. Practice the next day we do penalty shots, mostly as a way to mock me. I go five for five and win it. Damn.

    Justin: Did you get my email about the game Thursday?

  8. Dawn says:

    Oh yeah, I want that plant!!
    Sherry’s Mom

  9. Chris says:

    Thank you for the anti-wood comments. I love Phil Esposito, but he, amongst others on NHL Home Ice, need to get out of the dark ages. Even as a new player in my early 20′s, I had a shot hard enough to regularly break wooden sticks…now it would be even worse. I cannot imagine the guys in the “new” NHL, with their ridiculous fitness regimens, using wood. The reason guys like Espo never broke wood sticks is their off-season training program was split between working in some manual labor job and drinking beer…not spending 4 hours a day in the gym and another on the ice shooting, stickhandling, etc. Wood sticks would be an epic fail in 2011 for me, and while my shot is harder than almost anyone I play against, I am nowhere near even the most stone handed NHLer.

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