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One Column (on Setting Picks), Two Pics (Meow), Three Vids



T-minus 8 hours until Jiggs is in the house.  Jiggs McMeower Kitten Mittons Bourne.  You’re so pumped I can feel it through the internets.

New Puck Daddy: On setting picks, and how players use them more now than ever.  I recommend this one, it’s pretty deec.


First, a video my buddy Neil put me on to – as he put it: “Don’t these guys have to pass psych tests or something?”

Long story short – they arrested this guy thinking he went to the place where he used to work with a shotgun after getting canned.  As the policeman says at the end of the video (presumably for justification) ”he may have pointed it at someone, shots may have been fired.”

This is the Harvest Golf and Country Club, where the man worked.

In reality, dude’s old place of business was a golf course.  One of his jobs (he had been back working there for two weeks) was to periodically fire a shotgun from off the driving range to scare away the geese that ruin the course.  So he did.

(I’m from Kelowna where this happened and know the area well – lots of courses use noisemakers to scare the birds away, it’s not as crazy as it sounds)

The case is in court, but it looks like the police muffed this one up bad.  Here’s the video, the fantastic policework happens about 15-20 seconds in.

Don’t these guys have to pass a psych test or something?? 

Well that was depressing.  Wonder how often that stuff goes on where there aren’t cameras around.

To read more on this story, click here.


Okay, let’s pick up the mood a little bit:  If you enjoyed the videos I posted yesterday, methinks you’ll get a kick (ooo, poorly timed) out of these two.

Via Yahoo’s and Tony Reali from Around The Horn, comes this video of a BMX race that starts, well…. poorly.

Hahaha, yessssssssss.  Too good.


And last, courtesy Yahoo’s Shane Bacon, comes the discovery that uber-Christian and reigning slowest-player-in-the-world Ben Crane of the PGA Tour is actually hilarious.  His site has a couple great videos worth watching, like the one below on how he trains to look as good as he does:

Ahhh, great stuff.


Weekly recap:

Monday – USA: Dangling – the mindset is different for elite skill guys

Tuesday – PD: Going to the Doc is different for hockey players

Wednesday – HPT: Five thoughts on the NHL as we pass the midway point

Thursday – PD: How practice evolves throughout the season

Friday – PD:  Setting picks, and how they’re being used more as an offensive tool in the NHL


Please check out today’s column, and feel free to comment.  Everybody have a great weekend, I’ll throw up a few pictures of Jiggs on Twitter later tonight!  You can follow me here or my lovely fiancee Brianna here – she tends to post more animal pics/reality TV nonsense, and is a pretty funny follow.  Then, I’m biased, but whatever.

Weekend time!

(Here’s another sneak peek at Jiggs, sent to us Tuesday by the breeder)

The storm is brewing...

And this little guy just sleeps….he has noooo idea what’s coming tonight.


18 Responses to “One Column (on Setting Picks), Two Pics (Meow), Three Vids”
  1. ms.conduct says:

    Full on, takemetothehospital coughing fit from the Ben Crane thing. Reminds me of this a little bit:

    Congrats on the new addition to the family! Give a tummy rub from Aunt Conduct for me. Awwww, kitteh bellehhhh…..

  2. Sherry says:

    After getting as pissed as I was after the first vid/story, it’s nice to have some funny stuff to take the edge off. Ms. C – hilarious, I’d never seen that one.

    Congrats on the newest addition to the family JB and Bri – Tyson is gonna just *love* you two once Jiggs is in the house. :)

    Have a great weekend everyone! Go Pens! Go Steelers! Go, Pack, Go! Oh yea, go Bears too (meh).

  3. Tony says:

    My wife and I have four cats. If you want to reduce the chances that Jiggs and Tyson will make you mental from not getting along, introduce them slowly. Keep Jiggs secluded in an extra room, if possible, for a few days, at least. Where my wife and I didn’t do that, the cats hate each other and are very territorial with each other.

  4. Ralphie says:

    Love the fact that Tyson is sleeping on a Phoenix Coyotes blanket!!

  5. jtbourne says:

    Thanks Tony, we’re petrified of this. Worse, my parents are coming over for dinner right when the kitten gets here, so it’s going to be tough to take care of things for the first few hours!

  6. wmsheppa says:

    Second what Tony suggested. My girlfriend and I used a pair of baby gates to block a door off so the cats could see each other but not attack each other for the first few days, until they got used to the idea of there being another cat in the house. It definitely made the introductions a lot easier once the gates were down. I’d also pay extra attention to Tyson… resident cats tend to have hurt feelings when a new cat is brought in unless it’s made pretty clear that the new cat isn’t a threat to the attention/love they get from you. Good luck with the introductions…

  7. LaurenceB says:


    When is the kill by overcute again?
    I came for the hockey columns, I stayed for the cats ;o)
    You are the best, JB!

  8. jripley99 says:

    really dig your articles Justin. It looks like your 3rd bullet point is missing on the 5 midway thoughts article, assuming something to the effect of ‘Crosby is awesome’. Keep up the good work.

