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A Column: On Ice Communication, Lebron



Short post today friends – I only have so much to say!

New Puck Daddy: On-Ice Communication, and the many forms it comes in.


This Friday night, the fiancee and I are volunteering with some spine injury patients from her hospital at a local racetrack.  I think the track is called Bondurant?  I dunno, it’s supposed to be a big deal.

Anyway, we’re helping transfer those who need assistance and have the chance to do a ride-around the track – I think some of them even get to drive the cars?  I dunno, but I’ll try to take some cool pics for the blog, should be fun.

All I know is, Bri starts to bitch if I drive over 80, and I’m petrified of anything remotely exciting myself, so here’s to hoping the racecars are minivans and have like, triple seatbelts.  Apparently we get to cut a couple laps ourselves too.  Weeee!


I guess tonight is the big Return of the Villain night (Lebron, Heatley).

I’m really just excited to read Bill Simmons take on how things played out in Cleveland.  As for the Heatley/Ottawa story?  Maybe I don’t know the juicy details about it or something, but as of press time here, my interest scale is hovering around “meh.”

I’ll address the stories in full tomorrow, and by “address them in full,” I mean “write a little bit about Lebron’s return.”

Anyway, go check out today’s column, and hopefully that tides you over until tomorrow!


10 Responses to “A Column: On Ice Communication, Lebron”
  1. James says:

    Don’t forget Kabanov returning to Moncton with Lewiston!

  2. Derek says:

    Surprised there was no mention of “WHEEL WHEEL WHEEL WHEEL WHEEL” in you article haha

    Agreed big time on goalies and coaches. A good communicating goalie has stopped many a player from getting crushed in the corner. And I honestly don’t ever remember hearing something a coach said while on the ice. Can’t imagine what that would be like with pro crowds. Even more pointless I imagine.

  3. Sherry says:

    Awesome column at PD today – so informative, so entertaining! Shooting it off to my peoples now…

    Oh and TRON is waaaaaay before your time. An, at the time, decent sci-fi movie starring Jeff Bridges. My husband, who was before he met me, quite the nerd :) , is waaaaaay excitied about the new one. They even had a ride about it at Disneyland for awhile – which was kind of cool in a retro sort of way.

  4. caseyjayfodor says:

    I’ve been in a van with you. I’m glad it wasn’t a race car.

  5. jtbourne says:

    Haha, eff, valid point.

  6. ms.conduct says:

    Loved the column today. I feel inadequate as a talker in goal now, but at least I know what the gold standard sorta looks like from a player perspective. As it is, I don’t even get “man on” right sometimes. I’ll be saying, “MAN ON!” and d-partner is saying, “You’ve got time.” WTF do I know, apparently…

    But I do enjoy whipping out the curling “HARD HARD HARD” when there’s urgency. Who doesn’t like yelling that?

  7. Alanna says:

    I feel a bit bad for LeBron. He probably (OK, definitely) didn’t pick the best way to go about announcing that he was changing teams, but he doesn’t doesn’t have to live and die in Cleveland. He’s not even from Cleveland! Cleveland has a right to feel bitter, though, I mean…. . Seriously.
    As far as Heatley, he’s a f’king All-Star, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

  8. Deirdre says:

    Wow the Sens fans really tried to make a big deal of Heatley’s villianhood…sad how the team didn’t get the memo. I did secretly love the HeATlEy jersey though – that took some thought :-)

    From what little I heard I guess the reaction to Lebron was meh. I shouldn’t be surprised. Canadians are far more enthusiastic in general than Clevelandians.

  9. Kwisatz says:

    Nice call on the Coach/Bench/Fan yelling. I never hear anything besides what is being said on the ice. Any cheering or coaching has always been lost on me because I tend to block it out. I’ve always had friends and parents say “Did you hear me cheering for you?” and my reply is almost always “You were yelling?”.

  10. Rosie says:

    I think Heatley’s return would have been much more interesting if Ottawa was having a good season, or there was any indication they would play hard in this game to beat him. Blah.

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