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Columns: Getting Back In The Gym, Drafted vs. Undrafted Lifestyles



New Hockey Primetime: When players start to get back into workouts after the season

New Puck Daddy: The different lives of the drafted and undrafted players in the minor leagues (you know how it is – up soon)


4 Responses to “Columns: Getting Back In The Gym, Drafted vs. Undrafted Lifestyles”
  1. AndrewBHDL says:

    Good stuff, Justin. I don’t think I ever put much thought into players’ offseason training, or the physical condistion they’re in at the end of the season. It does explain the “Stanley Cup Hangover” a bit. We saw a whole lot of picture of Patrick Kane boozing around town last year and fewer (read: zero) of him getting back into shape. I’m sure he wasn’t the only one celebrating the win a little too much.

  2. vx inTN says:

    Ya know, I’d be very interested in a blog on exactly what types of exercises hockey players do. Variations like when you do each kind of exercise(as alluded to in your column above), reps, during season v off season v long breaks. Also how those exercises vary by level of play, age of the players, etc. I’m sure theres plenty of oddball stuff out there- I remember reading about someone (ray ferraro) sewing up a vest full of lead weights and spending time just jumping around his backyard.

    I know its probably mundane to you, but I think many would find it interesting.

  3. wmsheppa says:

    Enjoyed the piece on undrafted vs. drafted players – I lived in Las Vegas for a year and a half, and you could tell the difference between the way the two types of players were treated by the team. They started the year with Joel Gistedt, the number 36 pick in 2007 in net, and the Wranglers were clearly told by the Phoenix brass to give him every chance to win the starting job. Ended up losing it to Michael Ouzas, and fell out of favor to the point that they signed a different goalie to back up Ouzas by the end of the year, but watching him go out there night after night and get shelled was just incredibly frustrating as a fan.

    Gistedt is back in Sweden now (Yotes gave up on him) and Ouzas had a great year last year starting for the Wranglers.

  4. Dave says:

    Justin, I wonder if you’d consider writing a piece about post-professional career hockey for a typical guy such as yourself or other players in general you know of. What i’d like to know about is how often, if at all, guys that played high level hockey manage to get out and play. And what kind of hockey are you playing when you do manage to get on the ice? Is it too depressing to play in a typical beer league for a guy like you or is that all good? Or perhaps you play in private pickup games with other high level players? It’s just something i’m curious about and I believe other beer league-ers like myself would be interested in knowing too.

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