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Column: How The Sharks Can Neutralize Canucks D



New Puck Daddy: Sharks need to play more puck possession hockey to neutralize the Canucks skilled d-corps


As a special bonus, I’m doing TWO posts for Puck Daddy today – the second will be the post-game wrap up, so swing by to check that out after game three.  That also means if I’m writing again tonight, I ain’t doin’ more right now.

Before I go though: Boogaard’s death was ruled to have been caused by mixing alcohol and oxycodone.  If there’s any positive in this tragedy, it’s that it at least appears to have been accidental.


Because I love this stuff: you don’t have to watch the full first video (though I suggest you catch Busta’s verse in the middle), but check out how fantastic the cover is.  Maybe better?


4 Responses to “Column: How The Sharks Can Neutralize Canucks D”
  1. Minnesotagirl71 says:

    JB – Why do you say Boogaard’s death “appears” to have been accidental? The ME ruled it WAS accidental.

    Have you ever written anything on the use of painkillers (OTC or prescription) in hockey? I don’t remember seeing anything and I don’t think I’ve missed much of what you’ve written. Obviously a sensitive subject, but I imagine a lot of hockey players live with chronic pain. Are guys using a lot of painkillers to play through the pain or to just get through their day?

    I love this game, but between this and the concussions…I think about the players and their families and I get all teary….

  2. jtbourne says:

    Minnesotagirl – you’re obviously very sensitive about this subject, I wouldn’t read to much into the language I used. I mean, nobody knows what happened 100%. Thus, appears. That said:

    I will write about it at some point. It’s perfect off-season stuff, really. I’ve taken a ton of that crap over the years (four jaw surgeries will do that), and I’ve even had drinks while on the meds. It’s a discussion that probably needs to happen sooner than later. So yeah, it may be time to lead the charge on that.

  3. minnesotagirl71 says:

    I admit – I probably am overly sensitive to the issue. (It’s been a rough week for MN sports fans – lots of tears over people I had never known. There’s another article idea for you – why do fans get so attached to people we’ve never known. How can we feel such loss?) Anyway – some writers are putting “accidental” in quotes. It feels so disrespectful to imply that this was intentional – and they are not implying it outright – instead they are using very subtle ways to imply it. That’s how your use of the word “appears” felt to me and it was one of many perceived implications in things I had read yesterday.

    The Boogaard family said that he had been fighting this opponent through treatment for addiction and people who knew him said he was making plans for his future and that he was excited to have his brothers visit him in Minneapolis for the week. These are not the actions of someone who intends to hurt themself.

    I had a cousin who was using doctor prescribed morphine patches to deal with chronic back pain. He accidently overdosed on them and alcohol after having the flu. ME ruled that the amount he used was a tolerable dose, but because he was weakened and dehydrated by the flu, it killed him. These narcotics are scary, highly addictive drugs.

    My husband crashed his bike last year and we came home from the hospital with an obscene amount of Oxycodone and Oxycontin. Thankfully he didn’t like the way they made him feel and we switched him to ibuprofin as quickly as his pain would allow. Just a few weeks ago we had the opportunity to get rid of those narcotics at a prescription drug turn in sponsored by the local sheriff’s department. We did not like having them in our house, but they are really hard to get rid of. (You’re not supposed to flush them or throw them away.)

    So all of these things combined have probably made me more sensitive to the issue. I would love for you to check into the issue of the use of painkillers. Maybe you’ll find it’s not a huge issue. But I thought I would throw the idea out there because I know you’ve been willing to take on some other difficult topics and I think you’ve handled them really well.

    I’ll try and lighten up. Sorry if you felt I was accusing you of something or if I came off as a complete b!+@#.

  4. minnesotagirl71 says:

    Holy shit – that turned into a long post and was probably more than anyone cared to know about my personal life. Sorry for going WAY off track.

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