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Congratulations to Brianna Lynn!



First, and least important, my meeting with Mike Bucek from the Phoenix Coyotes marketing department went great.  I’d love to put my touch on the interesting season ahead!  Waiting to find out what jobs are available for the upcoming year.  Refrain from leaving Hamilton related comments.

Even better news?  Brianna had a job interview at St. Joes Hospital in the heart of Phoenix today, a major neurological institute in the US.  Seven hours later, they offered her the job.  Our house hunt just got serious!

Congrats to you Breezy, we’re all proud of you!


2 Responses to “Congratulations to Brianna Lynn!”
  1. hockey gal says:

    congrats on the job breezy:) very exciting!!!!

  2. Insider says:

    Interview in shorts and flip-flops! Classy!

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