  9. Sherry says:

    I had the same question on the 5 thoughts article, “He *can’t* mean Geno, right?…”

  10. Alan says:

    Best of luck with your expanding familial responsibilities…loved today’s vids…enjoy your weekend(if possible with your new addition)

  11. djimass says:

    The first vid is awful… The guy is on all fours; not much of a threat there. But still gets kicks in the face… sheesh…

  12. Alanna says:

    Good luck with the kitty intros! I hope Tyson is neutered or you have copious amounts of OdorBan on hand :)

  13. Dooz says:

    I have read and re-read this particular blog entry. I have watched the video. It hit home because I am a police officer with the NYPD. I will preface my comments by saying I love your work but in my opinion you are dead wrong here and incredibly insulting to officers in general with your sarcastic labeling of this incident “fantastic police work”. It is so very easy to second guess any officer after the fact but the truth is what you get to digest in a video clip and the benefit of the full story AFTER the event happens, we as police officers do not get that luxury in the few seconds or minutes that transpires on any given radio run. What you deem brutality, I may deem as protecting myself, my fellow officers and the general public. In this particular video, we see a plain clothes officer and a female officer attempt a felony car-stop. Nobody knows how the call came over the air, nobody knows what the police were told by witnesses and nobody knows what the perp (the guy who got arrested and bloodied) did or said to the officers on scene. What we do know for a fact is that this perp had a rifle (loaded or not, beside the point) in his vehicle. This is what we call a “heavy” job. Doesn’t get more dangerous than that. Maybe he didn’t comply with the officers requests/orders to show his hands….maybe he told them to efff off….maybe he made a move for another weapon….maybe not. If an officer has his gun drawn, he knows there is now a chance that he may have to kill someone. Do we go through psyche tests? Yes. The problem is after being on the job for a while you tend to see a lot of crappy situations and you may tend to get “tactically pro-active” so you do NOT have to use deadly force. The truth is, he could have been shot and it would have been justified. Most officers that I know and work with do not go into situations hoping that we get to shoot someone. Quite the opposite. We all want to go home and play hockey and make videos with our children (or cats) at the end of the day and be able to sleep at night knowing we put in a full days work. The point is, you judged an officer based on a video clip. I can bore you to death with statistics on how dangerous and deadly car-stops are and can be and I can bore you with the recent line of duty deaths to police officers around the country, but I shouldn’t have to. Clearly, we see this video completely through different sets of eyes and I understand that and granted, I would tend to side with the officer knowing what I know about our job and having been a cop for a number of years but I just ask that before you condemn this particular cop, put yourself in his shoes and keep an open and fair mind.
    Thanks for your time.

  14. jtbourne says:

    Hey Dooz, fantastic comment. I feel bad for the sarcasm and tone in general after reading that. Obviously you’d know a lot more about that stuff than me.

    That said: I still find the kick ridiculous – you’re right that we don’t know what information that officer had before kicking him in the face, and better safe than sorry, but man: I’m not calling the kick ridiculous cause the guy ends up being innocent, I’m calling it ridiculous because the guy is clearly obliging.

    That’s great to hear that you don’t go into a situation hoping to get to pull the trigger, I really respect that and pray your brethren feel the same way, but lets be honest – there’s a number of people who go into the force because they like guns and power (and phrases like “The Force”). I don’t want you to misunderstand my tone here or anything, I respect and admire police officers and am extremely thankful that they keep us safe (except the ones that give me speeding tickets, boo :) ). But people everywhere are effed in the head, and your line of work is no exception. To me – and again, agree to disagree – that cop seems like he’s using his badge as excuse to get to do something it seems like he’s very eager to do.

  15. Dooz says:

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate it.
    Don’t feel bad. It’s what you do and you do it well (humor, that is). You’d be a natural on the “force” as we tend to use humor as a coping/healing mechanism as tastelessly and relentlessly as we possibly can. (That may have sounded like a backhanded compliment but I genuinely meant it….it’s why I “get” you and enjoy reading your blog…I think you’re hilarious and a great writer).
    I acknowledge that the kick looks horrible 1) because of the perps position and 2) the blood.
    But…’s no Rodney King. He WAS armed. The general cop code of conduct is no harm after the cuffs are on but anything goes (within our rules of engagement or use of force continuum) until you get them on (kind of like a hockey fight… no hitting while the other guy is down or the refs are in.) I’ve seen perps fight/bite/spit/kick/scratch from far more vulnerable positions than that and like you said, better safe than sorry especially with a perp in possession of a firearm or deadly weapon.
    Having said that, I will be honest and acknowledge that there are many tools on my job and elsewhere that do tend to abuse their power and give other good cops a bad name. It’s embarrassing and I hate having to answer for somebody like that. I don’t know the cop in this video but I would hesitate to lump him in with the other tools of the law enforcement world, but I can understand why someone would. To me, he did a good job to subdue a perp. (That’s me agreeing to disagree…haha)
    As for your speeding ticket(s), I may have an extra PBA card somewhere around here although I’m not too sure how that “courtesy” would go over in Arizona but next time you’re on Long Island, cruising down the Seaford-Oyster Bay expressway, zipping on the LIE or in the big city doing the tourist thing, give me a shout.

    Thanks again!

  16. jtbourne says:

    Haha, thanks for the offer, and thanks for the insight – I like the comparison, and don’t feel bad about embarrassing people in your line of work, they’re everywhere. Remember, I’m associated with hockey (see: Sean Avery, Jarkko Ruutu, etc)

  17. nightfly says:

    The guys in my rec league who are cops tend to be the most sensible folks on the rink – not an attitude or a loose cannon among them. They know they’ve got nothing they need to prove to anyone. In fact they tend to be the least likely to plow guys from behind or get chippy or stir the pot after a whistle. Maybe it’s dealing all day long with people at their worst and being trained to defuse difficult situations; they really do a great job of avoiding the posturing and the pissing contests that break out during a game. Just my limited experience…

    Also in my limited experience – those guys are funny as hell when they do get going.

  18. Dooz says:

    Nightfly….maybe I play in your league. Maybe not.
    We (the NYPD) have a sort of rec league and it is far less likely to ever break out into the chippy bullshit that I sometimes experience elsewhere. Except when we play the hoseheads. Then it can get rough.

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